avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, December 19th, 2015

A MASSIVE winning night in the NHL as we went 1-1 for 0.07 units profit! Hey – better than a losing night.

But it is yet another reminder why it’s nice to line shop. Our win was with the Capitals over the Lightning and we got it at 2.07 odds. However the majority of sportsbooks had it at 2.00 odds so by line shopping – it turns a break even night into a winning night.

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Alright let’s get on with the NHL Betting Tips for December 19th, 2015:

Blackhawks vs Sabres Betting Tips:

Crawford is in net for the Chicago Blackhawks, and he’s picked up an impressive 3 shutouts in his last 4 games. However while he is running hot – all of that was at home. His recent record on the road hasn’t been so good – 4 in Ottawa, 2 in San Jose and 5 in Vancouver for example.

Buffalo are coming off a big 3-0 win at home and they’ve been tight the last few games. The combination of that and Crawford are probably why it’s set at 5 and not 5.5. But I like this game to go over with two offenses who can score.

Take Over 5 Goals.

Canada: 1.86 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: -115 Odds at 5Dimes.
Everyone Else: 1.86 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.

Leafs vs Kings Betting Tips:

When Bernier is in net and the line for O/U goals is 5 – it’s really hard not to blindly take the over.

His last 5 games have him concede 3, 5, 4, 4 and 4 – and the 3 goals he conceded was in the Sharks game after Sparks had let in 2.

Saw a lot of talk lately from Phaneuf about how they’re going to get together and get the win for Bernier and turn it around for him and blah blah blah. Look if they do that then hey good for them. Starting feel bad for Bernier.

But until they prove they can do that – Over 5 goals.

Canada: 1.73 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: -135 Odds at 5Dimes.
Everyone Else: 1.73 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.

Devils vs Ducks Betting Tips:

Kinkaid is in net tonight for the Devils and we haven’t been impressed with him that much.

He’s going up against a complete definition of a flaccid offense in the Anaheim Ducks. And the Devils home results lately haven’t been too shabby at all.

But after two embarassing losses – we like the Ducks to bounce back tonight. Honestly I blame a lot of it on the schedule. 1 game in 9 days is just silly and watching their last two games I think they were rusty.

They’ve shaken that off and we like Ducks to win tonight.

Canada: 1.87 Odds at Sports Interaction.
USA: -118 Odds at 5Dimes.
Everyone Else: 1.86 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

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Claus Pedersen

Really fast one, NYI to win -1.5. They have had 2 crappy matches and im sure it’s just a bump in the road, and they will come back strong tonight. Even tho Kyle Okposo is probably out i still believe that they will run over, a Coyote team, who is missing Mike Smith, as well as some other key players. Etiher that or Over 5 goals.

Good luck peeps ๐Ÿ™‚

Arto Reinikainen

My picks of the night..
Home wins : DAL / PIT
Road wins : CHI / PHI / ANA / LAK / NYI
Predicting a tough night for home teams. But good night for us.
Pretty much every game except Philly and Pittsburgh are worth the value in my opinion.
Blues and Flames are just so even in this game that i don’t see either team letting it go in regulation. Blues have got fhe Flames number though, but Ramo is in a better game shape than Elliott so that for me balances it out.
Ducks are a great option tonight. Buffalo loss was very predictable, it’s tough when you only play 1 game in 10 days, especially for a team that is struggling. But they will be ready this time, probably won’t be pretty but as long as they match the Devils work ethic (and if they don’t show up for games like this where you’re avoiding dropping 3 in a row then it’s over already for the Ducks) there’s no reason not to win.
Islanders are in the same position as the Ducks. Normally a tricky game because you rarely show up as well as you’d like against inferior opponent generating those surprise losses, but the Isles do not want to drop 3 in a row. They’re clearly better and im fully expecting them to get back into the win column.
I also think Quick will carry on the momentum he gained from his recent 45-shot shutout, so even if the Leafs have more jump to their game the Kings will be more opportunistic.
Anyway, many good options tonight. Good luck !


bla bla fuckin bla


my picks,

penguins win
islanders win

fantastic picks,

montreal win
oilers win

good luck


Bernier hasn`t won a game this season, 11 games = 11 loses.
Stars never make 2 loses in the row this season.
Sooo… Stars, KIngs and of course my favorite team Ducks.

Thomas Florczak

The pick on Sabres-Blackhawks was online after the game ended and still you missed it?;D Maybe there were a delay on the net?


Yeah that was annoying. I had posted an early edition of the tips at 11:30am to meet the mailing list servers deadline of 12pm so the tips would be out in plenty of time – then updated them afterwards. But for some reason it didn’t come out till late. Oh well thankfully it was a push. If it was a win we would’ve got lots of hate mail ๐Ÿ™‚

Thomas Florczak

Haha! That make sence!;D


Do you guys get money from the losses of the people who creates account trough your links?


No. We get a flat payment for anyone that signs up and deposits regardless of whether they win or lose(for some books – for others we don’t get anything).

Dont worry be happy

Hey Graeme,
Me and a couple of friends made an “acca” of 4 bets for fun (We made proper bets too, i promise). I accidentally mistook Tomorrows Blackhawks match for today’s on over 5,0 goals. Does it still have a good chance of going in ? Almost 18/1 odds on the quadruple… Sorry if my English is shaky. Thanks for answer beforehand.


English is fine ๐Ÿ™‚ And yeah I think so. Sharks are usually good for goals on the road and Blackhawks/Sharks have had some high scoring games as of late.

Dont worry be happy

Alright. Thanks for the quick answer! ๐Ÿ˜€