avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, April 6th, 2023

Hi guys,

Tips are going to be really quick today. As mentioned it’s that time of season. I’ve also got a bunch of server upgrades going on with my other websites I need to deal with, and I am in the middle of traveling at the moment.

Fun stuff.

I’ll glance at the metrics for each game, and if I like something I’ll mention it and explore it further to see if it’s worth a bet.

If not, I’ll just write no bet.

I just don’t have the time to explore each game in much detail right now. Especially considering the time of year it is. Plus I feel my “team not to bet on” list is bigger than my packing checklist at this point.

Red Wings vs Sabres:

No bet. Slight lean towards Red Wings.

Devils vs Jackets:

No bet.

Penguins vs Wild:

No bet.

Panthers vs Senators:

No bet. Slight lean on Panthers but 1.71 in regulation isn’t enough. Beating weak teams only right now.

Bruins vs Leafs:

No bet.

Canadiens vs Capitals:

No bet.

Islanders vs Lightning:

No bet.

Predators vs Hurricanes:

No bet.

Blues vs Rangers:

No bet.

Stars vs Flyers:

No bet. Stars seem too heavily favoured.

Canucks vs Blackhawks:

No bet.

Knights vs Kings:

No bet.

Kraken vs Coyotes:

No bet.

Sharks vs Avalanche:

No bet.

Boy that was easy!

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As ifD

That was easy,yeah.Just please, do not stop posting yours insights later. Onto playoffs and next season:)) best site ever 💯