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We had two tips yesterday and went 1-1.

We had the Jackets to beat the Bruins but it was the Bruins winning 3-2 in overtime.  It was a close game but DeBrusk scored his second of the game in OT for the win.  With the win the Bruins moved into 3rd in the Atlantic

Our win was the Leafs vs Lightning game to the over 6.5 and the Leafs almost did that themselves when they won 6-2.  Matthews scored a hat trick and is now tied for the franchise single season goal record with 54.

The Blues beat the Coyotes 5-1 and the Flames beat the Kings 3-2.

A big comeback for Kansas last night as they beat North Carolina 72-69 to win the NCAA men’s basketball championship.

A busy night so let’s get to it.

Jackets vs Flyers Betting Tips:

Tough to call this game.

The Jackets have lost 7 in a row and played last night.  The Flyers have been bad all season.

With both teams out of the playoffs its hard to say if either team will show up here.  And with each teams success, or lack of, this season it’s tough to call a winner here.

Avalanche vs Penguins Betting Tips:

This game is the opposite of the one above.  Both teams are in the playoffs and aren’t going anywhere.

The Avalanche are still is 1st place overall in the league and have a 13 point lead over the 2nd place team in the West.

The Pens are in 3rd in the Metro and are 2 points back of the 2nd place Rangers.

The Avs are 8-1-1 and have won their last 3,  the Pens have gone 5-4-1 over last 10.

With the Avs having Kadri and Landeskog both out I would think that the Pens would have the advantage for this game.  But the Avs are deep and they have enough players to pick up the slack left by those two.  Should be a good game but I have to skip it.

Hurricanes vs Sabres Betting Tips:

The Canes continue to struggle.  They have gone 4-3-3 and are still in 1st in the Metro but have only a 4 point lead over the Rangers.  With the seasons end quickly approaching they need to get back on track.

The Sabres are way out of the playoffs and they are just trying to get through the season at this point.

To get any value on the Canes to win we would need to take them -1.5 and with the way they have been playing its hard to back that.

Rangers vs Devils Betting Tips:

The Rangers can keep themselves ahead of the Penguins with a win here and stay close to the Canes.

They have played 3 times this season with the Rangers winning the first 2 but the Devils won the most recent 7-4.

The Rangers know that they need to win here to stay where they are.  Both teams they are in the middle of are playing so they can’t afford to let points slip away.

Rangers in regulation – seeing odds around 2.00

Senators vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

Yeah I have no idea who wins here.

Both teams have had bad seasons and have no chance at the playoffs.

So maybe they both see this game as something to get excited for, a game against a rival just across the bridge.

It’s hard to back the over too as the Habs are ranked dead last in GPG and the Sens are 26th. 

Leafs vs Panthers Betting Tips:

The Panthers have already clinched a playoff spot. The Leafs are in 2nd in the Atlantic.

The over/under is 7.5 so I can’t back that but wouldn’t be surprised to see a 8-9 goal game.

If the Leafs can win in regulation here they pull themselves to 5 points back of the Panthers and the Panthers also know that.

Should be a great game.  The Leafs have won 5 in a row, the Panthers have won 4.  They have played once this season with the Leafs winning 5-2.

I really have no idea who wins here.

Bruins vs Red Wings Betting Tips:

The Bruins are still trying to get points.  They are in 3rd in the Atlantic with 93 points but the Lightning have the same amount of points and they are in the 1st wild card spot.

The Wings have lost their last 6 games, the. The Bruins have won their last 3.

They have played 3 times this season with Boston winning twice.

I like the Bruins to win but they played last night and in games where they had no days off between them they have gone 4-4 so not enough confidence to take them in regulation here which we would have to do to get any value.

Wild vs Predators Betting Tips:

This should be a good one.

The Wild are in 2nd in the Central with 91 points.  They are 3 points ahead of the 3rd place Blues.

The Preds are in the 1st wild card spot with 82 points but the Stars are in 9th with 81 points.

The Preds have won both games between these teams this season.

But it’s the Predators and I’m still avoiding tipping a game with them involved.

Islanders vs Stars Betting Tips:

The Islanders are in 9th place in the East but are still 11 points back of the Caps.  They need to win the rest of their games and hope that Washington takes a massive shit the rest of the way to have even a sliver of hope.

The Stars are clawing at the door.  They are 1 point behind the above mentioned Preds and have gone 7-3 over last 10.  They will need to continue to play like thay if they want to get to the postseason.

The Isles have been playing well of late but they have dug such a deep hole for themselves that it’s almost not possible to get in.

The Stars have also gone 7-3 in their last 10 and are at home here where they have gone 21-9-1.

I think with all thats on the line for the Stars they should come ready for this game.

Stars win incl OT/SO – seeing odds around 1.74

Oilers vs Sharks Betting Tips:

The Oilers are the favorites here.  I have no problem taking them but it’s their goaltending that has me off of it.

They are in 3rd in the Pacific and have a 3 point lead over the Knights who are in the final wild card spot.   They have won 4 in a row but 2 of them needed extra time.   To get any value on them we need to take them in at least regulation.

I have to skip this game.

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