avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, December 11th, 2015

Ouchy – not a good night lsat night, as the Sabres vs Flames Over 5.5 goals was our only saving grace.

Washington and Chicago both decided to take the night off – which is unfortunate as they had games to play!

That 3rd period in the Capitals game was particularly brutal to watch as they registered just 4 shots on goal. At least the Blackhawks were able to find the net on a consistent basis and it was Rinne and an excellent performance that kept them out.

Red Wings vs Devils Betting Tips:

These two have had some really high scoring games against each other in recent times. They’re also both good for goals and for conceding at the moment.

Overtime is a STRONG possibility between these teams . I’m actually working on an overtime betting system at the moment and it’s 3.40 odds for that you can get if that interests you. I’m still working on it though and it’s not ready to be released yet.

I’m going to take Over 5 Goals in this one. Slight concern with how nice the odds are here – one of those nights where you wonder what the sportsbooks know that you don’t.

Canada: 2.12 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: +110 Odds at 5Dimes.
Everyone Else: 2.12 Odds at 888 Sports.

Rangers vs Oilers Betting Tips:

The stats and the current form all lean towards an Oilers win here. I said on Wednesday in the comments that I had a bet on the Oilers over the Sharks. They’re a team with confidence in their goalie – rare to see for Edmonton – and I like that.

However after watching that game I pretty much decided to blindly bet against them in their next game. Just one of those feelings you have – and it so happens to be against the Rangers.

I’ve looked at everything to see if I can convince myself to get off that train of thought and I can’t. Major props to the Oilers if they’re able to get the W here though.

Rangers to win.

Canada: 1.69 Odds at 5Dimes.
USA: -145 Odds at 5Dimes.
Everyone Else: 1.69 Odds at 5Dimes.

OHL Betting Tips:

Our OHL record is 10-4, for 7.77 unit profit.

I’d love to get on the London Knights over the last week with their -2.5 handicap but the odds even with that have been crap. -155 today for example. They’ll probably cover but it’s not +EV.

We’re going to take Sarnia Sting to beat Windsor Spitfires. The odds on that are -130.

This game is actually UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER JERSEY NIGHT. I love the freaking OHL. Here’s the Sarnia Sting Jersey:


Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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Had all the games right but chi last night will post my predictions after goalies are confirmed


it was not luck, but what for today


Boston , SJ, Nyi , are my three picks for today


o.K I’ll bet these three teams


Carolina struggles in goalie away from home and with Anahiems strong goalie performances lately I see Anahiem winning (4-2)

The Wild will struggle against Arizona tonight and lose (4-3) I don’t have faith in their back up goalie tonight.

The New York Rangers are going to beat Edmonton and like mentioned above it’s more or less a gut feeling and something tells me New York will win 3-1


Yeah I like the Ducks I just didn’t like the odds. Canes have a bit of fight in them at the moment. Could see Ducks in regulation happening.

Coyotes are a strong home team at the moment so I could see that.


Fuck, i forgot Dubnyk.
But ARI are without first golie, and Captain too.
I hope the best, because i bet it togather with DAL, in REGULATION ๐Ÿ˜€


Good luck


I know Wild won last 5 games at Coyotes, but everything good have a end. So…i expect to Coyotes win in regulation.
Also i expect to win Blackhawks, Rangers and Ducks, but this is just a fart in the wind.:))))

Mr Dj 613

lol luv it lol


o,k who will be today winner? Please give me 3 winners


Dal arz nyr


Thanks for getting the tips out early guys. Lots of interesting options today. I’ll post picks after goalies are finalized but here are some thoughts:
LAK ML-well rested and really rolling. Pens coming off hard road trip and will be gassed.
Dal/Phl – Over. Both teams can easily score 3+ and both teams are leaky. BTW – Bookmaker has Dallas o2.5 for +125. My other site has Dallas o3.5 +115
Min ML – like them to win but don’t like value. I’ll put them in a 2-way parlay with 2-3 other teams.


Bookmaker changed the Dallas o2.5 to o3.5 after I posted. Sorry guys, but I got lucky and made it a 8U bet


Coyotes losing streak could end tonight with Dubnyk out. Kuemper is 1-0-3 with a 3.00GAA; Flyers road winning streak (4 games) could end on this btob against the Stars but don’t know the odds in regulation yet; Letang is out for the Pens & lots of rumours of change in the club…if the Pens vets can show some leadership, they could win this one or the distraction could help LA; Car/Ana is a tricky one. Both have their +/- Canes are #1 puck possession, least penalizesd, physical, hard working team but Halak might be starting…that could help Ducks who ran 30th in GF. Good luck tonight!


Sounds like your really undecided, hahah Just playin.

Trying to find an argument for Pens win other then the meaningless trends. Might be my underdog pick of the night. Took flyers over, I don’t see this being similar to the recent game they played that went 3 goals and it is likely Mason gets the start on the Back-to-back. Being In Dallas I think they give us a hard time and after playing a team like the Blues the night before, the puck battles might go against my flyers. The only way you can bet on a winner in this game is for the underdog due to the awful odds and I don’t see that happening.


Pens are brutal to back at the moment – but then tough to tip against too. Such a weird team ATM. There’s always a few teams like that – where they are in a game and we’re just like “Nope!” because they could just as easily beat Dallas one night as they could lose to the Leafs the next.


Minnesota Wild vs Arizona Coyotes
Coyotes to win.

4.16% +EV with odds price against my computed win chance.
Coyotes currently stand 2 places above the Wild in my rankings system table.
The Wild are without best Goalie.
It was an extremely close game last time out in the 4-3 win to the Wild. Coyotes out shooting them.
Coyotes have just ended a 0-5-0 road trip to come back to Arizona and will be looking to start a good home session and stop the skid. They are 6-4-0 record in Arizona.
Both teams are well rested, but Coyotes played a bit more recently than the Wild so should be a bit more game ready in theory.
Wild have 3 wins 2 losses in their last 5 games with their last game against the Avalanche ending a good run for them.
Coyotes have better penalty kill this season so far than Minnesota


Also I have had the over in the Wings game.
I agree with what you said about it and think it has good price value too.


Philadelphia Flyers vs Dallas Stars
Over 5.5 goals.

Computed total number of goals in game came to 5.77.
GF/G and GA/A of both teams is high enough at both ends for a high scoring game.
Dallas are a great team and on fire at the moment. Flyers are on a good run too and are capable of scoring well lately but are a bit leaky in defence.
Since the Stars game against the Oilers (3 goals) back on the 4th December, the last several games for both teams have all gone over 5.5 and been high scoring, aside from one Flyers game that had 5 goals in it and I see the trend continuing.

Think Dallas should win tonight (4-2 maybe…) but price nowhere near good enough for me to bet it, even in regulation.


Yeah if I was going with an O/U there over would be it. Last couple of games between the two have been only 3 goals but before that always a lot and the way they’re playing right now it could be another double figure night!

Claus Pedersen

Sadly im not able to watch that many NHL games, seeing that it’s the middle of the night here. So i mainly use statistics, and made a kinda point system, for winners as well as one for goals.
And i must say that i would go with Kings on moneyline as they are on a roll when playing out, and the penguins arent exactly at their peak.
The over 5.5 in Stars game im totally game with, last 3 games Stars in on avarage 3,67 goals, and letting in 3, as too Flyers 2.67 and 3.

I was thinking of Oilers win, but since i respect the tips from this page i’ve chosen to not make that bet, seeing that i know only a fragtion compared to these guys.

Well hope we all win some money !


Ever thought about getting a Gamecenter account or hockeystreams? Then you could watch them at any time. Although in saying that – watching taped hockey isn’t that fun ๐Ÿ™‚

And like I said above – Rangers is more of a gut feeling than anything else. A lot of the stats and trends point towards an Oilers win so I’d say research it more and if you feel comfortable – go with it.

Claus Pedersen

Yeah i definatly would, but between work, making this point system with the research it brings, i would probably not have time to watch that many games ๐Ÿ™‚ At least not enough for me to count that into my betting. Do love hockey and the pace about it, so it would be solely for fun ๐Ÿ™‚


Ducks,bruins and wild

I ll go with these 3

Marc Lachance

Bruins are playing Saturday


I am from Estonia and all games are on Saturday for me ?

Marc Lachance

Oh cool, good luck!


Thx,same here

Marc Lachance

I have LAK moneyline 1.87, LA as been solid against eastern teams and beside the beginning of the season all their losts were a few goals difference. I just hope they don’t get too many penalties.

Marc Lachance

4-1 tonight and 1-1 on 2 games that I bet ties. Det-NJ and NY-Edm which cane really close to be a tie as well.


I did not understand. Tell me exactly who will win.


3 Draw tonight (NJ;BOS;EDM) ๐Ÿ˜€
All of them are a real TIE teams. Specially if the opponents are better team on paper.

Naiver Rueda

Picks NHL
New Jersey

Mr Dj 613

LA in reg
DAL in Reg
NYR in Reg

Good luck everyone !

M. (Thelonious)

I’m backing PIT tonight. Kings are awesome, for sure. But tonight I predict a “one of those nights” game for them. Fleury should prevail and Quick is on the verge of making a bad outing. Tonight could be the night.

M. (Thelonious)

Also going with the Over 5 at ARI. I expect a 5.5 line, so I think it worths the go. Lindback&Kuemper starting, Yotes in need of a win, and take a look to the home/road games of both this season to see that, combined, 17 of 22 of them ended with 5 or more goals.


Today i ‘ll take the opposite team. ?


It looks like i have to take the opposite team. ๐Ÿ˜€