avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, April 8th, 2023

As I mentioned on Thursday, I am away this weekend.

I’ll glance through the metrics, and if anything really stands out, I’ll dive into it more.

Otherwise it will be a quick no bet comment.

It sucks but this time of year there are a real lack of teams we can trust.

And actually due to time constraints I’m just going to post a few quick thoughts:

– Sabres at home doesn’t seem the worst bet. They have appeared comeptitive, Canes are a bit hit and miss. Early game at home I could see Buffalo being more up for it.

– Wings similar. Their offense should be scoring a lot more and the leaky Pens could be a decent spot.

– Bruins arent overwhelming at the moment but they are grinding out the results and incl OT/SO at 1.74 seems fine.

That’s about it for me. With only two games tomorrow I won’t bother writing anything. If you have any of your own bets feel free to post in the comments below.

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All four teams playing Sunday are on back-to-backs. This is a play-money day in the East, as stats are one thing, but team priorities may be another. At any point now, Boston may decide to take the day off or at least rest some key players who need it (talents, the injured, etc.).

What are they prioritizing? Boston is going for an all-time record in wins today, and has three games to play, including today, to build that record. A win today would be nice timing. I suspect they’ll go for it against Philly and the Habs, but not entirely fret it either. The Caps are not doing well either, so maybe it’s three wins. This close to playoff time, the Bruins will want to remain at peak form, heal injuries and prevent more injuries and fatigue. Boston doesn’t have any more back-to-backs. They’ve been decidedly relentless all season.

Philly is in poor form……

Colorado NEEDS points and would love to seize the Division lead going into the playoffs. They know that both Dallas and Minnesota can be expected to win tomorrow. I see that the Avs play down to lesser teams, so on a back-to-back, the puckline is risky here; it could be a 7-2 game as easily as 2-1. I can’t imagine any way that Colorado doesn’t win today.

To WIN moneyline: Bruins and Avs