avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, December 20th, 2015

A great night of hockey last night with some interesting results.

Phaneuf had mentioned that they had to get together and get the win for Bernier and they sure did.  The Leafs scored 4 unanswered goals in the 3rd period and picked up the 5-0 win against the Kings.  The win was the first win of the season for Bernier and the Leafs needed this as both Reimer and Sparks are injured which has depleted their goalie depth chart so much so that the Marlies went out and signed Ray Emery to a PTO.

The Coyotes upset the Islanders winning 1-0, Condon got lit up for 6 goals by the Stars when they beat the Habs 6-2, the Hurricanes handed the Penguins their 5th straight loss and the Avs scored early and often when they beat the Oilers 5-1.

A nice Sunday of NHL action with 6 games. 

Capitals vs Rangers Betting Tips:

Both of these teams are scoring this year.  The Caps are ranked 3rd and the Rangers 6th overall in goals per game.

The last time these teams played each other it was the Rangers winning 5-2.  The Caps are flying right now going 8-1-1 over their last 10 including the 4 game winning streak they’re on right now.  The Rangers a in a slump and limp into this game on a 2 game losing streak and are 3-5-2.

This should be a great game and I like there to be goals.

Over 5

Devils vs Bruins Betting Tips:

The Bruins are playing their best stretch of hockey this season.  They’ve  won 15 of their last 18 games including 8 of their last 9 at home.

The Devils can’t score at the moment. They’re 1-3 over their last 4 games and have been outscored 11-4 in those games.

The Bruins have also owned the Devils over the last 10 meetings going 8-2. With Boston at home I like the trend to continue in this one.

Bruins in regulation

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Canucks vs Panthers Betting Tips:

Canucks aren’t having the best luck as of late.  They’re 3-6-1 over their last 10 and are getting hit by injuries to some key players.  Henrik Sedin is hurt and they aren’t sure if he’ll be available for this game and they are still without Dan Hamuis, Luca Sbisa and Brandon Sutter.

The Panthers are playing great. They’re on a 3 game win streak and are 7-3 over their last 10 games.

Anytime Luongo plays his former team it means much more to him then just the points. 

Panthers Win


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NJ has been outscored 11-4 & Schneider is 0-2-1 with a 3.03GAA. Rask is back to his old form with 1.42 GA including 3 SO in 3/10 games. Easier to score when you have the puck & Bos are 50% with FOW. Bruins are physical & just wear down their opponents. Winning in reg is a definite possibility here. Good pick.

The ‘over’ could win when you look at the goalie stats too. Holtby is 3.45GA in 4/5 games against the Rangers & Lundquist is 4.35GA in his last 4 games.

Van/Fla Like the Panthers in this one too. Another physical team and playing a solid style. Losing Sedin today will hurt the Canucks & even though they upset the Wings, they had to do it in a shootout & I think the Panthers to ‘win’ is a good choice when the Canucks lead the league in OT games. Good pick.

Good luck tonight!


My picks for today:
Canucks, Bruins, Rangers and over 5.5 @ Blackhawks-Sharks.


I had mentioned a few days ago that I’m working on experimental betting systems for 1st period betting and overtime.

While I’m still at least weeks, possibly months away from including them in the tips – the 1st period betting system has its first “very confident” bet today which is the Tampa Bay Lightning to win the 1st period.

2.65 odds for that, thought I’d mention it here.


Graeme, you mentioned that you’d be doing some research of big salami, over/under. There’s been a lot of talk about overall goals being down. Have you looked into this?


I think goals being down across the board are a good thing. I think it’s a solid example of how well balanced this season is in terms of skill level. We have a lot less games where you can take one glance at it and say “Yep that team’s gonna win” and move on.

I haven’t crunched any real numbers in terms of overall goals in the season etc to do season by season comparisons but from a betting perspective the sportsbooks have had a lot more lines set at 5 than 5.5 so they’ve adjusted.


Nicely done. I was a bit late to spot it. Good odds 🙂


Thanks – yeah the odds are what make it tempting as they’re usually along those lines, along with the Over 1.5 in 1st periods which are usually around 2.10-2.20 each game. Just hard trying to be patient and knowing that I won’t get as many picks for the system with those odds.


seems to be a well developed system 😀 thumbs up!


Yeah still a small sample size etc but always nice to get things off to a winning start. I’ll post in the comments over the next little while if anything pops up but I’m still playing around, looking to get consistency etc.

Arto Reinikainen

Frustrating round of hockey last night. Isles with the worst effort any team has shown this year, mind boggling considering they were in no position to come out with that kind of shitshow after already dropping 2 in a row, couldn’t even put the blame on fatigue since their schedule wasn’t bad at all. There’s always handful of these games every year but i’ll never get used to actually seeing it. Also banked on Quick to carry the momentum from his 45-shot shutout and keep the Leafs in bay but instead they went with Enroth which i somehow missed, knowing that i would’ve favored the Leafs – missed opportunity there. Flames and Wild couldn’t get their games to OT’s instead lost by one goal and what i felt like was a brilliant live-bet to go for the Flyers when they were down 2-0 ended up with Korpisalo robbing Voracek point blank what would’ve been the gwg late in the game.. There’s always a silver lining that were the Stars and Ducks though.

Oh well, time for a bounce back night.

Canucks are in a tough spot, likely without H. Sedin and most definitely without Hamhuis and Sutter, making the Panthers a notably better team on paper. Not only are Florida playing well, Luongo is coming off of 2 great performances. Both teams played 3 road games in 4 nights before one off-day with travel – neither team will be at their best but the Nucks did have a lot tougher games during that stretch. Panthers should have a lot of fun with this one. Going with FLA -1.5 @ +185

Bolts are still struggling with injuries and the Sens are looking for a revenge after losing to Tampa 4-1 earlier this season. On paper this should be a very even game, both roster-wise and form-wise. This game shouldn’t see a desperate team from either side and Bishop vs Hammond can create a false sense of security for Tampa, which makes me favor the Sens – i like their scorers to be more opportunistic tonight. My pick is OTT especially @ +225.

3rd road game in 4 nights, 4th in 6 for the Flames and now they face mad Wings who have lost 3 in a row. When Detroit desperately needs a win they know how to do it on home ice and because of the schedule i don’t think Calgary can respond as well as they’d like. Detroit @ +100 is not the best value though considering how they seem to go to OT every other game, so might have to think about that.

Caps would seem like the obvious choice tonight. They’re winning while the Rangers are losing. On paper Caps are also the better team because NYR are missing Klein who has become a very valuable piece on their D. But all of this just makes me think the Rangers are going to drag it to OT tonight. They always play well at the MSG when they need a win badly – especially against a great team. In other words im torn between WSH/OT and that’s never a good thing. But i like the over 5 goals and will hop on board.

One last game i’d like to comment on is the Bruins game.

If Rask is in net i feel like the B’s will keep on rolling and win by 1 or 2 goals. But the Devils are a feisty team when they’re desperate and will come out with a great effort tonight. At the same time they’re not a team to fear, especially for a team that’s on a roll like the B’s are – and that is perfect for NJ. If Gus is in net im taking my chances and going with the Devils, +275 is very tempting. This is one of those games where i’d see myself going “damn i knew it” if i didn’t pull the trigger.
Good luck everyone.

Arto Reinikainen

Disappointing game by Florida, they had multiple chances to put it away but for some reason didn’t want to play defense in the first 2 periods. Good to know that the Cats can actually take someone lightly.
Ottawa wasn’t a good pick, showing why they aren’t a Playoff team IMO.

Devils were a great catch_except_i forgot that they had a tough schedule. Can’t win a tight game like that if your tired. Good job getting the game to OT though – something that should’ve been obvious, my bad.

Rangers leading after 1 once again proving that they’re always dangerous at MSG. Over 5 seems likely so that’s good.

Blackhawks-Sharks game is basically a reflection of the Florida game. Live betting a draw (and when it was 1-0 over 5.5 goals with odds of 2 was a great catch) on it isn’t a bad option now. I also feel like the Caps will make a comeback because they already lost to the Rangers earlier this year, have to imagine they refuse to go out like this.


Yeah we were celebrating the Florida one because we liked them but we couldn’t pull the trigger on them in regulation, and we try not to go below 1.70 odds. I think we discussed it for almost an hour today before saying nope let’s just go with the 1.68 feeling it just had value and we felt they were favoured in OT/SO. Funny as it was only 0.68 unit profit but you’d think we’d won the lottery the way we were celebrating after that.

Sens one was tough too because it went off the rails during that 1st period with the fights, penalties etc. At that point gameplans generally go out the window – and the momentum went with Tampa. But yeah Ottawa are not a playoff team although will be interesting down the road if Hammond becomes superman again.


There just isn’t a lot of value in today’s lines except for Caps over NYR. I’m shading NYR until they get their shit together which isn’t likely to happen today since they are coming off disasterous road trip and have no confidence. I’m getting -120 but it should be more like -150.

There are also some interesting dogs today: Sens could knock off Bolts who are coming off grueling road trip and are nicked up and Flames are on fire (Pardon the pun) and playing with incredible confidence and could easily get by Wings who have lost 3 of 4 to Nucks, Devils and Sabres. Teams are going in opposite directions.

my bets today:
Caps ML
Caps, Flames, Sens – 2-way parlay (light bet)

Tom Sørlid

In Norway you get 1,9 for Panther`s to win! I`m playing hard!

Marc Lachance

I’m trying TB money line and Chic/SJ over 5.
-TB is kind of back on the track and they have played good games lately even those they lost. They beat Sen 4-1 last time as well so even if it finish in OT, I see TB coming out a winner.
-Chi/SJ over 5. SJ doesnt have good stats against high offense team and Martin Jones allow alot of goals. Crawford is not confirm yet so if he’s not in the goals that’s a plus. Brent Burn is hot and Chicago is being chicago so it seem fair to think 5 goals will be scored.
I’ve bet on NY Wsh over 5 and bruins in regulation as well.


4-0 pretty decent night. Way to go. Keep posting.


panters vs canucks 0