avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, December 2nd, 2016

It was a 1-1 night for an 0.2 unit loss last night with the NHL Tips.

We won with the Rangers vs Sabres going Over 5 goals. I was tempted to go with Over 5.5 in that one but I wasn’t sure we could count on that Buffalo offense. Turns out we can as they got a massive 4-3 win over the Rangers. Not only that but man they looked GOOD. Henrik made quite a lot of key saves in that game and it’s amazing what one player can do to a teams confidence.

We lost with the Red Wings vs the Panthers. We had the Wings to win and they lost in OT. That was a really fun game to watch. Although Florida outshot the Panthers I felt Detroit had the more dangerous chances. Luongo stepped up big quite a few times including a ridiculous save in OT just before the goal.

I’d be surprised if you see us tipping the Wings again anytime soon though. They have such a slack defensive play at times that it can be scary to watch. I wasn’t too impressed with the Panthers to be honest. They looked completely lost at times both defensively and offensively.

Overall though it was a fun night of NHL action. Oilers pulled themselves out of the slump with a big win over the Jets. Lightning-Blues had a bloody thriller of a game, and the Islanders pulled off a massive win over Washington. Momentum beat rest in that game as the Islanders hammered them 3-0.

Now we move onto Friday night with a whopping two games. All teams who had a night off prior as the Wild visit Calgary and the Habs go to San Jose.

No tips in the Wild/Flames tonight. With the goaltending that has Under written all over it but I really hate backing Under 5 goals. It’s just a bet that neither of us have ever been comofortable with. It’s probably a good bet however and if you have no issue with betting Under 5 I’d go for it.

Canadiens vs Sharks Betting Tips:

Speaking of bets I hate to make – I hate betting against Carey Price. The guy is just on a whole other level game after game. The Habs offense has been woeful as of late yet they’ve still picked up a few wins. I obviously watch every Habs game and man – even though we’ve got a lot of goals I just sit watching with zero faith we can score.

They’ve got a brutal record in California lately and they’re going up against a Sharks team whose offense seems to be clicking at just the right time. They get a lot of shots on goal and it’s just about converting them.

The Sharks goaltending isn’t a pushover either. Jones has been solid this season and they’ve been tight defensively. Their defense do allow a lot of shots though.

It’s a tight one but I believe the Sharks have what it takes to beat the Habs today. If they can take a goal lead it’ll be hard for Montreal to get back into the game so I expect them to push fast early. The better odds at Sports Interaction make me feel a bit better about this one.

Canada: 1.77 Odds at Sports Interaction + $20 Free Bet.
USA: -134 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 1.68 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

Mathematical/Experimental Betting Systems:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. Previous Records: 1st Period System 30-36 (+15.99u), OHL 28-15 (+17.15u)

1st Period System (7-17, -2.65u): San Jose Sharks 2.85.

OHL Betting Tips(7-8, -1.25u): Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds -1.5 at 1.85 odds.

WHL Betting Tips(15-11, +1.36u): Moose Jaw Warriors in regulation at 1.65, Prince George Cougars in regulation at 1.95.

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3-1 Yesterday (+2.05u).

Wild ML – Calgary have been much better lately, and they are coming off a nice shut-out win (granted Enroth was in net for the Leafs and he was terrible), but they haven’t gotten a win against a team like the Wild since they started this little run, and I think this could be a let down game for them. The Wild have the 2nd best defense in the league in terms of GAA and a top 6 road GAA. Meanwhile the Flames still have the worst home GAA in the league and are bottom 5 in goals scored/game. I think this is going to be a close game, but I think the Wild are the better team and they come away with a win.

Habs/Sharks U5 – Both goalies are having great years, Habs offensive production hasn’t come easy for them. I lean towards the Sharks, but as Graeme says, it’s tough to bet against Price to can take over a game any night. I see this one as a low scoring 2-1 type of game, so I’ll go with the Under.


I like the under in both games. If I opt by a winner will be Wilds and Sharks. GL to everyone!


Just 1 from 3 last night and -1.8units.
Tonight Flames and Habs.


Flames and Habs tonight. Question though would you go over or under 4.5 in each?


habs and sharks last 10 game have been 8/10 for the under flames and wild last 10 have been 5/2/3 for the over,push and under


Some profit last night. Sabres-Rangers went O5.5, but Wings unfortunately lost in OT.
S&G’s OHL pick was good. Thanks.

Only one pick for me tonight. Don’t like to bet under. Making an exception for this one; Wild-Flames U5 (1,95). GL all.


What sides do you like tonight?

I’m thinking Flames, Habs and Under in 4.5 in both


Difficult to say. I would bet Sharks, but can’t pull the trigger.


I would like to here from people one of their favourite game. Please give me your clue if you really have worked on it. Not the just random one. Just 2 games and so it must be easy to pick for you. It ll help to analyse my work


I like Sharks regular. I have spent some time on it.


Thank you, I respect your work!


It’s just because Jones is in net @ Sharks and Price is losing his points. He is like overrated now.


Sorry but Carey Price is not Overrated.


I see.


I bet OT for both games. Jones was insane!


Oh man. I think a lot about OTs, but I’m to scared to bet on them.


Something like:
Team X win 100%
Team Y win 100%
Team Z win 100%


Dont go there! It belongs to me ☺ Tell me what do you really feel.


Just kiding.
We here from all around the world and maybe english is not so easy language to express why we make some picks.


☺ tell me now. Flames or Habs? I know you have skills to make it.


I think Sharks still celebreting the great success with their enemy and Habs could exploit this oportunity. Also Wild is pretty inconstant team, in particular on road and Flames is on the edge and have a good oportunity to make 2 wins in the row at home. Satisfied?:))


Yes, thank you! ☺


Still working on my 4th of 15 bets for the night when it comes to NHL and also watching the NBA afterwards, i will be updating later on when ive come up with something, i just wanted to give a little update that im considering a game total this night instead, the one im considering is under 5 on Sharks&Habs

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Minn ML – Coach put the Wild thru a very thorough practice at the rink and I think his message was well-received. I don’t think johnson could possibly continue the run he is on, and I am banking that the Flames will revert to their poor play at home. Calgary is 2-6 straight up in its last eight contests against Minnesota, including a 1-4 mark at home versus the Wild. I like Dubnyk. Wild win this 4-2 Aoooooooohhhhhh (wolf howl).

SJ – I lean the Sharks. It’s so hard to pick against Carey Price and the Habs. Can the Habs lose two straight? Sure. But I am a litle worried that Montreal has been resting for two entire days in lovely California. San Jose is 11-3 last 14 at home, 6-1 vs Montreal and a prefect 5-0 in its last five at home against the Habs. If Jones gets the nod (he’s 3-0-1 vs Habs), I like it even more. I love it that money is coming in on the Habs (and of course it should be as Montreal has value as a dog). I suggest waiting a little more and then pouncing on the home team.

SJ/MTL – Under all day. Worst case scenario you get a 3-2 Sharks win.


Jones in net. 😉

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Yeah I was very tempted by the Wild tonight. I think Flames are going to be better to bet on this season when they’re underdogs on the road and not expected to really do well. They seem to do a good job at hunkering in and playing tight etc. They did that against the Leafs – they were tired from the road trip so went to grind out the result and did just that.


3-1 yesterday, +2.05u.
Wild ML and Sharks/Habs U5 today.
Just for fun, 5 dollar parlay on “Wild win by 2 FT” and “Sharks win by 1 FT” at 45.00 odds.


You mean 4.50 odds?


Nope. 45.00. Picking winner with exact goal diff pays higher odds. Parlaying together gives crazy odds, but obviously very hard to hit, that’s why it’s just for fun and if you win, big payday!


Oh i see what you’re doing, I thought you were going puckline.


Flames ML- This team is playing with a lot of energy and passion. The Wild are an awful back on the road and I don’t see them scoring much on a red hot Johnson. Calgary knows they need to start winning at home as well and I look for them to jump out early much like they did Wednesday against the Leafs. Calgary 4-1 over Minny

Habs ML- Although Montreal has generally sleep walked through their California trips as of late they really should win tonight and these odds they are a bargain. They are the better team and their speed is a bad matchup for a pretty slow Sharks team. As long as the Habs don’t come out flat they should be able to take this game after losing a game they should have won the other night in Anaheim. Montreal 3-1

Parlay Flames and Habs ML with a possible addition of Habs/Sharks Under 5 thrown in as well (undecided)


Funny how with only two games tonight so many people have strong but opposite opinions on tonight’s sides.


My work is saying the Sharks will take it by 1 but i think its going to be one of those nights when it just goes the other way so imma go Habs ML
Flames ML


Prince George cougars are at -155 on bovada

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Oops that’s my bad the tips meant to be in regulation I’ll edit the post.


Adding Sharks-Habs under 4,5 (2,37). GL

Johnny Hockey

> Wild @ Flames | UNDER 5.0
> Canadiens @ Sharks | UNDER 5.0


Lion project 4/15 (NHL)

Soooooo…. Another nice night with a win in both the NHL and NBA, moving on to tonight im going 50/50… And by saying that im going 50% gutfeeling today and the other 50% is cause i think after wild’s 2 losses in a row wants to get back on the winningtrain again, and i think Calgary might be the right team for that, as wild has had it quite easy historywise against Calgary as they’ve won 6/8 last games and 4/5 in Calgary. Been thinking Minnesota all night long, been switching back and fourth between them and Sharks and as seen above you can probably guess by now. But here we are and I’ve finally chosen a winner for the night! ENJOY =)
Minnesota Wild ML (1.68)
Progress 10kr>18kr>36.90kr>57.98kr>97.96kr?

Moving on to NBA, what a close call yesterday, called the line over 188.5 and the game ended with 189 points. But its enough for a win for sure 😀 Tonight there is alot of choices once again and I’ve picked a winner, if you want to follow tonights preds i would suggest this one instead of the NHL, even tho i think and hope both wins ofcourse! =)
Lion project 3/15 (NBA)
LA Clippers vs NO Pelicans Over 208.0 (1.90)
Progress 10kr>19kr>36.27kr>69.24kr>132.18kr?

SPREADSHEET (15 bet challenges) = http://www.betdog.eu/profile/Lawellys_Predictions


I’m following you since 3 days, your spreadsheet is pretty awesome man ! Thanks for the work !


Thanks for showing appriciation 😀 Will keep on going as long i get support and people wanting me to upload my preds =) Good luck tonight mate!


Too bad for the wild that was a tight game !


Is there any way to contact you that we can exchange more on your Lion project?


This is my Facebook page, with all preds ( NBA,NHL and football) : https://www.facebook.com/LawellyPreds/

You can also add my own profile: https://www.facebook.com/lukas.bergstrom.71

Jean-Philippe Guérin

Do any of you play on Draftkings?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

I do – although purely for entertainment. I’ve tried to get a consistent profit going at DFS but I just don’t have the time to commit to it.