avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

In a high scoring night of hockey, it was a 2-0 night for us as both of our Overs came in with ease.

We had Over 5 goals in the Jackets vs Bruins game and that one hit 5 by the end of the 1st period. Like we said yesterday the Bruins are always a tough matchup for the Jackets and they hammered the net in that game. Bobrovsky did fantastic to keep them at bay as much as he did. We also had the Capitals/Islanders to go over and that had 7 goals as the Islanders ran out 4-3 winners.

Felt bad for the Senators yesterday. I watched the final period of that game and man they just couldn’t squeeze one past Raanta. Hawks fans will be wishing Crawford stayed out longer after a tough home loss to the Jets.

The Wild made it 11 straight wins last night and are now 1 point off the Central lead with 3 games in hand. They were +900 to win before the season begun. Looking good but not as much as the Jackets who were +2000 to win the Metro – the biggest underdogs. We said before the season began in our previews that they had the potential to surprise the league this year – but we didn’t expect them to do so to this extent! Would love to see them keep it going but it’s unchartered territory for them from here on out.

Quick note that all WHL/AHL/OHL betting tips will be on hold until after the World Juniors.

Lightning vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

An interesting match-up. Tampa look to be getting some players back from injury while the Habs are still struggling with injuries and Markov is out for a bit.

Tampa are incredibly inconsistent this season. Not just from a wins/losses standpoint but an offensive standpoint too, and going up against Price is concerning. However it’s not been the best month for the Habs defensively. Their offense can get stopped by certain defensive teams but the way Tampa line up they aren’t that team.

We like this one to go Over 5 incl OT/SO.

Canada: 1.79 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: -130 Odds at GT Bets..
Everyone Else: 1.79 Odds at BetOnline..

Canucks vs Kings Betting Tips:

This is one where when I first looked at it I really liked the Canucks to win. After looking further I still feel that way – I just feel this is a winnable game for them and coming off the break they’ll want it more. The odds are favourable too.

However I find it very hard to back the Canucks at the moment. They’re all over the place as a team and it feels like too much of a risk. I noticed that of all their wins in regulation this season, every one but the Buffalo game has been 5 goals or more. The Kings can play a tight defensive game at times but against the Canucks I don’t think they’ll have too much to worry about. While their road goalscoring is poor the Canucks concede a ridiculous amount at home.

I feel this is a game that both teams will be feeling strongly they can get the win. I’m going to take Over 5 Goals incl OT/SO in this one.

Canada: 1.85 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: -125 Odds at GT Bets..
Everyone Else: 1.85 Odds at BetOnline..

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Lightning – Canadiens 2:4
Canucks – Kings 1:4

Smoking Barrel

What about Pengs-Hurricanes going O5,5?


I don’t hate it.


Pens regulation – Ward has been solid but the Pens offence is a juggernaut and putting up big numbers on a regular basis. I also like a small bet on the puck line. This game could go over because both teams are missing top-4 D and Pens 1st is looking good.

Habs ML – purely a goalie play. Vasilevskiy is as leaky as a migrant boat from Africa.

College football – Texas A&M will crush Kansas State


Henry Del Valle Sr.

I want to say the Pens are now without their top four defensemen. Pens with a bit of a tough break in having a back to back. My spider senses are tingling on this one in that the Canes might be offering some value.

Hurricanes-2.5, TexAM-2.5 and Utah-6 all the way


6-1 last night with my only loser being the single bet on the Hawks. I refuse to bet them again, not a good team anymore flat out.

I’m liking Kings ML with Pens regulation and then Habs ML with Raptors +9.5 in Golden State. What you think?


Congrats on the great night! I don’t trust the BHs at all. I don’t know whether it’s lack of lockerroom chemistry or what, but they just seem to take nights off. They are a tremendously talented team but they don’t show up until the playoffs.

I do not have any confidence in the LAK. The Nucks are terrible but they are professionals and come to play every night. You can’t count them out. I like Pens reg and Habs ML. Can’t comment on the NBA, I just don’t know enough about the teams. GL

Stats Guru

And the award, for the most pathetic analogy of the year award, goes to…… the guy who just went 1-5!

Arto Reinikainen


Leafs ML
Canes-Pens OT
Habs in reg
Blues in reg
Kings in reg


Leafs-Panthers Over 5 (incl. OT)
Canes-Pens Over 5 (incl. OT)

GL !

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Leafs – yes!
Habs – yes!
Blues – yes, but wanna vomit when I bet the Blues
I like Canes and Canucks as value plays but not enough to bet.


Hi all. Nice night with 6 + 3 – and 1 push.
In most confident picks just Boston was a surprise…
Today ideas are:
Penguins Canes – over 5.5
Panters Leafs – both teams to score over 1.5
Tampa Montrel – Montreal to win
Blues Flyers – over 5
Canucks Kings – both teams to score over 1.5

Eduardo Caldeira

I dont agree with the crawford as I was on the blackhawks and watched the game… if it wasnt for him the hawks would have got beaten up so badly… but just my opinion

Thomas Andersen

Couldn´t agree less with comments! I switched video links between great games CBJ, M-sota, and the ladies from Washington, ranked as in order. The stick holder called “Statistics” is never in the starting lineup!! But “instincts after Christmas holidays” as Josh Anderson called it, were , as he quickly stripped his gloves in the challenge with McQuaid. I loved CBJ for a couple of years and – as for last year – no expert ever predicted any of the 39 points they chased down. I did quite many! Now the street is easier.
X2 for the love of the OT over the Panthers
OT S.t Louis
OT Sedinian think and development tank

Eduardo Caldeira

I like these bets and I believe that the Toronto Maple Leafs TT 2.5 is a decent bet or to win the match… but I believe its going to be tight



Jens Denmark

Nice picks 🙂


Thanks! A nice 14.40 odds win

Jens Denmark

Fantastic 🙂 I had just one bet tonight; Pens in reg. – thanks Hagelin 🙂


Yeahh indeed haha had a live bet @ 3.20 that pens would comeback after that first goal from canes


What happens if you parplay EG:

20$ on Over 5 for Habs-Tampa game and kings-vs-nucks game.

If you lose one of the bet, you get 20$ refunded? or 10$?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

If it’s a parlay and one of them loses, as in under 5 goals, then you’d lose the entire amount you bet.

If one is a push – exactly 5 – it’d be treated as a push and be removed from the parlay. In this instance it’d mean the other is just a single bet.


ooo okay cool Thanks:)

Thomas Andersen

Pittsburgh BTFLS


Coming off a 6-1 night. Both 3 team parlays hit, only pick that let me down was my single on the Hawks. Not backing that team anymore, they simply aren’t very good.

Tonight I really like Habs and Kings ML. Pens really should outclass Hurricanes as well, thinking they are a good regulation bet.

Anybody have any thoughts on the Raptors catching 9.5 points in Golden State tonight? Seems like a good play


Project lion 1/15

Panthers win %100 regulation time.


Panthers +5.5
Lightning -5.5
Blues +5.5
Canucks +5.5

Good luck everyone


thanks again big boss


Hi,lion can you sent us today 29-12-2016 game 2 hrs ahead of time ,it is much better than last minute to received from you .thanks

Norbert Buzási

I must be the only one who is negative with the Habs games.