avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Game 4 went to OT, and in rather controversial fashion, the Colorado Avalanche were able to take the win.

I’m just pissed that the over didn’t hit. Knew that would bloody happen.

It was pretty crazy how no-one really knew it was a goal.

Regardless of how it came down I’d say Avs deserved to win that one. Now they are up 3-1, and this is the potential last game of the series.

Here’s our thoughts:

Lightning vs Avalanche Bets:

Scott: After 3 high scoring games, game 4 was the first to stay under. In overtime it was all Avs as they outshot the Lightning 11-3 until Kadri , playing in his first game since June 4th, scored the game winner. Kuemper had a good game after getting pulled in game 3 making 37 saves in the win.

With the series back in Colorado and the Avalanche having a chance to win the Cup the Lightning are really on the edge here. The Avs are 7-2 at home in these playoffs. I have a hard time picking a winner here. The momentum will clearly be on the Avs side but the Lightning are the more experienced team. I have gone with player props for the last 2 games and won both of them. But with this game potentially being the last I have no idea how it will play out and it may be best for me to avoid a tip and instead just enjoy the game.

No Bet

Graeme: After the way that last game went? I think Tampa are done. That’s a tough break regardless and it’s hard to overcome that. Now they have to come to Colorado where the Avs are going to be absolutely flying.

Now man – you can’t count Tampa out. That is for damn sure. We saw that in the Leafs series.

But I think the Avs are too fast, too good, and will be too motivated here.

Avs in Regulation at 2.00 odds. I’d personally put that one at about 1.80 odds myself. I wouldn’t mind if Tampa won this and the next one and forced an epic Game 7 – but I think they’re done.

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Why reject the chances to have another sold out Arena with all the money involved? It’s too flat just leave a serie creating no legend Just another 4-1 won’t make history. Maybe another OT thrill could compensate. I suggest a repetition and O.T. Tampa is more powerful and massive, But Colorado is quicker I think a Swede will be a “hero*” with at least an assist and it’s enough for a big headline about the lucky one.

Western RattlersD

I’m considering some “2 point” or “Score a goal” props for Colorado players like Makar. Attractive odds.
Leaning to UNDER 7.0 in some kind of parlay, but I consider the risk of an OVER quite high here.

We’re getting into rare air. Looking over results of the last games of Rounds 3 and 4 for the last few years, the last games do tend to be lower scoring, and exhaustion and player injuries likely play a part in the style of play going on. I expect Colorado to win because they have an edge in speed, skill and remaining players who aren’t obviously going through play-through injuries. Tampa forwards have been playing goalie in a game of darts and getting seriously dinged. Colorado knows how to open up the net and have more than enough finishers to get to the net with clever enough shots with what they see. Kadri has fresh legs and looked very sharp. Tampa has a workman-like approach; they look tired (Colorado does not), but they’ll never stop. They are now out-classed in general ability on the ice. The silverware is radiating its aura on the property tonight. There are many ways to say “I have no idea”, and props may be the only thing I try on this game.

Best of luck everyone, it’s been an interesting NHL recovery year and it will be a VERY interesting summer of drafts, trades and new coaches. Expect a lot of very important changes.