avatar Written by Scott on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Last night we finished going 1-1 with the tips.

We had the Rangers to win in regulation.  This was a close one but it came through for us when the Rangers won 4-3.  The Hurricanes outshot the Rangers 36 -22 but Lundqvist made 33 saves in the win.  This game wasn’t pretty for the Rangers as they had a 3 goal lead at one point but they still held on for the win to snap their 3 game losing streak.

The last tip of the night was Over 5 in the Canucks vs Ducks game.  The Ducks did their part for us but the Canucks didn’t.  Anaheim won 4-0.

The Avalanche and the Islanders traded goals through the 1st 2 periods but the Isles scored 3 in the 3rd to pick up the 5-3 win.  The Maple Leafs decided to go with Garret Sparks and the rookie didn’t disappoint.  He picked up his first win and shutout of his NHL career in his first start when the Leafs won 3-0.

A nice full night of hockey tonight with 10 games. Someone had mentioned in the comments that they were upset about the number of tips we post per night and the consistency of the time of the tips.  We try our best to have 3 tips but some nights when there isn’t a lot of games on we go with the tips that we feel comfortable with instead of forcing ourselves to make 3 tips. We do have 3 tips about 95% of the time but for nights when there isn’t we are sorry.  It’s a matter of quality over quantity.

Stars vs Flames Betting Tips:

The Stars are playing amazing hockey on the road this year.  They are 10-2 when away from Dallas which is a good reason why the have the best record in the West so far.

The Flames are 5-5 at home, 4-5-1 over their last 10 and are on a 3 game losing streak. 

I have been a fan of the Stars all year so that may sway my opinion of this game.  But I like the Stars chances to come away with the win.  Seguin and Benn are on fire and can win a game by themselves.

Stars win

Blue Jackets vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

Over 5 is the tip for this game.

The Habs lead the Eastern Conference in goals per game averaging around 3.5.  And although Condon has been good he isn’t Carey Price.

They’re capable to have a night where they just explode for goals and Galchenyuk and Pacioretty are having great starts to the season.

The Jackets get Dubinsky back for this game which will only help them in moving forward.

The last time these teams played each other it was Montreal coming away with the 5-2 win on February 26th of last season.

Sabres vs Red Wings Betting Tips:

This game, on paper, should be all Detroit but once you look at a couple things you see that maybe it won’t be as easy for them.

The Sabres are on a 2 game winning streak and look to have finally found their offense. 

Detroit has gotten points in 7 straight games.  But they have also played 6 overtimes in 7 games and 9 already on the year.  The extra time from the 3 on 3 OTs is going to make a team tired. And an aging team like Detroit will definitely feel it.

The main reason I’m making this tip is the value.
Sabres Win


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Phil Gwyther

I’d rather you put out zero tips than throw out 3 dodgy ones. Keep up the good work!


Really agree, why throw out tips without value? And also, the possitbility that the bookies have put wrong odds that gives value on exact 3 spots every night should be impossble in the long run.

Mr Dj 613

How is no advise better than shitty advise atleast there was a
Effort or attempt made
Lol thanks


Tonight’s game winners are ( Ottawa, Dallas, Montreal, Chicago, San Jose , New Jersey , St Louis )

Mr Dj

I agree brotha !!


I’m a little iffy on the San Jose tho


Penguins are 0-11-1 in the last 12 meetings in San Jose.

San Jose haven’t lost to the Penguins at home since Oct. 22, 1997.

Mr Dj


But sj game there r at home
Pens also had a rough last week I feel sj to take this
There use to playing hard at home and pens r use to playing 7 7:30 games
Sj is use to late games

I’m sayin SJ !!


Should have researched more because I took pit last minute

Mr Dj 613

Will b close
U never knw …..

Where u from ?





Mr Dj 613

Haha me too

Mr Dj 613

Jus dropped $30 on


My three easy wins are ( Stl, Dal , Ott ) Your welcome and enjoy cashing out!


Tonight i play a small stake on this combo:
Habs, Red Wings and Blues. All winning in regulation.


Go Habs Go

Mr Dj

How much is small ?


2.5 euro.

Mr Dj

Only $4 ?
Lol well 2.5 euro in Canadian is $4

I’d go $20


I think Detroit will beat Buffalo considering their records and Dallas will have a tougher time..going for both to win though


100% agree. I think is time for Red Wings to win.

Mr Dj

My top 3 picks for a winner is
LA (Canucks choked last Night and LA is fresh @ home )

Good luck Boyz !!!
613 !!

Mr Dj

And I do believe Detroit will take the game tonight I’m not touching it !

Buff and Nashville haven’t treated me well in the last two weeks !!


hi all,
what’s the difference between let’s say st louis moneylime win vs st louis -0.75 handicap win bet? the payout is better for the later.


Hi Alex..a money line bet is straight win or lose…odds are different..the guys on this site can prob explain better, but my guess is -.75(let’s say 1 for simplification) means the stronger team needs to win by one, so a tie in regulation is a loss for you…I’m a money line bet kind of guy, sometimes it’s over and under for the amount of points scored as a total…I may be wrong but the guys can chime in…I know what a money line is 100% though!


When you take win including OT, i don’t understand how a -.75 or-.5 is different from a straight moneylime win. in either case, if your team wins, including in shootout, you win by 1. unless shootout doesn’t count when handiccaping?


What sportsbook is it? A lot of them list things differently etc so I’d like to check it out then can let you know.


I’m on Pinnacle. in the morning, handicap is always +-1.5 for OT included bets. but as the day goes by, lower handicaps appear.

Mr Dj

HABS # 1


Agreed..worried about Price being out six weeks though

Mr Dj 613

Yes me too
But there on fire and condon is doing well

Go habs go


who is habs?

Nikolai Svendsen

What do you guts think about st.louis and blackhawks?

Mr Dj

I believe STL win !
Blues r on fire at home ….

As for CHI I believe same thing
MIN is up n down like my toilet seat at home could turn into a tie but overall I believe CHI win

Hope I could help as I finally won enough to buy my wife’s new winter coat $350 so I’m not complaining yet

Best of luck


why do not you bet on a roll?


Did the person whose complaining about you making less than 3 picks some nights forget that you’re doing this for free? I agree with you guys, some nights are tougher than others to make picks. BTW, if you guys are think’n of betting on the Guelph/Erie game, the start time is 11:00am on Wed. Good luck tonight!

Mr Dj 613

Ya that’s right ….


today Edmonton to win!


last night was not good