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In what will possibly be our last tips of the 2016/2017 regular season, we ended it on a high note with a great winning night. Don’t worry – we’ll be covering the playoffs for sure!

The Ottawa Senators got a big win over the Boston Bruins. All they needed was the point and they got that as the game went to overtime. Props to the Senators who kept going at that stage and got a nice momentum boosting win.

The Islanders kept their playoff hopes alive in the battle for the final spot, with a big win over the Hurricanes. They played some solid defensive hockey at times as well in that one .

And are the Leafs going to blow it? In an absolutely massive game against Tampa Bay, the Leafs lost 4-1 at home. That was an absolutely crushing loss.

In the race for that final spot we have 3 teams left – the Leafs, Islanders and Lightning. With two games left, if the Islanders or Lightning win all their games in regulation, then the Leafs need 2 points to cement their place.

Tampa are first up with a tough road game tonight against the Canadiens in the only game of the night. That’ll probably be the most watched game in Canada all season long. If they beat the Habs, they go up against the Sabres on Sunday at home.

The Islanders visit New Jersey tomorrow and then Ottawa on Sunday, with a stiff back to back for them to contend with.

The Leafs end their regular season with two home games – against the Penguins tomorrow, and the Blue Jackets on Sunday.

This is quite a thrilling end to the season I have to say. It’s nice that it’s all laid out very simple like this too. Sometimes there’s a lot of “ifs and buts” but it’s very well laid out this time.

Lightning vs Canadien Betting Tips:

So we have tonights game now to contend with and what a game it is. On one hand I always like to see Canadian teams in the NHL. On the other hand I have lots of annoying Leafs fan friends so if the Habs roll over tonight and the Leafs ultimately don’t make it, it’d be nice to know we were partly responsible.

We have no official tips for this one. Tampa will be motivated of course with the playoffs within their grasp – but I can’t help but think back to the loss to the Bruins recently, and the Coyotes loss. Plus a few games recently where they’ve struggled, AND the injuries they have.

Then you have the Canadiens. They went on a tear to take the Atlantic but then lost against the Sabres. You can’t count the Habs out of this game. The Sabres were motivated for that game after their previous loss. It was their final home game as well. It’s very possible that they don’t show up – but writing them off would be a mistake.

The bet I personally will be making for this game is Lightning in Regulation. They HAVE to win and they have to do it in a big way. The odds for this one are as high as 3.05

I’m not sold on the Lightning at all, but under the circumstances I’m comfortable betting them at that price to win in regulation.

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Of course Toronto losses 4-1 to Tampa…. Feeling the heat now! Hate to say it but “GO Habs Go!!”

Montréal Canadians REG

GLTA, especially the Leafs lol!!!

Chitown Sharp

Habs without 3 players on D tonight, Weber, Emelin, and Benn. Bolts in a “must win” situation. I expect them to go all out.

Bolts in Regulation (2.69)

Arto Reinikainen

Can’t go against the Bolts tonight. Habs have nothing to play for.

Im expecting the Habs to start the game off as they would any other home game, trying to get the jump on the Bolts and get the 1st goal. But as the game goes on, Tampa should just outwill them and i see no reason why they couldn’t pull it off. Especially if the Habs resting some guys.

Fatigue could potentially be in issue, tough game last night, and 3in4+4in6 while the Habs are well rested. But you still have to have the determination to make the most of it, and i doubt the Habs have that kind of jump tonight.

Tampa ML (i do like the added insurance of ML, because the Habs have been a tough team to beat for the Bolts in the regular season for whatever reason)


Nice points, but why not Tampa regular at all? They need it.

Arto Reinikainen

I’ve been screwed over so many times going for regulation when a team has struggled against other team in the regular season, thinking this is the night they break through and then they end up winning in OT instead of regulation. And you never know with Price, if he got in their heads it could’ve been a very difficult game.

I made the bet yesterday morning and got 2.40 for ML, which was good enough for me to take the added insurance and bet some more money instead of taking the higher odds.

At the end of the day the bet won and i didn’t have to sweat, so im happy.

Western RattlersD

Very funny last night watching Twitter react to the Leafs loss. Fans were enraged at a team that caved in quick after a so-so 1st period. No pick on tonight’s game, but if Tampa wins it’s not Montreal’s fault, it’s Toronto’s fault. I can easily see the Islanders winning their next two games (NJ and Ottawa). Tampa will have to play over their heads to beat Montreal, but will likely beat Buffalo on Sunday. Odds on Toronto missing playoffs, I’d say 85% for the fail. Some interesting games for Saturday.


Bolts are really banged up too and Habs have Price. It’s likely to be a close game, but I’ll take the odds and the Bolts, who are trying to stay off the golf course.


Tampa to win by exactly 2 pucks more @ 10.20 odds because why not xD


Damn this risky thing hit oO

John UduakD

I’m waiting to hear the suggestion of MR MATTHEW and PETRI KONTIOLA so that i can finally bet. Thank you.

Johnny Hockey

Who are they?


Going for the Bolts tonight, they need to win and the odd is really juicy.


Im with the bolts tonight

Mārtiņš Zālītis

Kontiola where are u!


Just thinking. Habs have no pressures and they might just play like kids. It is not normal situation for professional players to play without pressures and it can lead to situation where they just put pucks in.

At the same time Tamba bay must try hard to win this one and score

My bet is over 6,5 goals(3,75odd)

p.s. nice forum and great tips!