avatar Written by Scott on Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

Well only the 2 tips last night but we still finished 1-1.

Our win came when we had the Lightning to beat the Blue Jackets and they did but just barely winning 2-1.  Stamkos was held off the scoreboard for the 9th straight game.

The loss was our tip of the Kings to beat the Sens.   The Kings started the 2nd period up 1-0 but Ottawa came out swinging and scored 4 times in the period and eventually came away with the 5-3 win.

The Oilers beat the Bruins 3-2 in OT which was their 6th straight win.  The Caps beat the Penguins 4-1 thanks to the big game from Holtby and his 44 save performance.  2 late goals in the 3rd and it was the Sabres beating the Red Wings 2-1.

A nice night for us with 11 games.  Let’s get to the NHL Betting Tips for Tuesday, December 15th.

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Canucks vs Wild Betting Tips:

The Wild are 4-2 for the month of December and have only given up 5 goals thanks to 3 shutouts and lead the league in that category with 6.

The Canucks are in another slump going 3-5-2 over their last 10 and are still without 2 of their top 6 defenseman.  Over their last 4 games on the road they’re 0-2-2.

The Wild have been great at home this season going 10-3-1.  They have managed to keep games close recently taking their last 3 losses in OT going 4-0-3 over the last 7 games.

Wild win is the tip.  This falls below our 1.70 minimum but only just barely so we are going with it.

Oilers vs Rangers Betting Tips:

This is a game where both teams are headed in opposite directions but it’s the opposite teams then we would normally expect.

The Oilers are on fire right now winning their last 6 games against some strong competition.  They beat the Bruins twice, the Stars, the Sabres,  the Sharks and also tonight’s opponent the Rangers 7-5.  They are doing this without McDavid and Yakupov.

The Rangers are on a 3 game losing streak and are 2-6-2 over their last 10.  But the thing with the Rangers is you can never count them out as they are a really strong team.

I want to tip the Oilers and ride their momentum but I just can’t pull the trigger.  But I like this game to be a high scoring one thanks to the last game and it’s 12 goal total.

Over 5

Panthers vs Islanders Betting Tips:

The Islanders are on a 10 game point streak and have won their last 5 games in Brooklyn.  They’re 8-0-2 over their last 10 and are riding a 3 game win streak into this game.

The Panthers can’t score at the moment and have scored 2 or less goals in 4 of their last 5 games.  They’ll need to fix this problem if the hope to have a shot in this game.  They’ll be without 2 of their top centers as both MacKenzie and Bjugstad are out with injuries.

I like the Isles chances in this game.

Islanders win


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I’m going with NYR tonight. I can see them bouncing back from their slump. Oilers might suffer from fatigue, Bruins outshot them 49-24 last night. Lundqvist already confirmed to start and if they can solve their problems in D I can see them taking this pretty comfortably 4-1.

Claus Pedersen

First off, the Islanders i agree with although i will dare pick them in regulation even tho they have won in OT consistently. Rangers game i’d say more than 5.5 goals, for the better odds, as im quite confident that it will be above, considering how both teams are doing goal wise.

Other than those, i will also bet on Montreal for the win against Sharks, even tho i don’t have alot of good arguements for the choice, i still feel like its gonna be Montreal. SJ is on a bit of a losing streak, and to be honest everytime i bet on sharks i tend to lose ( I know it’s not a valid reason 🙂 ) . Montreal won their game, and i am hoping to see this as them getting back some mojo, after their 4 game losing streak.

If anyone has any comment about my bets, or sees any major flaws in my reason, plz just let me know, so i can work with it, and hopefully improve !

Good luck people 🙂

Arto Reinikainen

Sharks are a very underrated team despite their recent struggles. Even without Couture and Vlasic the Habs (-Gallagher) are not that much better on paper. With a losing streak comes great work ethic, Sharks will be fired up for this game and if they’re down By 1 in the 3rd they will throw everything they can at the Habs. Without Price the only way i see the Habs winning this in regulation is if they score a late gwg so in other words i don’t think the value is there.
Im thinking of going with OT myself, but just my two cents. If you feel like going with the Habs then don’t let me get in the way 🙂

Claus Pedersen

Good to know ty ^^ I’m kinda new to doing this, so my own research is pretty shallow, here at the begining, so always nice with some input 🙂

Arto Reinikainen

Np, like i said the Habs are not a bad pick at all, just not worth it to me. This is definitely on the harder side to predict which is basically the red flag and in the longer run you want to avoid those.

Arto Reinikainen

I think the Oilers will have trouble scoring goals tonight, it’s not easy to transition from being on the defensive for a full game and score goals against Lundqvist and a team that is looking to tighten it up, especially when fatigue starts to kick and the Rangers are simply the better team. Thus over 5 is extremely risky. Maybe they hang on for half a game and then the Rangers take over and win something like 0-3 or 1-4. In other words NYR is a good option tonight.

Florida are in a same type of position as the Sens were last night. Winning streak, dropping 2 in a row, winning again and then losing. They are not looking to drop 2 in a row again and will outwork the Isles tonight. But the Isles could fight back again and come back to tie it just like they did in their first meeting this year – that is if they feel like not dropping 2 in a row against the Panthers is enough motivation. So im torn between OT and Cats win. These two teams tend to go to OT a lot though, so OT could be worth it.

Wild is my pick as well. Although they are struggling to score right now, so it definitely won’t be a smooth sailing to victory.
Not going to explain why since im not looking for this post to go on forever, but the Sharks have a good chance to snap out of their losing streak tonight. I also like the Blues, Devils, Stars, Maple Leafs and Col-Chi X.

Good luck everyone.


Little bit surprised you guys didn’t see some value in Columbus tonight….guess no Bobrovsky put you off it? Think I am going small on them on the card. +235


Yeah if anything we were leaning towards the Stars. But in regulation odds were poor, and the Stars don’t have the best record for the handicap. Just don’t have much faith in McElhinney at the moment.


Fla/NYI; Not only injuries but Jagr, Barkov & Bolland have the flu and may play but won’t be ‘game ready;’ Good pick.

Van/Min: Canucks beat the Wild in Nov but it’s hard to ignore the Wild’s home record (10-3-1) along with Kuemper’s previous starts (giving up 2 goals in 31/2 games) & Canuck’s injuries will help the Wild; Good pick.

Edm/NYR: Oilers know they ‘stole’ a win from the Bruins last night;
Talbot could get the 2nd start in this btob & that could help the Rangers but the Oilers are 4-1-1 against them; If NYR can improve their GA which sits at 3.00G in their L10 games they have a chance. Good luck tonight!


what mean btob? thanks


Back to back. Like they played last night and now tonight again.


thanks you mate.


Calgary Flames vs Nashville Predators

Over 5.5 goals and half unit value bet on Flames win.

Computer calculated goals total comes to 5.54 goals.
The over price is 2.25 which I think is massive value when this for an over I think is just a % or two on the favourable side of a coin flip.

Computer calculated win % for the flames is 39.6% and at their current price of 2.6, this gives a +EV of 2.96%. I think personally though with how things are going at the moment the flames have a better chance of beating the Predators than this.
The Flames are only ranked 5 places below the Predators in my team rating system.

Flames GF/G = 2.7 and they are conceding a lot this season with GA/A = 3.5
Preds GF/G = 2.6 and GA/A = 2.6

Both teams are well rested and should come out firing looking for a good win. Flames are riding high after a 5 game home win streak and start a road trip at Nashville tonight. The Preds are looking to get a bit more consistency after flipping between great results, such as a 5-1 win against the Hawks and poor performances.
Flames beat the Preds in their last 3 games and Nashville will be looking to not make it 4/4.

2 of the last 3 games between the 2 teams have been over 5.5 and the other had 5 goals in it.

Preds have lacked a few goals lately at times in some games, but have played some good teams. They should try and hit the net a lot tonight and turn it around against a leaky Flames defence here.

All of the last 5 Flames games have gone well over 5.5.
Out of Preds last 5 games two have been over 5.5 and all the rest have had 5 goals in them. These have been against better teams and defences than the Flames though.
I think the high scoring game trend will continue here.

Montreal Canadiens vs San Jose Sharks

Canadiens to win.

Computer calculated win % for Montreal is 58.2%, so at the current price of 1.74 this gives a +EV of 1.27%
Canadiens rank 16 places above the Sharks in my team rating system.

Canadiens are the better side and need to get some wins on the board and consistency back after that 4 game losing skid. They ended it in their last game against the Sens a few days ago and I think they can carry the momentum forward and get the two wins on the bounce.

Habs have a good penalty kill, but haven’t scored a PP goal in 5 games themselves and this will have to come to an end at some point and why not tonight against the Sharks?

Last 2 games between the 2 sides this year have had a win to the Sharks and a win to the Habs.

Mitchell returns to the Montreal lineup which should be a confidence boost for them.


Also Fancy the Islanders to win and agree with Scot and Graeme on reasoning etc, but price is a bit too low for me on them.


Going with the over 5 too in Oilers game. Think it’s a good pick and the price is good.

Arto Reinikainen

A lot of potential in Flames win tonight for great value. And to be even more bold – the Jackets could be the surprise of the night. They’ve managed to win quite a few games in the past where it seemed like there’s no way they would win (against a great team, losing streak + btob). All it takes is for the Stars to be overconfident which isn’t that hard to see considering they know the Jackets are in a tough spot right now. Dallas is also prone to play a poor defensive game in these type of tilts.

My picks of the night:
TOR-TBL and COL-CHI go to OT.

Tough not to mess up trying to predict 11 games in one night, but let’s see how it’ll go.

Arto Reinikainen

Way too optimistic on Columbus lol. Flames had their chances, a full pp to end the 3rd period so not too upset about that. Disappointed i let the flubug affect my decision on the Cats, was going to bet on them at first. Flyers with their usual OT, surprised they actually went 3 OT games in a row against the Canes but at least they had the lead in the 3rd so makes me feel a bit better.
Biggest disappointment is missing out on Colorado, should’ve just rode the extremely hot Varlamov and the Avs fantastic record against Chicago.
Other than that, Devils, Rangers, Sharks, Wild, Blues and Tor-Tbl X left me with a few hundred bucks so a decent round.


I have a qouestion, please!
Over 5.5 is clear to me.
What happend if the game results is 3-2 and your bet is over 5? Or under?
My picks for tonight is Leafs, Jets and Rangers.
I’m a litle bit scare of Rangers because seems a lot of people bet to them and we all know what happened when majority bet on one team. I hope not tonight!


It’s a push(at 99% of all sportsbooks) and you would get your money back that you staked.

So if you bet $100 on Over 5 to profit $89 and it’s 3-2 after the game is over(regardless of overtime or not) you get the $100 back and that’s it. You don’t lose money nor do you profit any.


You get your money back if it’s hits 5 on a o/u 5


I don’t think that oilers game will be over 5.5. I think rangers will play with the strong defense to keep the distance. Score ll be 3-1 or max 4-1

Other picks,

Canadians wins,
Devils wins,
Wilds wins,
Toronto wins

You don’t have to play for all but just pick the best ones for you.

Claus Pedersen

Good lord… i decided to bet on All 11 games, and that will most likely be the last time i do that :’D missed it by THAT Much xD