avatar Written by Scott on Monday, December 14th, 2015

No tips last night but it was still a good night of NHL action.

The Islanders beat the Devils 4-0.  Big game from backup goalie Thomas Greiss who made 27 saves.  The Isles are on a 3 game win streak and are 8-0-2 over their last 10 games.

The Blackhawks beat the Canucks by a score of 4-0.  Kane picked up an assist to push his point streak to 26 games. 

The 3rd game of the night was the Avalanche vs the Blues and it was Colorado coming away with the 3-1 win.  What’s really impressive is the shot count for the game.  It was 43-18 for St Louis so Colorado scored 3 times on only 18 shots.

Kings vs Senators Betting Tips:

The Kings are playing some great hockey at the moment.  They are 7-1-2 over their last 10 games, play great when on the road and have had the Sens number over their last 10 meetings with a 7-3 record.

The Sens are 5-5 over their last 10 and are currently riding a 2 game losing streak into this game.

Quick has been great this season and will likely get the start in this game.  He’s 7-0-1 in his last 8 starts with a 1.57 GAA

Kings Win is the tip for this game.

Lightning vs Blue Jackets Betting Tips:

Thanks to an injury to starting goalie Bobrovsky, the Jackets are facing a long stretch of hockey.  They have yet to win a game with a backup goalie.

The Lightning have some injury issues of their own to deal with.  But they are a far deeper team then Columbus is and this should carry them to the victory.

Both of these teams have under performed this year but the biggest surprise of the two is obviously the Lightning.  They need to find a way to snap their lousy play and get back into the playoff picture.  It’s games like this one against a struggling Jackets team that they need to win.

Lightning win


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Claus Pedersen

I like Kings for the win as well, But the Sens do seem to have a shot as well, seeing that they have 4/5 Home games won, but then again, that is kinda the only thing that i see as a possitve thing for them. Not quite enough for me to not pick Kings.

Bruins would also be my pick, just because they seem to me, like the far greater team, even while considering that Oilers is doing awsome atm. I dont like the odds tho, so im going with over 5.5 goals, tho Bostons last 3 games dont exacly call for it, i do see a good chance for some goals. 5.8 goals on average, when these teams meet, and also taking into account the massive goal amounts we have been seeing when Oilers are involved. 8.3 goals for the last 3 games.

LAK for win
O 5.5 in Bruins game
And a bold Washington win

Good luck every one 🙂

Jeppe Linander Henriksen

I like your thoughts on Kings over Senators. I even think they will be capable of taking it in regulation.

Another bet I like tonight is Caps vs Pit over 5 to odds 1.86.
Caps are capable of putting up a great offense and the Pens are looking to get the offense fired up under the new coach and that might be at the cost of some of the defense.

Arto Reinikainen

I have the Sens winning in regulation. They’ve lost 3 out of the last 4 games and it feels like the classic throw everything you can at the superior opponent on home ice – type of game. Kings aren’t too tough to overcome considering Sens were on a good winning streak before this recent stretch of games so it’s not like they wouldn’t know how they need to play to win. When you’re faster and work harder than the Kings they can be beat.
Same goes for the Jackets – Bolts game. Although i think Tampa is just too strong for Columbus right now. But just like against the Isles i have a pretty good feeling about an OT game. Classic letdown type of game if you bet on Tampa, backup in net for the Jackets, team struggling, Tampa the better team and playing decent hockey.. Can’t even count how many of these type of bets i thought were free cash but lost years ago.Also helps that the Jackets are caught in the OT void right now, 3 of last 5 games have gone past regulation for them, late gwg for either team seems unlikely.
I’d also hop on board for the Caps. Pens will come out hard guaranteed but because the Caps want revenge for their earlier loss on home ice they’re going to be able to take advantage of that horrendous Pens D and outscore them. Should be a fun one to watch.
Boston/Detroit i feel pretty good about too, but not good enough value. Especially the Wings are an OT magnet and seem to find ways to lose leads doesn’t matter who they play against.

Arto Reinikainen

Too bad the Jackets just couldn’t put it home. In the last 5 mins i counted 3x 2 on 1:s, breakaway and on top of that they had the puck sitting on the goal line.
Other than that that was a pretty good round. Sens won like i expected, as did the Caps. Bruins/Wings games showed why they weren’t worth the risk at low odds.
Call it a success.


Great comment, thanks for sharing. Sub’d

Arto Reinikainen

Thanks man, i hope you got some profit out of it ^^


Detroit over Buffalo..Detroit owns Buf..last ten 9-0…playing in Detroit

Arto Reinikainen

Not saying they can’t win because if they show up they should win, but that record i feel like is irrelevant these days and it showed in the first game between these two teams. Bylsma’s Sabres are different with a lot new personnel and the Wings have been changing as well. If they really dominated the Sabres then they would’ve won that 1st game in regulation.


Division record, home record, last ten, etc..Detroit has the stats to win, so analytics leans toward Detroit winning..

Arto Reinikainen

Last game went to a shootout even though the Wings had a 3 goal lead i believe. It’s not a sign of dominance to lose that lead.
And now the Sabres won. Screw analytics ^^


Ah well..you win some, you lose some..but there were only two favoured teams that won tonight, so you were lucky I guess…without a system, going with your gut you will lose in the long run..

Arto Reinikainen

Im not going without a system or just with my gut, i have my own system which i’ve been using for 5 years. All i was saying that analytics don’t mean much in my opinion.
New game is a new game and it has to be treated that way. I don’t understand how any past games, especially when 99% of them are against other teams, come in to play at all. The only thing i find useful is team vs team record, usually indicating difference in coaching. But in this particular game that great record the Wings have against the Sabres don’t matter jack when both teams have changed as much as they have.
Basing bets on analytics alone is just like rolling the dice and never learning why something unexpected happens. I’d rather want to be able to tell how and why someone wins or loses.


As much as Detroit was winning most of the game that Buffalo eventually won..that game could’ve gone either way..I will agree to disagree with you thanks..I don’t base my selections on analytics alone..


By the way Detroit won the last game 5-4


TB/CLB: Both teams can take advantage of their weaknesses;
Jackets are in a tricky goaltending situation. McElhinney is 0-5-1 & Korpisalo has no experience in the NHL; Who plays tonight? They have to play Dallas (good luck) tomorrow; The Bolts top goal scorers are injured but with Bishop in net, the Bolts have the edge;
LA/Sens: Sens give up the most SOG with 33 and their GA is 3.00. If Anderson & the team ‘made up’ after their loss to the Habs, they have a chance otherwise I give the edge to LA; Good luck tonight!


No picks for me tonight as already 5 pints into a big session on the ale ?, so I’ve had half a unit on the 3 picks from these guys. I usually like to pick my own bets so I only have myself to blame if it loses, but who am I to doubt these guys reputation. I know they live and breathe hockey and are a good set of tipsters, so let’s hope they have a good 3-0 night. I wish em all the best and good luck to em haha ???


Penguins vs Capitals 0
Senators vs Kings 0
Bruins vs Oilers over 5,5
Detroit vs Buffalo over 5.5
Blue Jackets vs Tampa Bay under 4,5

Good luck guys!

Naiver Rueda

Picks NHL

Marc Lachance

Had Wash, TB and LA to win.

I did a fantasy bet on Edm and Buff to win combined at 6.6