avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, December 7th, 2017

4 games last night and a couple of good ones in the NHL.

The Leafs came out very flat against the Flames. You’d think they were coming back from a week long vacation or something. While the Leafs ultimately won it was another disappointing performance from them. To their credit even though they’re going through a bit of a slump performance wise, they’re still pulling out wins at times so that’s pretty impressive.

Flyers/Oilers was a tight one but the Flyers got the W there as they begin their attempt to get a streak going in the opposite direction and gave us the push. The odds were weird on that one as earlier in the day they were 5.5 which I’d bet at. Then as I was posting the tips I noticed it was 6 so changed the tips to that(as we still felt good about it). Then an hour later I looked and they were back to 5.5 again. Not sure what was going on there but hopefully you got on the 5.5 for the win over the push.

Busier night tonight with 9 games on the board. Islanders/Penguins is expected to be a high scoring game at 6.5. I haven’t had the time to research it today and won’t so I’m staying away from it – but I’m pretty sure games where the official line is 6.5 have went over the mass majority of the time. That was something I wanted to put time into during the off-season but never had the chance – if anyone has that data handy be sure to post in the comments. Would be very curious.

No best odds today as I’m already a bit late with these.

Panthers vs Jets Betting Tips:

Honestly a large part of why I’m betting the Jets is they’ve proven they are a solid bounce back team. I wrote about this last week I believe for the Jets/Knights tip. As soon as the Jets lose a game I’m going to be pushing to back them to win the next. Not that I’ll blindly back them or anything but it’s where my head is at when I start analyzing a game.

They got THUMPED by the Red Wings but the same happened against the Sharks 4-0 and they came back and crushed the Wild 7-2. They’re on the road here but they lost 5-3 to the Preds on the road and came back and beat the Kings 2-1 also on the road.

However tonight they’re starting Eric “4 goals against in my only NHL game” Comrie….and the Jets won that one! Panthers are going with Reimer in net.

I think the only way the Jets can win this one is if they go big on the offense. For the Panthers to win game swith Reimer in net for the most part they have to do the same. So I’m fine backing Over 6 Goals in this one.

Lightning vs Avalanche Betting Tips:

I always get wary backing a team on a big winning streak – I prefer to look for those teams who CAN put up a big winning streak but are just building towards one. The Lightning check all the boxes on that one tonight.

After various struggles they’ve racked up back to back wins with very strong offensive performances.

The Avs are coming into this one on the back of a few losses however I don’t think Tampa will take them lightly. They’ll want another winning streak to keep on building. Budaj is likely in net which isn’t the greatest news in the world but I’d like to think the Tampa offense is too powerful.

Tampa in Regulation

Blues vs Stars Betting Tips:

Blues figured out their offensive issues after a few dud games to beat Carey Price and the Montreal Canadiens. They’re going up against a Stars team who have been involved in a lot of high scoring games lately. Stars aren’t a bounce back team by any means but I like the way they’ve came off a lot of their losses with some high scoring games.

Their offense on the road lately has been much improved and we’ll back that to continue.

Over 5.5 Goals

Bruins vs Coyotes Betting Tips:

I’ve been impressed with the Coyotes lately however I’ve got to go with the Bruins here. Bruins have a great record against the Coyotes but more importantly the goalie situation in Boston is very interesting and swinging towards Rask at the moment. He’s starting tonight and they seem to be having more confidence under him.

I like Bruins to come out fired up after the Predators loss and l think they’ll play a strong, physical game which the young Coyotes team will struggle with.

Bruins in regulation

OHL / WHL / AHL / KHL Betting Tips:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. )

OHL Betting Tips (15-7, +8.31u): North Bay Battalion incl OT/SO at 1.89 odds.

OHL, WHL & AHL & KHL Betting:

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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D to the Z Baby.

Boston bruins PL
Tampa bay Lightning PL
Blues vs stars over 5.5

Good luck.


Not sure of the Bs PL, Yotes have found some jump in their step and Wedgewood is a bona fide NHL starter. However, I do like them for reg.

D to the Z Baby.

I had a feeling 😉

We’ll see


Dogs barked most of the week but I believe it’s favorites day…..


Mostly agree with you, but I think the Stars might take it to the Blues.


Jets, Habs, Blues and Canucks with one.
Bergeron, Stastny and Stone with half.

Jens Denmark

Hope to end a few losing (minor) nights with these bets:

Tampa in reg. @ 1.68 = terrible odds but I have to back Tampa at home against a Colorado side that is coming off a bad defeat to Sabres

Kings PL @ 2.45 = the Kings are on fire right now and are +27 in goal difference (second best). Ottawa has not scored in the last two games and I don’t see much offense improvement tonight against a tight Kings defense

Sharks in reg. @ 2.35 = don’t really have anything to support this bet, but I am going with my gut feelings on this one – and to support the two Danish Sharks players 🙂 (Boedker & Hansen)


Jens Denmark

Adding Kings in reg. @ 1.86 – nice to see that SDB & Oliver T is also backing the Kings tonight 🙂


Jets ML
Canucks ML
Pens ML
Coyotes -1.5 for a fun small bet


Yotes are going to get skinned

Oliver Trigg

Boston fur shop about to get some stock.

Oliver Trigg

Was busy trying to finish some university deadlines yesterday, so didn’t post. I looked at the games and really liked Caps and Ducks, despite usually never betting Caps. They both win on the night I don’t bet – typical. Please to whoever reads this, I do do my research and invest considerable time in choosing my picks. Sometimes, however, things don’t always go with trends. That should be fairly obvious, but had one salty commenter going at me in my previous post where I went 4-6. Anyway, here are todays tips ( I will again place percentages next to the games indicating my personal confidence in them)-

(90%) Jets ML- Yes, I am tipping the Jets again on the road. They didn’t do much vs the Red Wings but the Red Wings were out to make a point after being torn to shreds in their previous two games. These odds on Jets are a gift, this Jets side is among the best 5 teams in the league and has extremely good offensive depth even if they lack defensively at times. The Jets are 6-0 after coming off a loss making them the best bounce back team in the league. The Panthers are without Luongo, and with Reimer in net who has a .892save % and well over 3 goals allowed the Panthers are going to struggle- hard. I expect the Jets to bounce back after their disappointing 5-1 loss to the Wings.

(95% and 90%)Tampa Reg and over 6- I don’t want to over analyse this; Tampa have scored 11 goals since they shifted their offensive lines and are by far the better team here. Colorado get Landeskog back, but having seen them lose to the god awful Sabres at home (much to my dismay) where the Avs have got the vast majority of their wins I really doubt they’ll manage a win here. The Avs have managed a grand total of 3 wins on the road all season and against teams that aren’t close to the bolts in quality (Wings, Flyers and Bruins) and have only managed an average of 1.57 goals in their last 7 games. The Avs have usually managed to find the net average just over 3 a game this season, but they’re struggling right now and even with Landeskog back I’m not sure they’ll get the win. — Reasons for the over- Tampa are scoring enough right now and Colorado conceding enough for Tampa to manage at least 4, and if the Avs manage just a couple of goals the over will hit.

(90%) Kings Reg – This Kings team is rolling right now and you’ll only find value in the reg here. Having won their last 5 game by 2 goals or more I doubt they’ll encounter trouble at home against an impotent Senators side. The way the Senators are right now they’re next to the Sabres in being the worst teams in the NHL. The Pens managed 6 goals against the Islanders (but the Islanders love leaking goals to everyone) but since that game have been shutout twice. Beyond that, the Sens have managed only two goals or less in their last 7 games. The Kings have demolished far better competition than the Sens lately, and unless the Sens really do something magical the Kings are going to rip through them.

(80%) Penguins ML and over (75%) – I’m not just betting favourites here- the Islanders defence is just such a problem for NYI right now conceding 3 goals or more in 5 of their last 6 on the road. The Pens have managed a 4 goal average in their last 6 games and their offence is starting to click. The Pens have only lost twice in a row at home once this season, and with a leaky Islanders coming to town they’ve got a good chance of keeping it that way. Over simply because both sides are capable of scoring huge numbers of goals.

Bruins Reg (70%) – This is a slightly riskier bet given that Arizona has taken the game to overtime in 4 of their last 5 games, but they’ve historically struggled against Boston, having lost all 5 of their last encounters to them in reg. History can mean absolutely nothing, but the Bruins are playing the best they have all season having won 6 of their last 8. The loss to the Oilers can’t really be explained imo, but losing 5-3 to a Preds side who have steamed rolled most of the NHL is nothing to be ashamed of. Back at home, I think Boston can manage a decent win against the Coyotes. Only taking reg due to value.

Leans – Sharks, Canucks, Blues , Habs.


I agree with all them but which 2 picks are you the most confident Oliver ?

Oliver Trigg

Probably Tampa Reg and Kings Reg. Both teams are up against far inferior opponents, have the home advantage and are in completely different form to the teams they’re up against.

Oliver Trigg

Not to mention both Ottawa and Colorado are in back to back spots here. Tampa and Kings have rest advantage.

D to the Z Baby.

Can i talk to you in private somewhere

Oliver Trigg

Only here I’m afraid. What’s up?

D to the Z Baby.

I just started sport betting 1 month ago . I just want some advices , whats good to bet and what is not good to bet on. Im not loosing but im not winning im alwayse even , i got 5 to 7 open bets a night , i loose some but i win some to that makes me go even but i feel like im doint stupide bet or to risky like 3 PL bets for exemple ! Globaly i just want some tips about what not to do .

Oliver Trigg

I would generally avoid making plays that make your chances of winning harder. Predicting a winner in ice hockey is hard enough, but predicting a team to win by 2 goals or more is even harder. The returns are greater, but sometimes less is more. I would rather win £10 15 times than £50 once. Good money management is also essentially- google how to manage your bank roll. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

D to the Z Baby.

Thanks a lot.


Can I follow you somewhere? 😀

Oliver Trigg

Just here.

Oliver Trigg

EDIT**** – Flyers ML- There is plenty of value here, and with news that Boeser is out for Canucks for 6 weeks I’ve got to like the Flyers chances here. Bet with caution.


Pretty much in agreement with you today

Oliver Trigg

Boeser is out for Canucks… did you see?


No, hmmm

Oliver Trigg

Correction sorry- Bo Horvat is out no Boeser.

Maikel Vd Ven

Like youre tips and the explanation of it.
Have almost the same.
Good luck.

Keep up the good work

Oliver Trigg

Glad to be of service! Good luck!


What a great week of hockey and action!!!! Big shout out to the boys at betnhl and to my boys Oliver and SDB!!!!


Jets ML -120 – As Graeme mentioned Jets are a great bounce back team. They are 7-1 after allowing 4+ goals in previous game and 5-1 after a loss by 2+ goals in previous game. They are 8-3 vs teams with losing records. Jets are the better team and I feel confident they will take it to the Cats despite being on the road and having a rookie in net. With Reimer in net for the Cats I also like the over.

Bruins reg -125 – This is actually a risky bet because Yotes have been playing well while riding the hot goaltending of Wedgewood. However, Bs have been playing great and the Garden is a very tough barn.

Kings reg -125 – I have a high level of confidence with this play. Kings are playing great while Sens can’t score or stop the scoring against them. Kuemper is in net for LAK and he’s got a great record. Sens are starting Condon and he has not been great – 2-2-3, 3.18 GAA. Might be a good spot for a PL bet too.

Dallas ML +135 – Stars are a very good bounce back team and are playing well – 4-1 in past 5 games. Blues are slumping and this is a great place to take the dog and get good value.

Nucks ML -120 – Vancouver has put a nice win streak together and I can’t see the Flyers winning 3 in a row on the road. The grind of the Western Canada road trip has to be taking a toll especially because this is a b2b. Nucks are getting great value here at -120.

For parlays, I’d combine any of the two above tips. The one I’m going with is Jets ML + Stars ML for max value.



What do you think of MTL reg? Flames are putting up David Rittich in the net


My first predictions in this forum:

Jets ML
Senators ML
Kings – Senators over 5,5


Welcome and good luck

Adrian Žé Rosipal

1-1 last night
3-2 totally
Tonight bets:
Bruins REG
Sharks ML
Philly ML

Adrian Žé Rosipal

Also adding Pittsburgh to score first

Xavier Awouters


Pens o2.5 TT
Bruins o2.5 TT
Kings o2.0 TT
Jets o2.0 TT
Tampa in OT

x 4.70

Good luck to you all tonight.


Hy Everybody , What do you think about the Habs ?

Western RattlersD

I think the Habs will show up and play well. The question is how well the undependable Flames will play. They’ll want to do well against Montreal (though it’s not a rivalry, it’s two Canadian teams), but while I expect maybe 6 Flames, as usual, to play great, will the full team show up too? Can’t tell. These two teams are almost EXACTLY matched for goals for/against at this point, which is extremely rare. They are also both playing the same W/L at home/away. I can’t touch this one. It could swing 7-2 either way or to go overtime at 2-2 just as easy.


thank you for your answer
what are your choices tonight ?

Western RattlersD

To WIN: Tampa and Los Angeles
OVER: Tampa
Leans: Winnipeg, Boston and Vancouver to win, but I don’t feel much confidence in those leans.


Thank you

Western RattlersD

I just added Pittsburgh OVER as a pick. Pittsburgh is often on my “don’t bet” list because they’re so unpredictable, but the Islanders are a scoring and scored-on dynamo, so it should go over, or I’ll eat a hockey puck.

Juri Safoshin

Bolts, Kings, Penguins win.

Also predict Habs to win in regulation and Canucks have been a great team recently + the odd is nice for me. They will probably win.

Oliver Trigg

Boeser is out for Canucks- that is a fairly major injury.

Juri Safoshin

Thanks Oliver.

Juri Safoshin

Flyers have been a money puck ))), – believe people took their regulation win.

JayelCee GB

I’m a penguin fan. Odds aren’t too good for me to go with the penguins in this one. You never know what pens side turns up this season. Good luck

Juri Safoshin

Yep, the odds could have been a few steps higher – in accordance to the opponent strong form, – single bet as i like Pens offence.
Also took Habs, separate bet, regulation win.
Good Luck.

JayelCee GB

Hey we were both right on the pens game ?

Juri Safoshin

Before going to sleep ( Europe ) i saw the Pens shots on goal stats at the first period and though the puck line on Pens would have been a good bet ))).
Will follow them, next home matches – Leafs are not at their form (odd around 2.00 or higher), and predict that the Avalanche will be defeated at the regulation as well.


Jets-Panthers O6, Avalance-Lightning O5.5, Kings reg, Canadiens reg
Keeping it safe tonight!


2-2, a little too safe..


So why is no one talking about the habs?
Isn’t rittich in net for flames a good enough reason to back the habs ?

Oliver Trigg

Their winning streak had a lot to do with their scheduling. A lot of subpar opponents. Calgary are nothing special, but odds are awful for a Habs win unless you go reg.

Juri Safoshin

Took them, regulation win, single bet, go Habs.
Good Luck.

Geir Aage R Jensen

Pittsburgh ML
Ottawa ML

Geir project 1/8
Florida ML
Flyers ML
Good luck everyone!

Johnny Hockey

> Bruins
> Habs
> Tampa
> Kings

> Overs: Pens/Isles & Blues/Stars


Kings -1.5
Bruins -1.5
Bolts -1.5

Any thoughts?

Gavin Baldwin

Im going
Bruins in Regulation
Kings in Regulation
Plus I got New Orleans Saints over the falcons in the NFL
Good luck all

Christian Gee

Would be cool here if there was some kind of live chat so we could talk during games for inplay thoughts.


Any good bets today?


I have jets and king win regulation

Christian Gee

Looking at Tampa bay total goals over 3.5 at 1.91…thoughts ?


Looks good

Christian Gee

I went over 5.5 game total on lightning Vs avalanche in the end…phew came in

Christian Gee

Almost did do lightning over 3.5 goals but was worried about them only hitting 3 !

Juri Safoshin

I’d take Bruins InPlay, but the odd is too low, in case it gets higher – would do so.

Michal Tyburec

Tampa , LA ,Vancouver… win


Dam jets already lost 3 min 2 goals….

Bjørn Marcelius Stensberg

They turned it around


Everytime i pick a team regulare win it ends with draw