avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

Hi guys,

Sorry tips are a bit late today -totally my fault.

I arrived in Scotland this morning at 9am local time – 4am my usual time. Hung out with my mum and sister for a bit then my wife and kids decided they wanted to go for a quick sleep.

That was about 11am. I wasn’t that tired – slept enough on the plane I felt – but figured “screw it will lay my head down for an hour” then get up, unpack, go for a run and do work/tips.”

That’s the last thought I remember before my mum woke me up at bloody 5pm! 6 hour sleep ugh. Going to be a fun battle with jet lag this trip.

Tips will be abrupt as in a bit of a rush as have to head out for my Sisters birthday dinner soon. Then Scott takes over for a few days luckily and I can get myself sorted.

Wild vs Stars Betting Tip:

I like the Wild to break out of their funk tonight.

Their issue is obvious – can’t score – but it’s not like they aren’t trying. That Penguins game they should have got at least 10.

Stars aren’t a bounce back team and aren’t good on the road.

1u on Wild in regulation

Knights vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

This is one of those games where I think of Knights winning at home and just cant see any reason not to back them.

Habs have been a surprise quality team this year but they still struggle against top opposition. In the last couple of months at home I’d put Knights in that category.

Price is expected to play and he is coming off an excellent game so we will go with just 0.5u on Knights to win in regulation.

And I really gotta get going here – Leafs -1.5 for 0.5u and 0.5u on Tampa vs Oilers Over 6 incl OT/SO.

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