avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, April 7th, 2016

An excellent 3-0 night as we continue a really hot run up to the end of the NHL season.

I want to take a second to mention that this past week has been all Scott, who went on a 5-6 night winning run and then won again last night. I was off in Texas and had zero input on the tips, so major props to Scott for that. The only input I had was when he’d message asking my thoughts on a game and I’d reply with a picture of a huge jug of fireball or a table full of empty beer bottles and caption it “Don’t care. Drunk.”

Anyway it was an amazing trip. Wrestlemania and RAW were a blast, did the Stars and Mavs games which were also fantastic and Dallas is an awesome place. I really need to go back there. If you ever go to a Stars game get platinum level – the level of service is incredible.

Let’s get to the tips for today and don’t worry I’m double and triple checking everything with Scott on this day:

Flyers vs Leafs Betting Tips:

This one is fairly simple. The Flyers absolutely NEED to win. Absolutely need to, after that loss to the Red Wings last night. They do have a game in hand over Boston but this is an absolute crucial game for them.

They’ve struggled on the road the last couple but they look like they know what they’re doing at home. It’s actually quite interesting to watch because you can see they’re not playing confident hockey no matter who it is. If the Leafs score an early goal – man that could make things tricky.

However Leafs will go last place with a loss tonight and while they’re not going to go out there and let the Flyers score into an open net(although if Bernier is in net it’s the same thing) the Flyers are a team who are going to be pushing every single second of this game and I’ll take them to do just that.

Flyers to win in Regulation.

Penguins vs Capitals Betting Tips:

This is one which is risky – but we’re going to take Over 5.5 Goals on it.

The big risk is that you have two teams already established in the playoffs. They don’t want any injuries before the playoffs obviously so there’s a good chance both teams take it slow. Plus Capitals/Penguins games run hot and cold in terms of scoring – you’re just as likely to see a low scoring game as you are a high scoring one. I mean prior to the 6-2 game the last 4 games were Under 5.5 goals.

However this is a big game for both teams. The Penguins offense is in some ridiculous beast mode at the moment. They just show up and conqueor and opponents could have 2 goalies in net and it wouldn’t matter.

Capitals on the other hand have some erratic form at the moment and are on back to back losses. They’re going against the Penguins who just over 2 weeks ago beat them 6-2. That’s a huge crushing blow to the Capitals and I’d expect them to be up for this game. Going into the playoffs the last thing they want in their heads is back to back blowouts by the Penguins or even back to back defeats in the regular season series. I feel they’re going to be up for this game too.

Over 5.5 Goals.

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Stars vs Avalanche Betting Tips:

Matchups between these two teams lately usually go over. Avs are officially out of the playoffs and the pressure is off. Although MacKinnon is out I like them to play an open game tonight.

Stars are looking to cement first place in Central and will be up for this game. They had a bad loss against the Ducks but that came after a tight road win against the kings.

Over 5.5 Goals.

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I think you were actually 3-0 last night. Well done.


Oops thanks I’ll edit that. Came back from Texas with a nasty flu bug and still very hazy this morning 🙂



What a bummer. A 3-0 night helps the symptoms though 😉


Any thoughts?


regulation all or OT ?


I don’t play OT’S so all regulation


I like all three.

Boston needs this win and Wings are on a back to back game.

Philly will handle a depleted leafs team especially after suffering a shutout against Wings.

Dallas is still motivated As they are in pursuit of their first division title in 10 years and having home-ice advantage throughout the Western Conference playoffs.


Tonight picks,

Blues win %80
Kings win %90
Canadians win %70

Good luck everyone!


My Final picks are
OTT against the spread


Nice job last night fellas.

There are a lot of interesting games tonight. Some huge rivalries and games that will determine whether teams make the playoffs or not. So much uncertainty with the outcome of the big games though. The choices tonight are either huge chalk or finding value in the dogs or the over/unders.

Are the Habs going to beat Canes with a rookie goalie? unlikely

Will Isles knock off NYR with Greiss and lots of injuries? unlikely

Caps-Pens game should be awesome: in my opinion, these are the two best teams in the east right now. I don’t agree with the over because both goalies have been beasts and could easily shut down the snipers on the other side. I see this one being close. Puck bounces will determine the outcome.

The subway game in NY is going to be another great game with both teams still jockying for playoff position. I like the NYR and the over, but at -140 not enough value to make a single bet.

Another great rivalry in Chicago tonight with the Blues in town. As everybody knows, it’s always a great game when these two teams clash. Despite both teams having clinched, this should be a great game and I think the over easily goes over 5. I’m taking it straight up and combining it with a Bs-Red Wings over.

In my neck of the woods, in La-La land, the Ducks and Kings meet in a freeway battle. Two great teams, indeed, I think they are the best teams in the west right now. Both teams are peaking and have great tenders. Tonight is a toss-up, but you have to give the edge to the home team. I do like the over though, and it’s reasonable.

Finally, in a classic Orginal Six clash that will determine the Bruins playoff future, the Red Wings visit the Garden. It will be rocking tonight and if the Bs can’t get up for this game, they are hopeless. I see them winning, but at -150 it’s just not worth it. Plus, I’m not all that confident that they’ll win in a convincing fashion. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an OT game and I have a bet on that and the over, both as a SU bet and parlay.

I also have bets on the following:

Avalanche/Stars ov5½ -115
Avalanche/DAL Stars(1st Perd) ov1½ -115

Lightning(Reg 60 Min) -½ +107

Big Salami Total Goals un70½ -105

Hurricanes(Reg 60 Min) -½ +112
Hurricanes -1½ +200

Predators -1½ +130

Flyers -1½ +110

Non-NHL TOTD NBA: Timberwolves-Kings over 220 total. These are two of the worst teams in the league defensively and the Sac Kings are a very good offensive team. Lots of points tonight.

Good luck boys

Arto Reinikainen

Flyers ML + Kings ML is a combo i really like tonight.

Also to me it’s ridiculous how the Bruins regulation win has the same odds as Wings in ML, considering Wings have won 7 of last 10 while the Bruins have lost 8 of last 10. Home advantage isn’t THAT big. Detroit is a worth a shot.

Islanders-Rangers OT, haven’t hit an OT in a while but im feeling it with this pick.

Also i kinda do think the Avs and Coyotes have a chance for upsets tonight, not really sure where the Stars and Preds would get their motivation from. Both in regulation and put them together for crazy good 20 odds, small stake there.

Honestly so many games i didn’t even bother to go through them all, and im getting worn out by the regular season. Luckily only less than a week to go for the playoffs, where you don’t have to question one’s work ethic or pressure and whatnot. Just plain and simple may the best team win type of hockey.

Good luck.

Eduardo Caldeira

ya I would like to know more about the Finnish league… devolping hockey skills in other countries is also good

Arto Reinikainen

Damn, didn’t see this earlier. Tip for tonight would’ve been Tappara taking game 5 on the road, they had 3.55 regulation win odds and 2.55 ML, a bit risky but ML was my pick. They’re currently leading 1-0 midway through the game.

It’s basically a reflection of their 1st game which Tappara won on the road 3-1.

Arto Reinikainen

Already regretting picking the Flyers, you could cut that pressure with a knife atm. Getting flashbacks of when the Leafs beat the Wings 1-0.

Not saying Philly couldn’t come back, but it’s going to be a hideous one to watch.

Bruins finally showing life, the game is not over but gotta like their start.

If they win and the Flyers & Wings lose, the finish will be perfect. Holy cow.


Even if they lose I don’t think it’s a bet you can go back and kick yourself for. Yeah obviously pressure is a big factor and I said above that if the Leafs get an early goal that could make things tricky. But the Flyers are a strong potential playoff team, and a strong potential playoff team wins games like these. ’nuff said.

As it is I’d say Flyers are in a great position right now. They’re down 2-0 and had a break to regroup, they know what they have to do and if they can come out and score quick that will be great. 40 minutes to turn this sucker around. A lot more straightforward than their nervy games against the Jets & Sens.



I’m loving this finish, but I need a degree in sports playoff mechanics

Eduardo Caldeira

I just did live so I got even… still the flyers I feel they were robbed in the end… was too harsh that tripping IMO

I did Flyers ML and the Over 5.5 … was very close to get both losses lolol..