avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, December 22nd, 2017

Whew – fun weather today here in Kingston with a massive snowfall overnight. Went to bed at like 1am last night after the Sharks/Oilers game(glad I stayed up for that 3rd period) and it was quite nice out. Wake up and snow right up to the bloody knees.

And of course my daughter still wanted a drive to school despite buses being canceled as they had a special last day planned. Plus I had a bunch of errands to run downtown before my trip to Scotland. So rather than spend the morning relaxing in bed I’ve been shoveling and out dealing with that wonderful weather. That’s why tips are a bit late – sorry about that.

Oh well least I had another winning night to warm me up!

We went 2-1 last night. The Islanders/Ducks got us the first win as they went over 5.5 goals in a hell of a game that ended up with 7 goals.

The Boston Bruins made it 2-0 although man I couldn’t handle that overtime period. They looked like they had just given up as they couldn’t get anything going and the Jets were unlucky not to take that one.

We lost with Tampa winning in regulation as they needed a shootout to beat Ottawa. Props to the Senators who made their shots count and had a battling performance against the Lightning.

It’s Friday, December 22nd 2017 and we’ve got just 4 games on the board. A quiet night before the 15 game extravaganza tomorrow night then the brief winter break.

Panthers vs Wild Betting Tips:

Initially I wasn’t going to tip this one. I was leaning towards the Panthers but the odds weren’t good enough with Reimer in net against a better team – however after looking into it more I’m going to take Over 5.5 Goals.

Stalock is in net for the Wild. He shut out the Leafs but overall he’s had a bad time this season when starting with a hell of a lot of goals conceded against him. Reimer is Reimer.

Both teams have been….”iffy”….when it comes to offense this season. Very hot/cold with both more in the cold region but it seems like one of those games where with two weaker goalies, the offenses push hard. Similar to that Florida Panthers vs Winnipeg Jets game from a couple of weeks ago – tipped the over in that one and it ended 6-4.

So Over 5.5 for that.

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Other Game Thoughts:

Flyers vs Sabres: Odds aren’t good enough for the Flyers here in my opinion. Buffalo are a bit tricky to figure out. Honestly I’d probably be placing a bet on them to win if this was after the Hurricanes game. But I’m concerned about how they react after being shutout by the Bruins(remember 3 games of being shutout then a 5-1 drubbing) and will stay away.

Capitals vs Coyotes: A team on a nice winning streak against a team with a losing streak always has me cause for concern. When that team is the Washington Capitals – one of the best at both hockey AND being complacent – it puts me off.

Canadiens vs Flames: Flames are probably the better side here but the odds aren’t there and the Habs are a bit tricky to figure out at the moment. Playing it safe with no play.

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Peter Jordan

Panthers/Wild over 5.5
Capitals/Coyotes over 5.5 (was thinking Grubauer 3.00 GAA vs Wedgewood 2.98 GAA)
Flyers ML including OT/SO (was trying to not overthink how bad Sabres are)

John UduakD

Hi comrades
Do we have any suggestions on DEVELOPMENTAL HOCKEY. Teams like Toronto Ma in regulation

Western RattlersD

I wasn’t surprised many teams went to overtime yesterday, tis the season, it’s a pattern. Tonight, I’m expecting two games to go into overtime: Minnesota, Calgary, and tomorrow, many more.


Sabres, Panthers, Coyotes and Flames with 1u;
O’Reilly, Dadonov and Gaudreau with 0.5u.


Bad night last night for me. Let’s not talk about it and move on.

My wildcard tonight would be Flames in Regulation.

The odds are good and they have played some decent hockey of late too.


You’re not alone brother


Thanks chaps. I managed to pick it up winning 5 units on football and a further 1.5 units again.

Essentially a few units down right now.

I’m feeling a punt on Caps and Flames tonight will put me on track again, but something holds me back right now.

I think it’s the inability I have to judge Montreal at the moment, most likely.


Price starting for Montreal.

Whilst their defence is a fragile as thin ice (pun intended) Price is know to get the Habs out of a hole every now and then.

Instead, I lean towards the Flyers game in line with SDB, Oliver and those that also hold some confidence in a Flyers win. Elliott is due to start for Philly, having started the last 5 games in a row, averaging 2.2goals allowed per game. This is fairly low and considering their opponents faced (

Oliver Trigg

Most certainly not alone. Together we push forward for that profit.


The Flames have been absolute garbage at home all year! Habs have great odds in this game.


I took it on the chin last night as the favorites once again underestimated their opponents. Lesson here is go cautiously in what seems like a huge mismatch. Slim pickings tonight but there are a couple of plays I have to make:

Flyers ML -120
This is a really good price for the Flyers who (15-12-7) are much improved of late. Philadelphia has just two losses in December (7-2) and is back in the playoff hunt.
The Sabres (8-19-7), meanwhile, have continued to sink. Buffalo has a December record of 2-4-3 and have no answers. This should be an easy win for the Flyers who are firing on all cylinders.

Capitals ML -150
I’m laying more chalk than I usually do on this game but I’m 90% confident that the Caps come out with the win despite the fact that they’ve won only one of their last six in Phoenix. I’m pretty sure things will go differently tonight as the Capitals have won four in a row and eight of nine in December. Washington is 22-12-1 and has outscored opponents 36-21 in December. Meanwhile the Yotes have the NHL’s worst record at 7-24-5, have lost seven in a row and 10 of 11, and they’re only 3-11-1 at home. One note of caution: Grubauer will likely start because Holtby will be facing the Knights on Saturday (what a game that will be!). He is 2-5-1 while the Caps will be facing Wedgewood who is solid.

I like the over in the Wild-Cats game as well for all the reasons stated above.



Did you take into account that Philipp Grubauer is most likely in the net tonight?


Yes, I mentioned that in my post


Oops Sorry!


All good! GL today


Feel the same about those 3 picks. Flyers ML, Capitals ML, and Wild/Panthers Over


Thanks for your tonight’s picks SDB! Could you please take a minute and answer to a question I asked you on Dec 16th in this forum?


Just replied, hope this helped


Weird it doesn’t display your reply even after multiple times of refreshing..


The 60% is for overall win rate, not home or visitor


Thanks man and good luck tonight!

Oliver Trigg

Thanks again last night SDB. I got smacked hard on the chin. Liking your thoughts on Flyers, I was liking them but wasn’t sure. With your confidence I may jump on it.


Happy to help out. How was the flight?

Oliver Trigg

Long 30hrs of travelling total. Wouldn’t have felt so shit if Preds and Tampa did they’re job lol


I know! Sorry man


Is Dubynk back?

Oliver Trigg

No, won’t be back until after Christmas. Stalock is still far better than Reimer

Dave Goodman

We all took an L last night brother , we’ll get back together , no doubt in my mind . GL tonight !

Geir Aage R Jensen

Montreal win Reg!
Capitals win ML
Over 5.5 Panthers-Wild
Flyers OT

Good luck everyone!


Trying with my luck with all away teams Parlay with a small bet.

Oliver Trigg

Hiya Guys, again a bumpy night for me last night and I wasn’t talking about the turbulence on my plane. Landing in Cape Town to see the Canes had won 4-1 and Tampa only managed to win in overtime made me actually laugh. How is it teams who usually make short work of the best the NHL has to offer just can’t do it against the Sens and Canes? Three running days of losses have put me on the back foot, and I apologise to those of you who have tailed me on this little cold streak of mine. Thanks again SDB for posting on my behalf! I always try and do my best to look in depth at games, and I’m only here to see others insights and add where I can. Hopefully, tonight we can start to dig ourselves out this little hole. Tail me with caution, and only follow my tips if you feel comfortable in doing so-

Wild ML (80%)- The Wild have shown great tenacity in their games lately even in defeat, winning 5 of their last 7. They went down early against the Sens but made a valiant come back. Their away results have been less pleasing, but a significant number of their recent losses have come against the hardest competition in the NHL – Kings, Blues , Hawks , Jets and Capitals. The Panthers have only managed to record back to back wins twice this season, and only once on a road – home split and have such 3 wins in their last 11 games at home. The Wild have won 6 of the last 7 meetings with the Panthers and are the better more consistent team, and are at a very respectable price on the ML. I’ll take the Wild happily considering Reimer is still in net for Florida and is an inferior goaltender to Stalock.

Capitals Reg (65%) – The Caps are playing superb hockey right now, having lost just 3 of their last 15 games. The Coyotes are on the other end of the success board posting just 2 wins in their last 13 games. What concerns me here is that the caps have failed to win in reg in Arizona since 2006, and reg has had a tendency to burn me. That being said, the way the Caps are playing should offset the negative juju here. Simply put, trends change over time and it’s hard to imagine the Caps in their current form not managing a hapless Coyotes team. Yes it scares me, but the Coyotes luck at home against Washington has to end some time.

Leans –

Flames – I have a strong feeling on Flames and may add it as a play later. Habs have just been awful lately, and if they can let in 5 against a Canucks side who have barely managed a goal most games, their defensive fragility may be their undoing tonight. Calgary has also had good success at home versus the Habs.

Flyers- simply the better team and has been on a good run winning 7 of their last 8. Also considering making this a play, but Sabres ability to be a pest is putting me off… for now at least.


August from Toronto here.

Seems like every night is a dog fight in the NHL. This is my take.

Buffalo has struggles vs everybody but I feel they show up tonight before xmas. They last faced off 8 days ago and Buffalo hung tight so Im on Buffalo gut pick. Sandwiched tomorrow is where Sabres lose to hot Carolina tomorrow night in Religh. Flyers have big matchup tomorrow in Columbus.

Stalock has been good especially sticking it to his former leafs but tailed off lately. Reimer is reimer but he has more experience and gets more action and has been not bad recently. Im on Florida tonight. Florida sees Ottawa tomorrow and Ottawa will be hungry for a win and traditionally do well there.

Montreal and Calgary is tough for me but with Weber gone (man Subban trade was dumb) and giving up 5 last time, I think Calgary gets it done tonight with a healthier and better team they will give it their all before xmas. Montreal has to keep some gas in the tank against the OIlers tomorrow. Oilers are gaining steam possibly so its possible the Canadiens get skunked in Alberta. Price cant play them all.

It feels like groundhog day as every year it seems like the caps play in Arizona before a holiday and mail it in as they are 1-5 in their last 6 trips there. The caps come complacent sometimes. With a huuuge game on tap tomorrow with you know who? VEGA$$ Its very possible with GRUBAUER in net they lose tonight as Arizona is my play.

I like the commentary and advice given out here in regards to getting an edge in a game. Cheers!

Oliver Trigg

Well done, 2 dog wins so far… can’t say I’m pleased about it though lol


3/4 Ill take it. Had a good read tonight for some reason. Wasnt confident in the habs but good on them. Big test tomorrow in Edmonton.


Tonight’s picks:

Sabres ML
Coyotes ML

Good luck to all!




I know, right?!
Units are down once again.


Good lookin our today Graeme! I’ve been in the hold BIG TIME this week and you helped dig me out a little today! Hope all is well in the homeland!!! Have a pint for me!