avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

It was a 2-1 night last night with the NHL Betting Tips, as the Jets/Canuck game was a push.

One-sided victories seem to be the name of the game when the Rangers take on the Penguins as for the 3rd time this season we saw a blowout. We had Over 5.5 goals in that one and it went over with ease as the Penguins ran out 7-2 winners.

We also had the Habs to defeat the Ducks in regulation and boy that was quite the game. An absolutely dominant performance from Montreal. As expected since all the drama on Friday they’ve really united as a team. Like I said I think the Christmas break may be bad for them as this is the type of thing that can really drive a teams momentum.

We lost with the Blackhawks over the Senators. Ottawa came to play and props to them for that huge 2nd period. It had been 15 years since Ottawa last won in Chicago and they did it in style last night. They played a really good high pressure game and the Blackhawks looked like they just underrestimated them. Losing Hossa was a right kick in the nuts though after Ansimov was out already.

Capitals vs Flyers:

As soon as the streak for the Flyers ended, I wanted to bet against them in their very next game which was against the Predators. However as much as me and Scott looked – and we spent way too long that morning trying to justify it – we just couldn’t bring ourselve to bet on the Predators. Considering it went to a shootout that was the right call to stay away. Especially considering how lucky Rinne was to stop that final attempt on Voracek.

Despite losing the streak, the Flyers are still a damn good team. I’ve been so impressed with the way they’ve won a lot of games this season. It was never one of those uber confident let’s rock and roll and blow each team out sort of winning streak – it was just a solid team that really believed in themselves in each game and who work hard.

Now they’re taking on the Capitals. These two met in the playoffs earleir this year which was a tight series that the Capitals won 4-2. Even in the regular season going back quite a few years it’s always very tight close games between the two for the most part.

I’ll be honest – you look at the stats for this season so far, and the Flyers are the better team offensively. Much higher goals per game, shot for game, #3 Corsi Factor. Where Washington shine this season is their defense but the Flyers aren’t too shabby in that area either. The public seem to be betting the Flyers today as well.

Despite all that I do think Washington are overall the better team and that losing the winning streak will hurt the Flyers – especially now they’ve lost two in a row. Washington are one of the best 1st period teams(although not so much on the road) and I’m going to go with my heart over my head today.

Capitals to win incl OT/SO

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Oilers vs Coyotes:

Well I can’t tip the Oilers. After the last two games this season and their inability to beat Mike Smith, the Oilers will face off against him tonight. And while a team is more than just a goalie – especially if it’s Mike Smith – there’s no way I can pull the trigger on the Oilers in this one.

So now I’ve got to see if the Coyotes are worth betting. There’s got to be more to the bet than “Mike Smith” to fully justify it. So let’s see.

Coyotes are nice home underdogs. A good price considering the previous two games between the teams. The game in Arizona saw the Coyotes come from behind and then win a shootout. In saying that it was a silly mistake by Connor Murphy that gave the Oilers the first goal of the game on a McDavid breakaway, and put them on the back foot. McDavid practically scored in overtime and he was very unlucky there. Coyotes DID come back from 2-0 down though which was impressive.

In the second game in Edmonton, the Oilers pounded the net and Mike Smith made 41 saves for the Coyotes to sneak a 2-1 victory. In that one Oilers were playing from behind so that can amount for the quantity of goals.

I’m highly conflicted on this one. I really want to take the Coyotes but it all comes down to Smiths record against them plus the Coyotes performances against them. I could just as easily see the Oilers stepping up big time here because this is the sort of game that can give proper motivation. I’m fairly conflicted on this one. Oilers ARE the better team.

I’ve thought a lot about this one and the one thing that keeps putting me off the Coyotes is overtime. I keep thinking about that and if it goes to that – and it’s very likely based on how close the games have been between the teams. So at the end of the day I’m going to go for a big odds play instead.

Oilers vs Coyotes to go to overtime – Smith/Talbot must start.

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Stats Guru

Lots of “Holiday” distractions for the “Home” teams at this point. Teams on the road are business as usual and probably in a peak bonding period. Feel this is the best week of the season to back quality road teams.

Norbert Buzási

Well, there could be something in it, however, the home teams were 28-14 last year between 20th and 27th of December. Maybe if you put it like: home teams vs longer road tripping teams, but I am not sure about the road dominance either way.

The Flyers-Caps could go either way indeed, and I am not touching the other tonight, that is for sure.


I agree. Both of these games tonight seem like a toss up so I’m going to stay away and wait until tomorrow when we have some better options to bet on.


i agree


Nice stat. May I ask where you found it?

Stats Guru

Week being Monday to Sunday – The margin is tied 8-8 after two nights of action this year.

Johnny Hockey

After a great night again (only the bet on the Hawks was lost) maybe I’ll stay away today. If I’ll bet: Maybe OT in both games – Just because they’re looking like 50/50 games.

> Hawks in regulation
> Pens/Rangers OVER 5.5
> Canucks/Jets OVER 5.0
> Wild -1.5 / Wild to win 1st period

Also going with:
> Preds to win
> Canadiens in regulation”

Smoking Barrel

What about Oilers-Coyotes over5,5?


As a Bruins fan, it’s a disturbing trend for Bruins at home: Colorado was last in the league, Toronto 28th and Isles 28th all come to town and win. Fade the Bs at home I guess

Henry Del Valle Sr.

The way Rask played last night made me wanna throw up. Gross..


I’m just guessing, but I’ll bet there are locker room issues.


Hit the Wild 1st period puck line yesterday. Might give the Caps 1st period 3-way ML a try today. 2.80 Odds.


explain 3-way?


Win, Draw, Lose. Just like a regulation bet, but for the first period.


What is the difference between 1st Period Puck line and 3-way ?


To the best of my knowledge there shouldn’t be a difference in hockey when you take the favorite. However there is a .1 odds difference on Bovada for the WAS/PHI game (they are the same for the EDM/ARI game). I’m not sure why there is a difference in the Caps game. I’ll take the extra .1 and not complain.

When you take the underdog getting +0.5 on the puck line you still win with a draw.


Sorry. My response was deleted as spam. There shouldn’t be a difference in hockey when you take the favorite. When you take the underdog getting +0.5 on the puck line you still win with a draw. Compared to taking the underdog on the 3 way ML where they have to win the 1st period to win.

Stats Guru

May I ask where is your 2.80 price found?




Under feels like a really good play in Philly tonight doesn’t it?

Arto Reinikainen

Coyotes -1.5 @ 5.31

They will come out hard and determined to get this win after losing 2 in a row, and feeling like they let down their fans a bit in that last game.

Coyotes are traditionally good home underdogs. People easily stay away from them because they generally lose more than they win, but they can also give you some of the best value bets of the season.

Mike Smith is godlike against the Oilers (15-1-1) and the Oilers don’t have the urgency to beat the hardworking Coyotes after winning 2 in a row.

Only way the Oilers could come out on top is if they had the offensive flow to be very opportunistic and keep pushing the Coyotes back with goals. But averaging 2 goals per game over their last 3, im pretty confident they won’t be able to do that.


I also like Caps-Flyers game go to OT @ 4.00

Despite some losses, both teams have a lot of confidence, and neither team wants to give up (Caps want to avoid losing 2 in a row, for the Flyers this is a must-win game in their eyes). They both have the ability to respond after falling behind.

Honestly i could see a relatively high-scoring game, something like 3-3. I think the Caps won’t have problems scoring as you have less pressure on the road and they’re good on the road as well, so i wouldn’t be surprised if Philly is the team trying to tie it up in the 3rd and they eventually do it (man oh man their efforts to tie games up late at home have been relentless this season, just some bad luck) and keep that 14 game point streak at home going.

Good luck !




Tonight picks

Caps win %100
Oilers win %100


Caps vs flyers +6.5
Oilers vs Coyotes +7.5

Good luck


Woo! Hit the first period play two days in a row! (See below)