avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, December 4th, 2015

Very sorry about the delay on these today guys – one of those days where time just slips away from me.

Random story I wanted to quickly mention – I was at the Kingston Frontenacs game a couple of weeks ago where it was the “Teddy Bear Toss”. Basically all the fans have teddy bears, and when the Frontenacs score they chuck them all onto the ice.

Well sure enough the Frontenacs score and the rink gets covered in teddy bears. Only wait – amidst a cloud of teddy bears there’s the referees all talking.

And then 10 minutes later….goal chopped off!

Best part was when the Frontenacs scored a legit goal – one lone teddy bear had been kept and was thrown onto the ice. Just looked so pathetic – I love it.

Lot of interesting days in the NHL lately with a lot of big upsets. Possibly the biggest upset of all was Reimer only conceding ONE goal versus the Wild. Some real twilight zone stuff.

Let’s get to the betting tips for December 4th, 2015:

Flyers vs Devils Betting Tips:

I’m not a huge fan of betting them – but based on what we’ve seen the last couple of games we’ve got to take Philadelphia Flyers to win.

I’m not convinced on the team but the confidence is there. They’ve been improving the last couple of weeks and they’ve had a couple of huge road wins. Everything is looking better – their penalty kill for example.

Devils played last night and are missing Zajac. Schneider will be in net. It’s going to be a tough one but if Flyers play the way they’ve been playing – they can get the win.

Canada: 2.12 Odds at 5Dimes.
USA: +112 Odds at 5Dimes.
Everyone Else: 2.12 Odds at 5Dimes.

Blue Jackets vs Panthers Betting Tips:

It’s been a rough couple of games for the Blue Jackets, but I like them to get back on track with a victory tonight.

Credit to the Panthers – they have been hot lately with some massive road wins but I like what I’ve seen from Torts so far. He’s got the Jackets back on track and I just can’t see them losing 3 in a row.

Florida are a tough team who have forced a lot of overtime games but I think this is a game Jackets can win convincingly and so I’ll personally be taking the extra value. Blue Jackets to win in regulation.

Canada: 2.10 Odds at Guts.
USA: +105 Odds at 5Dimes.
Everyone Else: 2.10 Odds at Guts.

Oilers vs Stars Betting Tips:

I’ll be taking the Dallas Stars to win.

Edmonton are coming off their huge win over the Bruins, while the Stars just played last night. I have my concerns about this game for sure. I don’t think this is going to be an easy game for the Dallas Stars.

But comparing the skill level of the teams – I just have to take the Dallas Stars here. It’s one of those bets where if I make it and I’m wrong – so be it, I’m fine with that. But if I don’t make it and the Stars won? Then I’d be kicking myself all day Saturday.

Canada: 1.74 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: -134 Odds at 5Dimes.
Everyone Else: 1.74 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.

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Man as a Flyers fan I don’t even know if I can make that bet, haha. Devils for whatever reason are always a matchup problem for us. But I do agree they have been playing well and are capable of the win here, but uggggh man I am just so used to the flyers falling flat on the face after a decent run.

But there is little value elsewhere so I will jump on board…GO FLYERS!


Yeah it was a tough bet to make. So hard to back the Flyers at the moment. And Devils can be a tough team. Quite prepared to have egg on my face after this one ๐Ÿ™‚

Mr Dj 613

Sry for the shit talking I did too indieja user on ur site !
But that man got on my last nerve this Friday !

Good luck tonight !


I like the Jackets too. They’ve lost 2 but playing against Mtl & St.L and Fla is on a btob & won their 4th over the struggling Preds with 18 SOG. The only thing that concerns me is the Jackets rank 2nd in PIM and the Panthers PP sits at 21%. On the upside the Jackets PK is 80% so if they can stay out of the box, they’ve got a chance to win. Go Jackets!

M. (Thelonious)

I’ve also thought in the Jackets, but I’ll go finally with the Under 5.5 there. Seems nice to me

Mr Dj 613

Just wanted to say…
like the picks u bring …

M. (Thelonious)

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Today I played BUF ML, Under 5.5 CBJ, Over 5 NYI. Let’s see how the night ends for all of us…hope for a good one!! Regards from Spain!!

Mr Dj 613

As per a good one
NFL is looking very promising this week
Not sure if u follow it

Mr Dj 613

I’m more of a money line guy ๐Ÿ™‚


PP/PIM/PK etc is always such a tough metric to gauge and factor in. So many of it can be situational – the stats can be inflated etc. It’s something we always look at and factor in of course – but it’s only rare cases that it will really alter a bet. Although if there’s a game where we think it has the potential to really go off we’ll stay clear of.


St.Louis,Calgary, Anaheim,Columbus are win

I hope?

Mr Dj 613

Hey guys
I’m thinking it’s gonna be

Good luck too everyone

Sabres is looking good too but who knows


Why do you keep posting your picks? Do you want us to agree or admire? If you’re gonna post your picks, then please explain why you’re picking them. Makes no sense otherwise and brings no value.

Mr Dj 613

Listen fuck nuts
I post my picks to have fun and something to interact with

I dnt see u bringing anything to the table

I’ve won $1500 in 3 weeks
You ??

I also post
Too see other ppls opinion
Like ex “Dave’s picks ”

If u dnt agree with them
But I dnt need assholes like u with there rude unwated opinions of why I post …..

I have to give reason why I posted them lol lol been doin this way to long SON!!!

Other ppl post
U harping on them

Read your user name
Suckdeep on theses balls !


You’re probably too stupid to comprehend what I’m about to tell you,
because you don’t even seem able to put a proper sentence together, so
I’ll make this as easy to understand as possible.

When you post
your picks without giving any reason as to why, then what the fuck are
we supposed to do with that? Pat you on your back? Say ‘atta boy’? Are
you 5 years old, you sack of shit? I swear, to come back at me with yet
another reply that barely makes sense and doesn’t even touch on my point
— you REALLY have to be a special kind of stupid.

Oh, and
before you go and cry to your elders here at the site, you should read
Graeme’s post at
where he specifically says:

“when writing out your bets or tips for the day, provide reasoning.

There are two major reasons for that:
(1) No-one cares about your bets. (2) It makes you better.”

Now take your cute $1500 and shove them up your ass, sweet prince.

Mr Dj 613

Listen too this guy lol
Too stupid right …..
what kind of a education do u have lol

Proper sentences lol
It’s called slang princess !

I can read !
I just choose not to follow suite with reasoning .

If u agree great
if not
Fuck off !


You’re even dumber than I thought. Can’t even string words together properly when pressed for it. “Slang” hahahahaha, you keep me young you fucking idiot ๐Ÿ™‚

You can read? I’m not too sure. You sure as hell can’t write.

Later, retard.

Mr Dj 613

As for proper sentences
Read what u write
There not so proper

U retard
No u can’t help stupid which is YOU !


“Read what u write”

“There not so proper”

“U retard”

Jesus Christ, you may actually be mentally challenged. If that’s the case, I apologize. No one is this stupid.

You seriously have to be the real life Forrest Gump. How’s this for slang “stupid is what stupid does.”

Mr Dj 613

Ur the fuck tard goin off about my picks


Whatever you say, Dr. Slang.

If you’re not able to answer a simple initial question without getting your panties in a bunch, I suggest you stay off comment sections. You’re clearly not intellectually equipped with elementary reasoning.

Mr Dj 613

Have a great Friday !!
Good luck too u


I took Buf Clb Stl Bos Dal

Mr Dj 613

I agree bro
NJ n Clb is tough but
hopefully NJ is still HOT from last night !

Good luck bro !!

Nfl this Sunday is $$$ !!

Mr Dj 613

See we share input
Indieja is off his meds

I think he needs a lil Mary Jane in his system !!

Razvan Obito

I hope today at least 2 tips will be good. There are like 30 loses and 1 tip won lately. We are all going to bankruptcy becaue of this web site..


Try taking like one different then for example the nj game take nj instead it’s the only one I disagree with because nj usually beats the flyers lately and they are due for a loss

M. (Thelonious)

If you go bankruptcy is only your fault. No one forces you to bet, uh? Take responsability about your own acts. Furthermore, Graeme and Scott give their opinions for free. I’ll understand your point if we are talking about a paid service, but…it’s not the case

Mr Dj 613

Takes $ too make $ ๐Ÿ™‚