avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, April 5th, 2024

A six pack of games today, as we enter the final two weeks of the season.

The majority of teams are already in, with only a couple of spots left.

Today we have a couple of teams vying for spots playing, such as the Flyers, Wings and Caps. Yesterday saw both the Flames and Habs officially eliminated.

No surprise about the Habs of course, and I think that team has a lot of potential. Really hope Dach returns nice and healthy. I’m happy with the rebuild, and Slafkovsky is looking fantastic and I’m really excited by him.

Let’s look at todays games:

Wings vs Rangers:

I mean yeah it’s a must-win game for the Wings but they haven’t looked like the team that are able to do that. Don’t have the confidence in them sadly, although they might be able to take advantage of the Rangers rocky goaltending. I’d like to back the over here but I am not sure if the Wings are clinical enough.

Sabres vs Flyers:

God what a disaster the Flyers are. Can’t count on them getting the job done at all, and the Sabres are just too inconsistent. Carter Hart allegedly being a scumbag really screwed them.

Hurricanes vs Caps:

Canes just lost to the Bruins. On a back to back, these two recently played. Eh Not seeing much. Caps also on the B2B and are a mess at the moment.

Oilers vs Avs:

Oilers probably out for some redemption after that Stars game. I hope both these teams are just like man we’re both in the playoffs let’s play without defense and let the offenses cook.

The metrics are actually fairly close for that too. Problem is they played March 16th and didn’t go over. 4 goals in regulation time. So yeah I shall pass.

Ducks vs Kraken:

Ducks got the rare win on the road in Calgary. Now return home to face the Kraken who just lost to LA. Again these two just recently played so I’m fine passing.

Coyotes vs Knights:

Knights look like one of those teams trying to roll into the playoffs with confidence. Lot of battles out there. The in-regulation odds aren’t too shabby.

Coyotes outscoring the Knights over the last 10 by a decent margin. But also conceding a fair bit and the Knights producing more.

I’m good to back the Knights here. They seem to actually care. It’s a mix if they win in regulation or not, but think they can take advantage of the Coyotes defensive metrics.

Aaactually the more I look at it – bleh. SCG stats so close, HDC as well etc.

This is a razor thin one the more I dive into the data and I’m going to pass.

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Don’t bet with real money on my opinions.
I’m a stupid better, who wastes tons of units to gain minimal profits.

Units now: +39.69 🥳
max combined units used to win a bet: 163

Im not that far away from betting on Anaheim… but it’s not enough. 😅
Everytime I look at the goalie stats, I have a hard time backing them. My system points to this game, most stats are on the side of Seattle. So I’m not gonna gamble that much today.

I take Seattle ML* @ 1.55 with 1 unit.

Last edited 3 months ago by NiceDude

I take Carolina regular @ 1.61 with 1 unit.


To WIN moneyline: Carolina
Lean: to WIN puckline: Vegas

Vegas on the road, but the Vegas schedule looks good right now. Carolina and Washington are both on Game 2 of a back-to-back, but Carolina had 4 days off previous to yesterday’s game, and the Caps had 1 day off and their offense has collapsed recently, with a defense that can’t help them. Carolina is not listing any players out with injuries. Carolina has no urgent need of points, but they are too good to expect to collapse at home in this situation. I’ll be looking for props in these two games.


I like your opinions. 😀

Does Lean mean you don’t bet on it?


“Lean” means I’m considering it, something about it looks good, but often don’t make the bet unless further research shows me the risk is worth taking. For instance, Vegas should win, but the time of year we’re in puts much higher risk on picking which teams win, and for the same reasons, more risk on Over/Under too, and props. The playoff race is the major concern of most teams right now, and Vegas’ playoff position is not secure, so they “should” show up to win, against the lesser Arizona tonight. They’re rested, playing very well, their schedule is conducive to motivation and having the energy and focus. But Arizona has won 5 of their last 10 games, so this will not be an obvious easy walk in the park for Vegas unless they make it that way by grinding Arizona into the desert dust. Ice. Ice dust. Will they?


Well, I mean with all your doubts there is still a chance for a regular or moneyline bet.

Last edited 3 months ago by NiceDude
Asle MartinsenD

Canes -1.5
Oilers – Avs over 6.5 incl OT
Bets are more hopeful than educated. Oh, and I’ll bet on the Knights in regulation.
Kinda dumb to make bets when teams don’t need to win, so I don’t recommend betting on anything yet. Looking forward to playoffs!