avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

It was an 0-2 night last night with the tips unfortunately, as two contenders for the playoffs didn’t show up. We had Over 5.5 goals in both.

There’s no question that the Bruins deserve to be a playoff team – and I’m probably blindly betthmg them in round 1- but after 5 wins in their last 6 including a 6-3 win over Boston, we thought Tampa would make a go of it. Unfortunately Boston shut them out 4-0 in a dominant victory for the Bruins.

The Bruins look damn good as they deservedly won themselves a playoff spot.

The Leafs also struggled at home to the Capitals. I must admit I was pretty happy to hear that Grubauer was in net but it didn’t matter. The Capitals got a big win over the Leafs in a similar dominant fashion and you have to wonder how that’s going to affect the Leafs confidence going forward.

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Tonight we’ve got just the two games. The Montreal Canadiens visit Buffalo, and the New York Rangers take on the Washington Capitals. The Habs have clinched the Atlantic Division. We recommended at the start of the season that you bet that due to the odds, so hopefully you got on that for the 9.00 price.

Capitals were our #1 pick to win the Metropolitan Division and we’ll be rooting them on tonight.

We’re staying away from the Habs game tonight. Weber is out and having clinched the Atlantic it’s possible Montreal will take their foot off the gas. Buffalo coming off that loss will play strong and the odds make it not worth a bet.

Capitals vs Rangers Betting Tips:

This is one where we both couldn’t agree but felt passionate about our picks so have decided to offer separate opinions tonight.

Graeme: I like the Capitals to win in regulation. This is a big game for them as if they win they can take the President’s Trophy. On top of that, they looked absolutely fantastic last night against the Leafs. They played an amazing game and I have to think that form will pull over into tonight. Rangers are missing a few players tonight such as Nash, Zuccarello and McDonagh.

Scott: I like the Over 5.5 in this game. You’ve got two of the highest scoring teams in the league. The Rangers won’t make it easy for them – even when they lost 3 games they were all high scoring battles. Rangers will be up for this one tonight.

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Montreal ML
Washington REG



Guys do you bet on markets like 1st/2nd/3rd period both teams to score? Or First team to score in a particular period or full time? I am trying these out with varying success rates and was wondering if you like to bet these as well.

Chitown Sharp

I love the Caps to win the 1st period tonight. Washington is a great 1st period team, +41 goal dif in the 1st period. The Rangers often start out slow in the 1st, and they have tons of injuries. I think there is great value on the Capitals 1st period PL.


With so many key players missing for Rangers I´m all over Caps in reg.


Go Capitals!!!, – no O/U bets tonight, let’s have a rest.
Would like the best Canadian team to show it’s force, so both favorites to win in regulation.


No surprises for me. I like Capas and Habs to win in reg.
I like to bet on a player to score, any thoughts on who that might be?




Better not to bet, not following all the squads much, but:
Capitals > #77 Oshie T.J.
Habs > Lehkonen A., Pacioretty Max, Radulov A., Backstrom Nicklas.


Damn, Russian heros for the Capitals and only one goal from Habs, – by Plekanec T.
(assist Radulov A.)
Need some match with lots of goals probably to win.


Habs Reg, Caps Reg, Jays and Bo Sox parlay

Mehmet Başalan

What’s that is mean mate. Caps=Capitals right? Bo sox? Jays? Habs? I am sorry but i don’t know really.


Capitals yes, Habs=Montreal Canadiens, Bo Sox=Boston Red Sox, Jays=Toronto Blue Jays

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

I think there’s value on a buffalo win.


Also Skeji and Holden missing for Rangers. It seems like they are taking a night off.

Arto Reinikainen

Sabres-Habs OT
Rangers ML


Rangers ML with all those players out?


On Sabres !!!

Leaning towards Rangers,, can you sell ? I may pass.. To many reg out .

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

I’m taking Sabres Reg, i think they’ll put on a performance for this last game and the Sabres can play at home, i don’t think habs will have much motivation to go all out and win this.

Arto Reinikainen

Thought about it too, and the biggest concern i had was the Habs good starts. My thought process was that the Habs prolly win the 1st period and then the Sabres come back and tie it up, but seeing that the Sabres managed to win the 1st, i think they’ll win the game in reg.

Chitown Sharp

No offense Arto, you usually have great advice, but how can you back the Rangers with all those players out and the fact that they have nothing to play for. They are locked in to a first round series against the Habs. Meanwhile the Caps can lock up home ice advantage and the Presidents trophy tonight in front of their home crowd. Caps are 3-0 in their L3 in the 2nd of a back to back on home ice. Yeah there is a lot of value betting on a solid team like the Rangers when the line is where it is, but I can’t see them beating the Caps without all of those key players and no real motivation.

Arto Reinikainen

There’s always motivation when you’re playing against the Caps, especially when you’re the Rangers. It’s a good test for them, and the last 2 games they’ve played i’ve seen some good signs that they’re getting on track.

Leafs bounced on the Sabres on the road when the Sabres were playing on a B2B, then the Caps bounced on the Leafs the night after, when the Leafs were on a B2B 3in4+4in6 stretch, and funny enough now the Rangers have the opportunity to bounce on the Caps being well rested and Caps on a B2B 3in4+4in6.

Sure, those guys out of the lineup is a concern, and also the reason why the odds are so juicy. But the Caps took the Leafs seriously last night and brought their A game, which always makes a B2B challenging mentally, especially coming from a road-trip like that.

Rangers are the best road team in the entire league, and they have the depth to still have a decent team out there. And for some reason, they’ve had some good success against the Caps this season. And having their spot in the standings locked up, they can challenge the Caps without any pressure. So even though the Caps have something to play for, they also have more to lose.

I’d probably still lean on the Caps to win the game, but think that the Rangers % to win the game is around 40, which makes the 2.8 ML odds worth it to me. Especially not sold on Holtby, who’s had some meh performances lately. Makes me think the Rangers could put a few pucks past him.

I was debating between Rangers ML and Rangers 1 period, so we’ll see if i made the wrong choice, but yeah, wanted to give it a shot.


Excellent write up, I can’t pull the trigger on a this one. I passed.

Hammered Buff win ! Loved that plus money to much, here’s hoping it loves me back. lol

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah, we’ll see how it goes. Rangers had the better 1st period but just couldn’t score, which doesn’t bode well for the bet. But never know.

I think Buff comes through ^^ gave -1.5 live a shot after the 1st.