avatar Written by Scott on Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

Hey guys,  3 tips yesterday and we went 2-1.

So this is a pretty crazy time in the NHL.  COVID cases seem to be spreading throughout the league and we’re seeing a common pattern – one player tests positive and is out, then a few of his teammates are etc.

As you can imagine – it makes things difficult for us in terms of tipping.  To make matters worse we do tips early in the day due to our large European audience.  It’s easy enough to make goalie-dependent tips; but it’s not like we can say “take the Hurricanes tonight unless one of these six players goes down with COVID” or anything like that.

However we don’t want to just take a few weeks off or anything like that.  This is something we’re going to have to live with for the forseeable future.

So we’re just going to keep trying our best to provide tips where we can.  There will likely be less tips than normal due to so much uncertainty over specific teams who are missing players.  We also recommend waiting until just before game time to place bets if possible due to the potential pullouts due to entering COVID protocol.

This entire thing sucks, especially considering the city we live in is now the #1 hotspot in Canada.  But that just makes betting, tipping and watching the NHL a nice welcome distraction for the both of us and win or lose, we’ll continue to do it just to keep ourselves entertained.

3 games scheduled for today.  Have kept my kids home all week as a precaution with so many cases in the area they will be safer here.  Plus gives them an extra week off of school before the Christmas break begins.

Capitals vs Blackhawks Betting Tips:

The Caps will be looking to getbsome revenge in this game.  They opened the month with a 4-3 shootout loss to the Hawks.

To get any value on the Caps we would need to take them in at least regulation.  Of the Caps 6 games this month, 3 of them have needed extras time so I’m skipping this game.

Rangers vs Coyotes Betting Tips:

The Rangers are heavy favorites for this game.  They have gone 7-3 over their last 10.  The Coyotes are doing Coyote things losing their last 5 games and are a league worst 5-20-2.

I like the Rangers to win this game but they did play last night, losing 4-2 to the Avalanche, and have played 8 games this month already.  This will be their 3rd back to back in the month.

I like the Rangers here but with them playing so much hockey this month fatigue is surely going to set in.  I’ll pass.

Kraken vs Ducks Betting Tips:

Kraken have gone 5-3-2 over their last 10, the Ducks 6-2-2.

The Ducks should win this game but it’s hard to say when the Kraken are their opponent.   They have a way of upsetting strong teams.

It’s a game where the Kraken have some players on the Covid protocol list and we think it’s best to avoid tipping any games where teams have players out with it.

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Malvicious NHL

Yeah, this whole COVID situation absolutely sucks! I really hope you and your family get through this safely. Of course I wish for everyone to do so. Like you said, it can make betting really tricky. Betting as late as possible is of course good to be up to date with the latest status and changes regarding players and goaltenders, but it often times results in worse odds on most of the bets. It can really save you from losing some bets though, that under different circumstances would have been the right ones to make. I think that’s worth the worse odds, but I also can’t do it for every game, since some of them start at like 2.00 – 4.00 am in my timezone, which I’m not staying up for. That almost cost me last night with the Canucks calling up Halak instead of Demko. Dodged one there for sure. But for you and Graeme it would surely be a lot more stressful and less fun to wait that long to write the tips. Despite everything, I think you guys are doing a great job finding the right bets in the right spots. If I happen to catch some information or changes, that could really effect one of the tips, I’ll be happy to let you know here 👍.
I’m only going with Ducks ML tonight. Price is pretty high, but I think they have a solid home game here. Ducks are pretty healthy, on fresh legs and have Stolarz in net, who is playing really solid atm. He won all of his 4 last starts with 1 shutout and combining for a .943 SV%. Even in the Penguins game he played in, which they lost by the one goal let in by Gibson, he stopped all of the shots he faced.
Kraken on a b2b and might have trouble handling the Ducks pressure. Kraken also lost their last two b2bs in regulation. Grubauer might make it close though, he is due for a better outing. Can’t see the Kraken winning this one in OT though.

Enjoy the games and stay safe everyone!



Thanks Malv – appreciate all that. Great call with the Ducks as well.