avatar Written by Graeme on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

We’re just a few days away from the Christmas break for the NHL season, and we’ve got quite the busy schedule.

12 games tonight, 10 on Thursday, and 12 on Friday. A quieter night tomorrow thankfully with just 2 games but it’s going to be a busy bloody week for the two of us.

Hopefully we can have a couple of winning nights to go into the Christmas break with a bang.

It’s been a rocky season for us so far and we’ll both be glad for the break to really look through and assess things.

Hopefully we can turn things around and have another winning season with the NHL Tips.

Blackhawks vs Senators Betting Tips:

The Chicago Blackhawks just have that look about them right now – everything is clicking and you watch them and think “Yep, this team is destined to go far in the playoffs”.

Everyones rolling and rocking, everyone is contributing and they host the Ottawa Senators at the United Center tonight with the Senators on their own little streak.

I’m going to back that run to end tonight and I’m going to take Blackhawks -1.5. The goal differential at home for the Blackhawks is nice and the majority of the games they win by at least 2 here. Darling is playing solid and hopefully Ansimov will be back tonight.

The Senators did rack up those two back to back wins but the Islanders are a disaster at the moment and the Devils offense is flat.

Blackhawks -1.5.

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Canadiens vs Ducks Betting Tips:

Bernier has a piss poor record against the Habs and I hope that’ll continue tonight as I take Canadiens in Regulation assuming both Price and Bernier are in net.

After that mess last week at home to the Sharks, the Habs got their shit together as they went on the road to Washington. They got a nice victory there. Sometimes a team just needs a minor self-implosion to sort things out and as a Habs fan I’m a bit disappointed by the Christmas break – this could be a good time to get a nice little run going.

Markov is questionable tonight and I’m hoping he plays but the Canadiens have shown this season that it really doesn’t matter if they have injuries on the offence – they’re still able to find ways to score. The real key to the Habs is keeping their discipline here. The Ducks power play has been very impressive this season and they’ve now got the 2nd best PP in the league.

The Bell Centre isn’t quite the fortress that it was earlier in the season but after all the drama on the weekend I like the Habs to take this one.

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Canucks vs Jets Betting Tips:

I’m going to take Over 5 Goals incl OT/SO in this game.

Always tight games between the two but I don’t think you can rely on either goalie/defense to put up the blockers tonight. The Canucks offense has been clicking the last 3 games and they’ve been getting the goals. The Jets offense is coming in fairly solid especially Laine.

I like the Jets to approach this game strong looking to dominate it – and with the Canucks at home they’ll be looking to do the same. With two offensive minded teams I’m banking on the goals coming in on this one.

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Penguins vs Rangers Betting Tips:

I got burnt on the Penguins last week when I tipped Over 5.5 in their game versus the Kings and they put up two goose eggs but I’m going to take Over 5.5 in this one. I’ve had it on my notes all morning and been unable to convince myself to stay away.

You’ve got two of the best offenses in the NHL. They’ve already had two thrilling games this season with the Rangers winning 5-2 on the road then the Pens going 6-1 just 2 nights later against them.

I’ve got to take this one.

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Great slate of games today! A lot of plays to choose from.

Johnny Hockey

I like your 3 picks! I also had a look at the Wild but these odds are terrible! Maybe I’ll go with Wild -1.5


If you are looking for value in the COL/MIN game, the Avs are -12 in 1st period goal differential on the road and give up an average of 1.4 G/1P on the road this season. That number is a little inflated because of the Habs game, but even without that game it is over 1 G/1P. With the Wild playing as well as they are at home right now, I think the Wild 1st period puck line has a good shot today.

Johnny Hockey

Sounds good ๐Ÿ˜‰ Odds are also nice. Thx.

Johnny Hockey

Can’t make a decision between 1st period or -1.5 ^^


Well 1st period bets tend to have a higher variance/are more risky if that helps with your decision.

Johnny Hockey

I think I will play both ๐Ÿ™‚


What do you guys think about Los Angeles Kings ML? And Bruins vs Islanders over 5.5?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Kings are a pretty tough game and solid match for the Jackets. Initially I went into that game looking to tip the Jackets but the more I looked, the more I leaned towards the Kings. Based on the Jackets current run though I’d prefer to get better odds on the Kings and I didn’t feel it had enough value.

Assuming Rask in net I was actually leaning towards the Under in that one. Bruins haven’t handed out many poundings as of late and it’s usually tight gritty finishes. If the opponent takes the momentum and gets the goals the Bruins are usually good at matching them but the Islanders are so sloppy at the moment I couldn’t trust them to do that.


McElhinney vs Budaj confirmed. I am leaning LA ML with these goalies. I might be dead wrong though. Plus their winning streak is due a loss ๐Ÿ™‚

Henry Del Valle Sr.

LA 8-2 L10 vs BJs, and I like the way Kings match up (slow, grinding style). Having the Bob sit out, this makes me like LA even more. I think BJs could be having a letdown off of strong road trip.

Johnny Hockey

What do you say now? (McElhinney will get the start) @betnhlca:disqus


Taking the goalies out of the equation, CBJ is the better team on both sides of the ice and the LAK are in the middle of a grinding road trip. They’ve had two tight games and have to be feeling tired. Considering those factors plus these two goalies it seems to me that the over 5.5 is a play with value. Also team total 2.5+ for CBJ if you can get it.


I looked at the total in the NYR/PIT game for a long time this morning. As much as I’d like to see a shootout between these two teams I can’t get on board with the over. Raanta and Murray have been amazing in net this season (1.69 and 1.84 GAA respectively) Raanta’s GAA is only .7 his last 4 starts! Also, in the two games they played earlier this season it was Raanta vs Fluery (5-2 Rangers win) and Lunqvist vs Murray (6-1 Penguins win) and now you have Raanta vs Murray. Both offenses can score in bunches though, even though the Rangers have been slumping a little the last two weeks, so it’s a tough call.


I see the same!

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah agree, i think the Over is a bad tip there. Rangers have been playing so much hockey lately they have to be tired, they’ve scored more than 2 goals only once in their last 8 games and both goalies should be solid.

I mean who knows with these two teams, but i don’t think there is enough signs that would point towards a high-scoring game. Past meetings this year are irrelevant in my opinion, they weren’t the same type of games as this one, as in both of those games the road team felt like they needed to have a big game after some losses.

But im not an expert on overs/unders.


half way through 1st and shots are 13-1 Pens. hahaha…Raanta is going to get a workout

Arto Reinikainen

Yeah, that was a really one-sided game, as seen by the score as well ๐Ÿ˜€

Eduardo Caldeira

I also agree the rangers have been struggling offensively lately with goals . I would take another under IMO that’s the only pick I don’t like

Smoking Barrel

What about Detroit-Tampa going Over5?

ALAN 884

Blackhawks REG.
Ottawa hasn’t won since 2001 on the Road in Chicago .


Tonight im 100% agree with you ๐Ÿ™‚

Btw. Did u play Ducks last night with me?

ALAN 884

No dude- But i wanted!
Today i also LOVE the devils reg


Im a single bet fan, so i’ll focus just on Blackhawks.

In Devils game i’ll stay away. It’s too hard (for me) to choose a winner. Safe option could be Devils ML.



ALAN 884

Andy motherfucking gambler-
you fucking ghost reader

ALAN 884

What do you say ?

Morten Ahlbo

Where is Alanson?

ALAN 884

Make your own decisions

Morten Ahlbo

I just asked because everytime I followed Alanson’s picks then I won..

ALAN 884

Me too ?
I also Hope that she comes back
Chicago REG // Devils REG
Pinguins – Rangers under 5,5
These are good bets for tonight

Arto Reinikainen

Bruins -1.5
Preds in reg + Over 5
Kings in reg
Sabres ML
Wild -1.5
Hawks -1.5
Jets ML + Over 5

Also going with a 2/5 system bet:

Rangers-Penguins OT
Ducks-Canadiens OT
Sabres-Panthers OT
Blues-Stars OT
Jets-Canucks OT

GL !


What is this system exactly Arto?

Arto Reinikainen

5 games as a double. So need 2 games to go to OT and they get multiplied by eachother. If 3 games go to OT then it’s 3x doubles between those 3 games etc.


I like it, big potential here! GL!

Arto Reinikainen

Also adding Preds -1.5

Arto Reinikainen

Meh… a boring night. Stinkers by Bruins and Hawks, and heartbreaking SO losses for Kings and Sabres. Also a couple of bad OT picks for the system bet. Still ended up in the black though.

Eduardo Caldeira

For me -5.5 Sharks – FLames also a good pick


Columbus Blue Jackets ML
Boston Bruins ML
New Jersey Devils – Nashville Predators 6.5 UNDER

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

Going for Rangers (ML), Kings (ML)


Well done on getting every one of those bets wrong – that takes some doing!


Wild -1.5 @ 2.150
Hawks -0.5 @ 2.080

December: 10/21 +0.53

GL to all!