avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, December 28th, 2017

Hi all,

It was a fun return from the NHL break with a lot of good games last night.

The Vegas Knights continued their incredible run this season with a massive victory.

That’s me in Scotland now. Sucks as I’m unable to watch any games live but been able to rely on highlights etc which is good enough.

Not really too much to pick from today. I like the Flyers but the Panthers have a lot going for them at the moment and that concerns me.

Only the one tip today and no odds are up yet:

Lightning vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

Not the most imaginative tip but I’ll be backing the Lightning to win – most likely in regulation as I assume they’ll be 1.47 or something. So take Tampa in regulation if it’s above 1.70.

The big concern is if the Habs can up their game against a top opponent but they haven’t been able to really do that this season. If that’s a concern for you go with the over instead.

The Habs are just not playing good hockey and this long road trip has to wear on them. Hell -1.5 would probably work with Niemi expected to be in net.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Everything else is a little bit too tight for my liking.

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Toronto -1.5 puckline
Tampa bay -1.5 puckline
Vegas @ LA regulation Draw (half unit)

John UduakD

What is the meaning of-1.5 PUCKLINE.
Thank you

Sacha-raphael Gagne

This means that the favorite of a hockey game needs to defeat their opponent by more than the point spread in order for the bet to win, creating an active and balanced market for both sides of a wager. Puck line betting is unlike point spreads in most other sports, as the line is always +/- 1.5.

For exemple , tampa -1.5 PL tonight is that tampa need to win by 2 goals or more . these brings you better odds but its more risky.

Edis Hadzic

caps over 5,5 flyers over 5,5 tampa,king,sharks,leafs ML


Good Day Gents ..

Tampa -1.5

Yes everyone is on the same today which makes me a bit nervous ?

You guys think both games go over ??


I feel the over under could go either way. Both sitting at 6 I’m staying away. I’m more nervous about TB on the puckline too. Just noticed Price is confirmed to start now, earlier it was looking like Niemi.


Caps, Coyotes and VGK with 1u;
Dadonov, Namestnikov and Haula with 0.5u.


Interesting selection of games tonight.

Tampa Bay are hard to look past. But as mentioned above, the odds are just not favourable.

1.40 ML
1.61 60min Line (both taken from my chosen bookmaker in UK)

Alternative choice I am personally looking at is San Jose. They’re on a two game win streak (LA Kings and Canadiens), both of which were at home. Here we have another home game against a very mixed team in Calgary. Flames themselves lost at home to SJ on 15th December, and have suffered defeats to nashville and Montreal since.
Calgary don’t bring it on home ice, their better form is away from home. Which is what worries me slightly. Element of comfort found in SJ winning the last 2 between these teams.

Washington have had a break and are At home to Boston. I feel tempted by a ML double of SJ and Caps this evening on 2 units.

Though, my heart says Toronto – they’re a stronger team than Arizona. TML come off a four day break – massive! Arizona themselves have confidence on a win last night, away from home too.

Bit torn on the selections tonight! Edit/Update to follow based on goaltender confirmations.


Don’t discount Bruins, they are playing some great hockey.


Yes I agree. I’m still so torn on any finite decision.


Tough night to predict but there are a few games that should be fun to watch.

LVGK ML – I’m riding Knights until they show me that they aren’t the best team in the league. They crushed the Caps, overcame Bolts in a thriller and have beaten the best teams in the league. Tonight both teams are plying for dominance in the Pacific so it should feel like a playoff game. I don’t think LAK will be able to keep up.

Hawks-Nucks over – with two porous goalies this could become a goal fest. 5.5 is a gift.



August from Toronto here. This my take on tonight.

Boston is rolling right now and I know Washington has owned them I think this is the night it swings to the Bruins. Washington has been on the road with not many wins to show for and the Bruins are ready. The value is on the Bruins as +112.

I like Florida but not enough to tip them as you never know what to expect with the flyers. Look for the over there.

I expect a decent effort from the Habs tonight but they are thin on D at the moment. I like the lightning in regulation.

The Leafs are a strong play tonight as Arizona got their revenge on Colorado minus Tyson Barrie. Tonight will be the Auston Matthews show and I expect the Leafs to go full bore here. My play is Matthews to score a goal and Leafs on regulation.

The Blackhawks are a wreck this year and are on my fade list and with Corey Crawford out good luck Anton Forsberg. Its Vancouver or no play here.

Vegas is MONEY $$ all year long and as underdogs tonight with Fleury in net its worth a shot at plus money.

Calgary and San jose is ugly and have no play but I lean Calgary as their bachup Rittich has been good when hes in.


Arto Reinikainen

I think Vegas is a tough to pass value play tonight. Their recent stretch has been as strong as anyone this season. They seem to find ways to win every single night. The Kings on the other hand lost 3 straight and only followed it up with 2 wins before they lost again. Even against the Avs they looked pretty bad. I got 3.25 odds for what i view as the stronger team right now, win or loss, i couldn’t pass that up. Sure the B2B after christmas break was a concern as sometimes it can catch you by surprise, but not enough for me to pass on it.

I also like the Flyers to win tonight. They were good for a few weeks and couple losses don’t change that. It should just make them desperate for tonight against the Panthers whom they have great confidence against with 4 straight wins. I don’t think the Panthers late play is going to lead to a big winning streak.

3 teams with quite the same theme, Toronto, Tampa and Chicago. All should win, but the odds aren’t very good. I might end up parlaying the Leafs and Bolts together but we’ll see. Do the Leafs have their workboots on coming off the break against league worse team? Bolts went 7 straight games without a regulation win against the Habs before winning the last meeting last season in a game where they had their final playoff push and the Habs already had their minds in the playoffs. Have the tables turned for real? Hawks need to take the Canucks seriously otherwise it’ll be a frustrating night, and you just never know. It’s the NHL and it would be quite rare to see all 3 “should win” teams win their games in regulation.

Sharks look to be in a pretty good spot but man – i’ve been avoiding them all season long. Just not a fan of the team and i think if there’s one team that will drop in the standings in the middle of a tight playoff race in the West, i think it’s the Sharks. Especially with Couture out im expecting them to start losing pretty soon. Might not be tonight though.

Finally i think the Bruins-Caps game will be a thriller. Caps are one of the best teams to break losing skids at home, and playing against a team you dominate only makes it stronger. Bruins have not won a game in 9 straight, 14 without a regulation win. Tonight’s game feels like a big teaser where they almost do it but the Caps come back. Im giving OT a shot.



Pretty much agree with your assessments but I have a couple of differing thoughts: I really like the predictable effort that the Bruins have been making and even with Krejci out they have been putting up goals and solid efforts against teams they should beat and teams better than th, at least on paper. It seems that some of their young talent are developing into
NHLers. I’m sure they are well aware of their record vs Capa and will be using that as motivation tonight. The Caps on the other hand can’t seem to pull it together dropping the last two to Yotes and Knights. I can see where they might have overlooked the YoteS but their effort va Knights was really unforgettable. I do t have any confidence in them while Bs are bringing compete level 11 each night.

You might be right about Flyers but I just don’t know the team and don’t have confidence in my bet.

The Sharks have been confounding so I’m staying away. If Dell were in net I’d feel better but Jones is up and down.

I love the Knights tonight as dogs. They have a Zamboni sized chip on their shoulders and will be bringing it against a Kings team that just doesn’t have much firepower. Sure, their D and goaltending has been very good but as I have saId before, you need 3-4 goals to win.

Arto Reinikainen

It’ll be interesting to see if the B’s do it, we’ll see.

The thing is, Caps were playing really well before this recent skid which can be easy to forget. And it’s often the same pattern when you lose 3 in this case. Questionable effort (Arizona) -> Bad game (Vegas) -> Better effort but lose in OT (NY)

You see this type of pattern a lot of of the time until bam, 4th game you play your best again when the doubt starts to creep in and the players realize this can’t go on.

That said i acknowledge how good the Bruins are right now which is why i didn’t go for the Caps. Going to be a fun game and one i’ll watch for sure. Would be nice to see the Bruins win for a change.

I gave Bruins 1st period a serious thought, but didn’t end up pulling the trigger.


Just the way I see it


Bruins 1st period was a missed opportunity

Juri Safoshin

Sharks, Panthers.

Oliver Trigg

Got to be super short today, just got in and super tired so I’m off to bed.
Sharks ML
Panthers ML
Leafs Reg
Tampa Reg
Caps ML
Vegas ML

Personally playing Vegas on the high value. Tampa because it’s Tampa. Leafs because Coyotes have got just 4 wins at home all season and played last night. Caps because they dominate the Bruins and are in need of a win. Probably won’t play Panthers or Sharks myself even if I think they win.


Bruins up 2-0 in less than 3 mins of 1st 🙂

Oliver Trigg

Aaaaand it’s gone lol


They gave it away

Oliver Trigg

Caps are to the Bruins what kryptonite is to superman…. doesn’t matter how good either side look coming into the fight cause Caps find a way.


TML looking pretty

Geir Aage R Jensen

Geir project 2/8

Montreal win Reg

Good luck everyone!

Coyotes win Reg
Capitals win ML
Over 5.5 Panthers vs Flyers
Kings win Reg

Irakliy Latariya

Price is confirmed in the net. still, what do u think Tampa -1,5?

Oliver Trigg

Price has let in 13 goals in his last 4 games, and Habs defense isn’t looking good. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a PL win here especially seeing as this is a back to back spot for them. I’m taking reg though

Irakliy Latariya

reg is low, only 1,64


Yes I wanted to wager on reg but @ -160 I rather go with the -1.5 +125 now +100 at my book

Oliver Trigg

As I said wouldn’t be surprised by PL win. I just avoid PL betting altogether. I’m happy playing reg & ML plays. I got -140 on overnight line on reg.


Price is not the same anymore im very confident on my PL wager


#3 Arizona Coyotes – Toronto Maple Leafs
Full Event (Reg. Time) Away -0.50 (AH) @ 1.862
Ice Hockey / NHL / Kick off: 29 Dec 2017, 03:05

fair value 1.515

Leafs (who were in Arizona’s position only two seasons ago) will look to build off the excellent road win vs the Rangers last week and got a huge boost from Matthews, who notched a goal and an assist in his return from a concussion. The young guns should be plenty rested and Toronto could make a decent puckline wager vs the Coyotes, who are 1-4 against the puckline in their last five home games.
Leafs are 6-1 SU in their last seven games after winning as an underdog.
#4 Arizona Coyotes – Toronto Maple Leafs
Full Event (OT Incl) Away -1.50 (AH) @ 2.500
Ice Hockey / NHL / Kick off: 29 Dec 2017, 03:05

fair value 2.133
2 W – 0 L
( flat stake 1u > +5.42 )


way to go TML


#3 result 4:7 …WON +8.62u
#4 result 4:7… WON +12u

4 W – 0 L
( flat stake 1u > 7.78u )


Well played
Keep contributing

Aðalgeir Axelsson

Leafs ML
Capitals ML
Bolts Regulation


good call on TML


And we’re off to a great start!