avatar Written by Scott on Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Well the winning streak came to an end last night as we went 1-2

We had the Sabres to win and the game to go over 4.5 in their game against the Devils.  The Sabres did win but it stayed below with the final score being 3-1.

We also tipped the Bruins to win in regulation against the Hurricanes but the Canes came away with the 2-1 shootout win.

The Wild claimed the 8th and final playoff spot in the West despite taking the 3-0 loss to the Sharks.  They did this thanks to the Predators beating the Avalanche and eliminating Colorado.  The Panthers clinched the Atlantic Division with their 4-1 win against the Habs and the Lightning losing to the Rangers 3-2.  But the Lightning also secured a playoff spot thanks to the Bruins loss.  The Islanders also clinched a playoff spot with their come from behind win against the Caps.

The playoff picture is almost decided but the final spots in the East are yet to be determined and it’s going to be a crazy finish.  The Flyers are in 7th place with 91 points and 78 games played, the Wings are in 8th also with 91 points and 79 games played and the Bruins are in 9th with, you guessed it, 91 points but have played 80 games.  The Flyers and Wings play each other tonight.

Only the 3 games on tonight and the only game with any meaning is the Flyers vs Red Wings.  And with the way things have been playing out, I’m going to avoid tipping that game as I have no idea who comes out of that one with the win.

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Canucks vs Oilers Betting Tips:

This is the last game to be played at Rexall Place.  The team moves into their new arena, Rogers Place, next season.  The Rexall Place arena has seen some incredible hockey and was home to the Oilers dynasty from the 80’s when they won 4 Stanley Cup’s in 5 years.

This was Gretzky’s home arena when he was putting up those untouchable numbers: 92 goals in the 81-82 season, 163 assists and 215 points in 85-86. 

With all the amazing things that have happened here you would have to think that the current version of the Oilers will show up tonight to close the arena down in fashion.

Over 5

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Oilers Win 

Canada: 1.67 Odds at Sports Interaction
USA: -155 Odds at Bovada
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Blue Jackets vs Maple Leafs Betting Tips:

Both teams are long eliminated from the postseason.

The Leafs are without a bunch of the regular players.  Kadri is suspended for the rest of the year, Komarov, Michalek, Holland, Lupul and van Riemsdyk are all out with injuries and the Leafs have lost their last 3 games.

The Blue Jackets can guarantee the Leafs will get last place in the East with a win.  And in a season when they have had very little to play for,  this should be a game where the can at least accomplish something to be happy about.

Blue Jackets win

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Tonight i like

over 5.0 in Det vs Phi



Oilers at -155? With Nucks winning last 3 and Oilers dropping last 5 of 6? -140 for over in Flyers/Wings? too much chalk. CBJ is a good value bet; TML suck


I can’t do your odds (we got decimal here). But I got EDM @ 2.1 which I thought was OK as I really do not like Vancouver team. Not sure why- I do like Vancouver as a city :P.

David McGillis

Just for your info, EDM -155 means that Oilers are favorite and you’d have to wager $155 to earn $100 on your wager. If the odds are +positive it means the team is the underdog. For example, my PHI +155 odds means that a $100 wager will earn me $155 payout if the underdog Flyers win tonight and no ‘juice’ is payed to the bookie on underdog wagers.

Hope that helps?


I like edm in regulation, what do you think about it?


I love it


I got the Oilers in regulation and also over 4.5 in some of my parlays


CBJ vs TOR Over 5.5 all in


Not many games tonight and also I am travelling so won’t be watching the games. My main bet tonight is below. All of those games over 4.5. Good luck everyone.


WSH vs PIT is tomorrow


you are probably right, sorry, just been a busy day – and i got loong flight ahaead… i mixed today and tomorrow’s games hehe.

Eduardo Caldeira

Why no bet on the best game tonight ? S&G what are your thoughts? Do you like the over 5?


Over looks good, but at -140? Unless it’s in a parlay too much chalk to go single, but I put it in a parlay.

Eduardo Caldeira

What I normally do is during the game I take the over 4.5 totals @ 2 . I place a smaller stake in the over 5 and then a bigger live to cover and win some or win both

But thanks for your opinion , just want to know if u agree with the idea or not because the oilers odd doesn’t seem great also or the over 5.. (I do agree with the oilers to win but the over I’m not sure)


interesting strategy, I would consider doing it if my site provided the 4.5

Not sure the Oilers win here with losing last 5 of 6, but the over looks good to me with both goalies having high GAA and lately both teams have seen mostly 5+ totals in their games. Push or over seems very likely

Eduardo Caldeira

Oh well it was still a good night I did a live over 2.5 to recover the 4.5 totals… Wasn’t bad and I followed the tips, Columbus for sure was dripping of value of S&G . A good night


Normally, I don’t like to play the BS with a thin board, but all of these games look like high scoring affairs. I’m taking BS over 16.5.

I like all the away teams to win as well, so I’m going with BS Away SU and BS away +.5. Nucks have won last three and seem to be showing some final stretch pride. Oilers on the other hand have dropped 5 of last 6 and seem to be in a tailspoin. When you’re in a funk like that it’s tough to turn it around with nothing left to play for. Flyers are the better team and I see them putting the pedal down tonight. Of course, I’m a Bs fan so I want Detroit to lose. CBJ is the better team and have shown a lot of spunk. I think they beat TML in a high scoring game.

Playing a bunch of overs:
single bets with all games over
Over 1st per CBJ/TML
CBJ score 2.5+
Flyers score 2.5+
Nucks score 2.5+

single bets all away teams ML

a couple of parlays:
CBJ ML / Phl/Det over / Van/Edm over

low unit bets across the board: bankroll management in advance of playoffs.

Non-NHL TOTD will take some time off unless it’s a high unit play. Finished the CBB season in positive territory with ‘Nova ATS.

good luck boys and GO BRUINS!

David McGillis

I like your takes and am pulling hard for a Flyers win tonight. In my honest opinion it’s just too close to call much of anything today. Even tonights Over/Under picks are what I’d consider unpredictable. Goodluck.

Dawg_Bets ?



Arto Reinikainen

Free bet, nothing to lose. GL !

Arto Reinikainen

I’ve been following the Finnish League playoffs recently so haven’t written any in depth analyses, and been slacking with NHL for a couple nights in a row, but tonight we have 3 games so didn’t take that much time to go through them all.

Oilers in regulation, why?

– Like everybody already knows it’s the Oilers last game in this legendary arena and thus also their last home game of the season. This team have dropped 3 in a row and while that last game was brutal, i did like their fight in the previous two (especially in that Ducks game which they should’ve won tbh, just some tough luck on scoring chances). MacLellan called the team out in public again, and the last time he did that was during their season-worst slump, and what do you know, after he called out their team spirit they beat the Isles at home. Everything points to a playoff type showing from the Oilers, as they simply do not want to lose this game but i also feel like it’s the good kind of pressure they have. And honestly in my opinion the Oilers have the better team overall, Canucks are just weak atm. And they haven’t even played that well despite winning 3 in a row. Expecting a huge game from McDavid.

Leafs in regulation, why ?

– Oilers play their last home game of the season, but so do the Leafs. And they have A LOT of players who still want to show everything they can before the season is over. Losing the last 3 games only adds to the motivation of winning this one. And while the Jackets have the better roster obviously, let’s not forget they just were in a slump so things are not very smooth for them either atm. I just have a tough time seeing the Jackets work nearly as hard as the Leafs tonight. I mean why would they feel like this game has any kind of value ? Leafs are the worst team in the league, you’re on the road and out of the playoffs. I base this pick on the same idea as the Oilers pick, motivation and drive to win is the key here.

Flyers in regulation, why ?

– I like the underdogs in this one. Must win for both teams, but it’s not that simple to go out and play a solid game in front of your home crowd in this must-win situation. Red Wings have the home advantage and they’re playing pretty well right now, so there should be no reason why the couldn’t beat the Flyers tonight as long as they play a good game, but that’s exactly why i like the Flyers to win. They don’t have to think as much and after winning the last 3 meetings, they seem to have confidence against Detroit. I expect the Wings to come out strong and possibly get the 1st goal, but i think overall the Flyers have a mental edge here and in 60 minutes they can come out with the W.

Also i really really hope the Wings lose, so when they play against the Bruins both teams will still be at 91 points 😀

David McGillis

Great analysis Arto! I luv your take on the PHI/DET game but I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of the Canucks. They may be a ‘weak’ team but they have finally got it back on track after 3 straight wins over this year’s perinial powerhouse teams Sharks, Ducks, & Kings. I can’t think of ANY team that was able to pull off that achievement this year let alone a 3 game trifecta? They may not win the game tonight but they have battled the Oilers hard this year in very close, tight games and would like nothing better than to play spoiler & piss all ovet the Oilers arena farewell cerimonies.

Cheers! ?

Arto Reinikainen

Thanks ^^

You may be right about the Nucks. Altho Henrik said in public that if Sharks, Ducks and Kings tried 100% they would’ve lost all those games lol, nice words from the captain.

But yeah, im not exactly familiar with how heated the rivalries are between canadian teams b/c sometimes it feels like they’re good games and sometimes it’s like the other team doesn’t give a damn. If the Nucks win this one after a great effort then that’s good to keep in mind for futures.

David McGillis

Interesting games on the docket tonight but too few of any value worth pursuing unless you’re willing to lay the chalk.

CLB/TOR **no pick
Ideally, I’d probably side with the Leafs in this year’s version of the basement bowl except the Leafs are dealing with some season ending injuries along with the suspension to Kadri and all signs point to a Jackets victory tonight. Unfortunately, too close to call for my liking as I can see either team pulling off a win here.

VAN/EDM **no pick
The Nucks cling on to a slim 3-2 season series lead vs the Oilers in what should be a spirited affair tonight for the final home game at Rexall Place. After laying an egg in a 5-0 shutout vs the Flames last outing and with coach Todd McLellan publically blasting his young team for lack of effort and with all the Oilers alumni being on hand for the final game at Rexall Place, there should be a different energy in the Oilers squad that should come out tonight and put on what should be a steller performance. That being said, Vancouver has been playing lights out as of late having recently beaten powerhouse Sharks, Ducks, & Kings trifecta so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see the Canucks play the role of spoiler here and rain on the Oilers farewell party. Again, too close to call here so I am laying off the action.

PHI +155 **2 units
Finally, a game worth pouncing on with plenty of value. In what should be dogfight of a battle tonight, I am leaning solid towards a Flyers upset. Since mid January the Flyers have been one of the NHL’s hottest teams and have a terrific 2-0 season record vs Red Wings and have won a surprising 6 out of last 7 games against the Wings. With the exception of their recent drubbing at the hands of the Pens goaltending has been very solid for Flyers. Let’s face it, the bookies have git this game read wrong hete. Mason has gone 7-1-1 with 1.67 GAA abd has simply been much more relible than either of Jimmy Howard or Petr Mrazek and for that reason I am pounding this dawg pick hard in what should easily be the best game of the night.

Best of luck with all your picks. Bet wisely!

Dawg_Bets ?