avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, August 8th, 2020

Well I think it’s safe to say yesterday was the craziest day since the NHL returned so far.

We saw the two biggest underdogs in each NHL series matchup win their series and progress.

The Montreal Canadiens were 3.00 odds to win their series over the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I read that it was Sidney Crosbys birthday yesterday. I guess with the coronavirus the Penguins decided to celebrate Easter instead yesterday with a nice big egg, as they got shutout by the Canadiens 2-0.

The Oilers lost 3-2 to the Chicago Blackhawks. Blackhawks were 2.51 odds to win that series.

We almost had the three biggest underdogs winning as the Jackets blew their lead against the Leafs in spectacular fashion. Jackets were 2.45 to win that series.

Big props to the Leafs for that comeback and it was so nice to see. The penultimate game in that series and the qualifiers will be tomorrow and I’ll be back tomorrow look at it.

Hopefully if you backed the Jackets, you did it at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv as you would have won the bet based on the 3 goal lead. Man I wonder if B365 are sick of that promo right now? You know there’s at least one guy out there who bet the Leafs in Game 3 and the Jackets in Game 4 and is just loving life. Hopefully he buys a lottery ticket.

Obviously, the Leafs winning is the expected outcome. However don’t forget how poor the Leafs looked early in the game. I also experienced a real feeling of deja vu reading some of the Leafs interviews after the game. I’ve seen them talk like that before and if I recall blew it the very next game. I’ll have to dive into the archives for that.

Betting wise it was a crap day unless you took the value on the Coyotes or the Barkov pick in which case it wasn’t too bad. I ended up taking the Barkov pick myself however I didn’t bet the Coyotes. First game of the qualifiers that I haven’t had a bet and it felt weird watching it not being financially invested.

We have two games today in the round robins. I’ve said it before but I’m not tipping the round robins and not paying a ton of attention to them other than watching them just to get a general overview.

However I thought I would create this thread in case anyone does want to bet or tip on them.

Looking at the games I’d probably take the Flyers to Win. They’re about 2.20 odds and honestly they just look like they want it more. They seem hungry. I’d probably put that one at about 50/50 myself.

In the West – Avs have been the solid defensive team so far with just the one goal conceded against the Blues. I’d probably take Over 5.5 in that one. Avs can score and well we know how the Knights are right now.

Enjoy the day of less hockey. I know I am looking forward to it. I feel a bit burnt out after all that intense

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