avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, December 30th, 2016

It was a 1-1 night last night.

We had the Bruins to beat the Buffalo Sabres and they did so after a scary first period. Buffalo came out FLYING and they had so much energy that could have been bad. I have a soft spot for Buffalo and hate the Bruins so I had to admit I enjoyed seeing that. Thankfully the Bruins took back over and won 4-2.

We lost with the Capitals over the Devils. A disappointing performance from the Capitals who I always feel are lacking motivation and drive. It’s like “Oh we’re 1-0 down and short-handed? Okay little flick of the wrist and boom tied it up”. Now back to just relaxing for the rest of the game until something else motivates them or their sheer quality wins out.

We’ve got 4 games today and honestly I’m not feeling very confident about any of them. With 4 games with the over/under at 5 goals, it’s tempting to get on all 4 and from a casual viewing perspective i’ll probably do that. But when I dig into the stats etc – there’s nothing fully selling me so there’s going to be no tips today.

Instead here are our individual thoughts:

Hurricanes vs Hawks: I think it will be a game that is too close to call and will probably bet on the exactly 5 goal line. Scott likes the Blackhawks.

Predators vs Blues: We’re both tempted by the Over 5 especially if Saros is in net for Preds. So many of the Preds preformances lately have seemed so poor it’s just tough to count on them offensively.

Ducks vs Canucks: I like the over 5 while Scott likes the Ducks win.

Sharks/Flyers: I like the Sharks to win but not at the odds. Scott likes it to go over.

As it is I think tonight it will be a nice casual betting night. A few fun bets but nothing too serious.

I’m sure lots of people will have tips in the comments so be sure to read them below.

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I’m liking the Blackhawks and Blues moneyline tonight, check out my Twitter page: @ICE_Betting4NHL


you sure you got your twitter handle right, I can’t find it 🙂


Apologies I only set it up today, it is @ICE_Bets4NHL


Anyone is betting the WJC? What do you think of a parlay with Switzerland and Slovakia to win in regulation?

Kris- -na

Bad idea.
I made 2 unit parlay Latvia(+2,5) and Denmark (+2,5) at 1.82
Denmark won Czechs and Finland, and showed that they are good at defending, not safe to bet against them.
And Latvia isnt that bad either, maybe they are not that good at defending but they can score at least few goals, also its going to be the most important game for Latvians if they stay in this division or not, so they will be ready

Norbert Buzási

The Sharks and the Flyers didnt play that many, but the Sharks usually whooped the Flyers. I kinda feeling the Flyers tonight though.

I think the Blackhawks could win too.

Jens Denmark

My picks tonight:

Blues reg.
Sharks reg.
Hawks ML



I almost tipped BH, in fact I placed a bet on them but then made a counter bet on Canes after looking at it more carefully: Canes are 7th best in home winning percent; they are rested; no significant injuries; Ward is 8-2 at home; Hossa is out; Darling is in (gave up 4 in last 3 of 4 games) and it’s a b2b for BH.

Jens Denmark

I agree with it being a bet against the stats. But I always feel that when the big guns gets going the Hawks are tough to beat – yesterday we had goals by Anisimov, Toews and Kane so I am good to go 🙂 But lets see, but I think Hawks ML @ 2.10 is a nice bet.


That’s exactly why I originally picked the BH, but then my logic took over

Jens Denmark

You were right – looks like I am in for a rough night. Maybe Sharkes can help me.


G – have to say I loved seeing the Bs show some grit and come back yesterday. I haven’t had much confidence in them of late, it has been feeling like last year at the end of season when they couldn’t get up for big games. So, tonight…

Hard to find sharp bets and value tonight, but there are a couple of things I like:

Big Salami over 21.5 – 6 of 8 teams have GA of 2.5+, 4 of 8 goalies have GAA of 2.5+, 4 of 8 goalies are back-ups and 7 of 8 teams have GF of 2.5+ and 5 of 8 have GF of 2.7+. We only need a couple of games to go 6+ to win at odds of -105

Blues reg – Preds are a hot mess right now and missing their top scorer and top D (Neal and Suppan). Back-up is in net and he’s not bad, but he can’t save them.

Blues 1st – Preds have given up 1st goal in last 9 of 10 games.

Nucks ML – Ducks suck on the road and Bernier is awful (3.07 GAA)



Tonight picks,


Canes -4.5
Blues +5
Sharks +5.5
Ducks -5.5

ML picks

Canes win %87
Blues OT %69
Sharks win %55
Canucks win %60

That is going to be very tough night. I think Canes will win only because they need to win and they have to win of they really want to be part of the playoffs.
Blues and Nashville’s both are not stable this year. I cannot predict the winner for that game and that is the reason why I am so confident on OT. Nashville’s are bit closer to win just in opinion.

There will be many scores in Sharks Flyers game. Flyers are really good on attacking. Specially when sharks will score first. I am thinking sharks will win only because they are better team. And they are one of my favorite to win the title this year. Of course always after hawks ✌

Canucks win. They are really bad this year without any doubt. I do not know how they ll manage to win tonight and waiting to see it already. I think they may win tonight only because ducks are doesn’t give a shot about season title. If they are in first 8 then all Bueno for them. Day is the Day that Canucks will cheers ?

Btw guys, very bad night was for me. 0 in 5 ? let’s get it go through tonight.

Good luck everyone!

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Lion…you will go 8-0 tonight! 100%



1-1 with the tips I posted here yesterday, +1.75 units.
Tough games today, but I think Blues/Preds Over 5 has a good shot.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I’m only confident in one play tonight:

Canes ML. As most of you have mentioned, BH in B2B, Canes are tough at home, Darling in net.

BH have just struggled to score. That 3-spot they put up last night was an abberation.

Mildly lean Sharks, Blues.

Petri Kontiola

As usually four picks for me tonight:
Ducks, Ducks, Ducks and Ducks.:))


Yeaterday i went 3+1-. (+ 2/3 regulation team wins)
LA lost again…

Blues – Preds Over5
Canes – Hawks Both team over 1.5

Other games i have no idea…
Maybe Ducks ML and X2 on Flyers… But it is just thinking, not a prediction…

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

I have a feeling the Hawks will come out strong tonight so i’m taking them, sure the Canes can play well, especially at home, but they’re still an average team compared to the hawks and I don’t think being b2b is a huge issue for them either.

I also think the canucks will win tonight against the ducks who aren’t so good b2b and bernier sucks.

Johnny Hockey

Tough night:

> Blues/Preds OVER 5.0
> Canucks/Ducks OVER 5.0
> Hurricanes to win
> Flyers to win


I will take St. Louis Blues. Good luck!


Non-NHL bet of the week:
Ohio State (NCAAF) +3 1/2
Patriots (NFL) – 3 1/2