avatar Written by Graeme on Sunday, December 8th, 2019

Oooft – disappointing one yesterday as we went 0-3. Sorry guys.

We had the Bruins to beat the Avs. However the Avs were able to win there even after they had to replace their goalie in the first period when Grubauer picked up an injury. Very disappointing one.

Took a risk on the Wild to win at a decent price. That one didn’t pan out as the Canes rocked them 6-2. Always a risk to bet against Carolina and they showed up yesterday.

The Leafs actually showed up last night with a big first period where they ran roughshod on the Blues 4-1. They ended up winning 5-2 with Matthews getting a double as he ended his drought.

Today there is five games on the board but unfortunately no tips today.

I think the Sabres and Rangers both have value. Not enough for me to advise but I think they are pretty good plays.

Panthers vs Sharks I think has a decent chance of going over but looking into it more, I think it’s one we’d require a bit of luck.

Coyotes are probably a decent play but man I cannot figure Chicago out lately. I really want to back Arizona here but my luck the Hawks would show up.

So yeah no tips today. There’ll be lots in the comments I am sure so be sure to post in there and give your thoughts etc.

Sorry again about the losing night!

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