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You really gotta love how lets you bet on who will win the end of season awards before the season even starts. And its for that reason alone that the odds are tremendous.

We will go over 2 from each category; the player who we think will win it, or the Best Bet, and a player who has an outside chance and is worth the risk based on the value of the reward, the Long Shot. But to get a full list of the players you can bet on be sure to head to Bovada and find the complet list for each category un der the NHL and Futures betting options

Hart Memorial Trophy

This trophy is given to the NHL’s Most Valuable Player.

  1. Sidney Crosby (PIT) – 2.75
  2. Ryan Getzlaf (ANA) – 7.00
  3. Steven Stamkos (TB) – 8.00
  4. John Tavares (NYI) – 9.00
  5. Alex Ovechkin (WAS) – 13.00
  6. Claude Giroux (PHI) – 16.00
  7. Tyler Seguin (DAL) – 16.00
  8. Evgeni Malkin (PIT) – 16.00
  9. Jonathan Towes (CHI) -17.00
  10. Anze Kopitar (LA) – 19.00
  11. Corey Perry (ANA) – 21.00
  12. Patrick Kane (CHI) – 21.00
  13. Jamie Benn (DAL) – 45.00
  14. Tuukka Rask (BOS) – 45.00

Best Bet – Sidney Crosby – As long as Crosby can stay healthy this year there is no reason to think that he won’t once again be a dominant force in the NHL. He is by far and away the best hockey player in the world and like or hate him you would love to have him on your team.

Long Shot – Alex Ovechkin – There used to be discussion about who, between these two players, was the better player. Well the consensus seems to be Crosby these days but don’t forget that only a couple years ago Ovechkin was arguably the better of the two. Sure he had a down year last year but with the moves the Caps made on the ice and to the coaching staff look for Ovie to once again tear the league up.

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Art Ross Trophy

The Art Ross Trophy is giving to the NHL’s points leader at the end of the season

  1. Sidney Crosby (PIT) – 2.00
  2. Steven Stamkos (TB) – 4.00
  3. Alex Ovechkin (WAS) – 9.50
  4. John Tavares (NYI) – 11.00
  5. Evgeni Malkin (PIT) – 11.00
  6. Claude Giroux (PHI) – 16.00
  7. Tyler Seguin (DAL) – 21.00
  8. Ryan Getzlaf (ANA) -21.00
  9. Pavel Datsyuk (DET) – 36.00
  10. Corey Perry (ANA) -36.00
  11. Patrick Kane (CHI) – 36.00
  12. Phil Kessel (TOR) – 36.00
  13. Jonathan Toews (CHI) – 36.00
  14. Joe Thornton (SJ) – 36.00

Best Bet – Sidney Crosby – Again as long as he can stay healthy it is hard to bet against Crosby having a monster year. He has already done som much in his short career and the scary part is he is only entering his prime. Just imagine a full season where Crosby stays healthy in his prime.

Long Shot – John Tavares – He was having an amazing year last year and was over a point per game player when he suffered a season ending injury during the Olympics. Well now that he is healthy and ready to go you have to give Tavares a second look when predicting this. If he stays healthy he will challenge for the lead

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Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy

The player who ends the season with the most amount of goals is award the Rocket Richard Trophy.

  1. Steven Stamkos (TB) – 3.00
  2. Alex Ovechkin (WAS) – 3.00
  3. Corey Perry (ANA) – 5.50
  4. Sidney Crosby (PIT) – 8.00
  5. Tyler Seguin (DAL) – 13.00
  6. John Tavares (NYI) – 13.00
  7. Phil Kessel (TOR) – 16.00
  8. Evgeni Malkin (PIT) – 16.00
  9. Max Pacioretty (MON) – 21.0
  10. Jamie Benn (DAL) – 26.00
  11. Joe Pavelski (SJ) – 26.00
  12. Zach Parise (MIN) – 26.00

Best Bet – Alex Ovechkin – Alex Ovechkin is always a threat to hit and pass the 50 goal mark. Sure he had an of year last year but this guy can still score. With all of the changes made to the Caps I see them having a strong year and in turn Ovechkin also.

Long Shot – Phil Kessel – People are going to laugh at this but you really have to consider Kessel for the Rocket. The Leafs are lead by this guy and only a couple players have scored more goals in the last 5 years then Kessel. Is he can stay healthy and the Leafs competitive then don’t be surprised to see Kessel around 50 goals

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