avatar Written by Scott on Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas and enjoyed hanging out with loved ones.

The NHL is still a mess at the moment with on overwhelming amount of Covid cases.

But for today we have 3 games scheduled but I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of them are postponed.

It seems like forever since we have had hockey.  There was one game on the 20th and another on the 21st.  I really hope that we can get the season back up and running somewhat normally.

Even if it was a normal season it’s tough to predict how teams will play after the Christmas break.  But with Covid it makes it even harder to do.

No tips today guys and I’m sorry about that and I’m sorry this is such a short article but it’s tough to make this any longer with there being such a long break.

Canadiens vs Lightning Betting Tips:

I have no idea how this game hasn’t yet been postponed.

The Lightning are the favorites here.  They have win their last 3 games and are at home where they have gone 10-3-2 so far.

The Canadiens have 17 players out, 6 with Covid.  The Lightning have 9 players out with 5 of them with Covid.

If this game does get played who knows who will be playing for each team.  I am skipping this game.

Golden Knights vs Kings Betting Tips:

The Knights have 3 players on the Covid protocol list, the Kings have 5.

The Knights had been playing good heading into the break going 8-2.  The Kings.

I wanted to take the Knights here but it’s really tough to do.   Their coach DeBoer is out with Covid too.

Another game where I feel it’s best to skip as a tip but would lean towards a Knights win.

Coyotes vs Sharks Betting Tips:

The Coyotes have 4 players on the protocol list, the Sharks have 3.

The Coyotes have had a terrible season and currently sit in last place in the league with only 14 points.  The Sharks are in 20th place in the league with 31 points.

The Sharks are the favorites here and understandably so.  But to get any value on them we would need to take them -1.5.  They have only 2 regulation wins in the month of December and only one of them would have covered the spead so no confidence taking them to do so after having not played in over 10 days.

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Happy holidays S&G! The AHL, er, NHL, returns to action tonight! I like the over Habs-Bolts.

Bolts-Knights parlay .5u

Christopher from GermanyD

Good evening from Germany, hope everyone of you had a great and quiet christmas. It is great to have NHL Hockey back and with all the circumstances it will be hard to say what will happen. Hopefully all of us will have success with their bets.

Today I try +3,5 team totals for TBL and +5,5 game totals @Kings game

Let’s get it started.