avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

The first game of the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals got off to an explosive start with the Vegas Golden Knights winning 6-4.

The lead swapped a few times during the game and it was an extremely tight one that was finally decided with just 3 seconds left, as Nosek scored an empty netter.

Regardless of who wins this series or not – let’s hope all of the games are that good. Perfect for a neutral.

Game 2 takes place tonight and is in Las Vegas. There was quite a lot of controversies in Game 1 in regard to the officiating so it’ll be interesting to see how that affects Game 2.

Knights vs Capitals Game 2 Betting Tips:

Scott: Game one was incredible.  It had 10 goals and a finals record 4 lead changes.  I’m not sure how game 2 can be any better but I have a feeling it will.

Fleury was ok but could have been better.  His teammates returned the favor for Fleury who has carried this team so often this year and put up 6 goals.  The Caps defense looked rough and they will need to find a way to clean that up.

I’m not sure who wins game 2 but I like the offense to continue into this game.

Over 5.5 incl OT – 1u 

Graeme: I’m a bit concerned that the officiating from Game 1 will impact this game. The biggest controversy involves the cross check by Reaves immediately prior to scoring the 4th Vegas goal. Cross checking occurs all the time and isn’t called but this one leading to the goal has given it a lot more focus.

We’ve seen it before where the refs are called up for something like that and to balance it out they sway the other way in terms of decisions.

Now I’m not basing my pick entirely on that but it is a factor. It was also an extremely tight game and the Caps getting 4 past Fleury is huge. The price on the Capitals is excellent too.

I’m good with 1u on Capitals to win incl OT.

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