avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, December 21st, 2023

We have a big Thursday slate today, but unfortunately I’ve got plans all day long involving going to my buddies on his first day off of work for the holidays, and spending the day from morning to night playing video games, drinking beer and whisky, and smoking weed and doing weed gummies.

May not seem the most pressing of plans, but it’s an annual tradition for him and I already have 4 texts this morning from him asking when I am coming ha.

So I’m going to be super fast with the games today. No write-ups if I don’t like a play. I’ll only write something up if something jumps out at me from the data for a play – I won’t be looking at any other angles today. And it will be short write-ups.

Let’s get to it:

Penguins vs Hurricanes:


Flyers vs Predators:


Panthers vs Blues:

Panthers in Reg is the play I like here. One big concern is we can’t count on their offense at the moment but Blues xGA & GA make it a play. 1.80 odds. Blues new coach high is over. Not an official tip due to time constraints in regards to analysis but I do like that one and will be backing it.

Sabres vs Leafs:


Lightning vs Knights:

Pass. I was very tempted by the Knights as they beat Tampa in practically every metric and if I had time to analyze this more, it might be a play. But home/road and performances, plus the results both teams have coming into this one make it a pass.

Blue Jackets vs Capitals:

Pass. Slight lean on Caps overall, but the goalscoring of both teams makes it a concern.

Devils vs Oilers:

Pass. Man I REALLY want to take the Oilers here despite their results going into it. They are just hands down a better team in every metric. But my concern is the Devils high xGF and how that can translate playing Edmonton. And I think it was similar metrics against the Islanders.

Wild vs Canadiens:

Lean on Wild in reg but they have only managed to do that once in 7 games. Habs push teams hard. I do think it comes in though. One where I wish I had more time to explore and analyze.

Stars vs Canucks:


Avs vs Sens:


Ducks vs Flames:


Sharks vs Coyotes:


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Hi Graeme!
Enjoy your day with your friends!
It’s going to be fun 😀