avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Well with the NHLs wonderful scheduling – we still don’t know who is all in round 2 of the NHL Playoffs even though Round 2 begins tonight.

We know we have Stars vs Blues, Lightning vs Islanders and Capitals vs Penguins but we’re still waiting to see who the Sharks face and we’ll find that out tonight.

What we’re going to do today is cover the Game 7 of the Ducks vs Predators, as well as the series prediction for the Islanders vs Lightning series which begins tonight.

We’ll then have an article tomorrow covering the rest of the series, or at least the Penguins vs Capitals and Blues vs Stars series.

Let’s get to it:

Predators vs Ducks Game 7 Betting Tips:

Scott  This is going to be an intense game.  It’s the Preds first game 7 in team history.  The Ducks have lost 4 game 7’s in a row so this is going to be bringing up bad memories for them.

But with the Ducks at home I like their chances in this game.  They are familiar with games 7’s and the Preds powerplay has been terrible.  Getzlaf and Perry will put the team on their backs for this one.

Ducks in regulation

Graeme: Throughout the series I’ve just not been convinced yet by the Predators. I’ve watched every game and it always feels like it’s the Ducks who control the outcome. You know that feeling? The Predators didn’t win Game 1 or Game 2 – the Ducks lost them.

Before every Ducks game I always remind myself how bad they were at the beginning of the season with basically the same players. I tipped the Ducks in 6 at the beginning of the series as I thought they may struggle a bit – but some of the games just feels like they aren’t showing up. I can’t bet this one. No Bet.

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Islanders vs Lightning Series Betting Tips:

Scott: The Islanders went out and upset the Panthers while the Lightning took out the Red Wings without Stamkos and Stralman.

The Islanders just never give up.  It’s impressive to watch and you have to wonder how far it will carry them in the playoffs.

The Lightning made it to the 2nd round thanks in large part to the Johnson, Killorn and Kucherov line.  They will need to do that again.  Tough series to call but they Isles won’t quit. So unless the Triplets Line can continue their strong play for the whole series and if Stamkos comes back and is in game shape I see the Isles edging them out

Isles in 6

Graeme: I’m seeing a lot of people tout the Islanders but I’m not sold on them yet. I’m not sold on Tampa either but I did like the way they played as well as the physicality they showed out there.

That’s enough for me to take Lightning in 6. They showed a lot of competiveness and while I loved that the Islanders didn’t give up – my money is on Tampa.

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Glad to see you’re in agreement on both topics, lol. Just kidding, that’s what makes it fun sometimes.


lol yeah doing it this way is so much easier for us. The first year we had the site we did the picks together and there was just so many arguments and trying to convince each other. When it comes to individual games it’s not as bad for when it comes to a series it can be brutal to agree sometimes.


Going with preds just because of value odds


I like Ducks, i want Ducks, i hope Ducks.


Not gonna happen!

Johnny Hockey

Tampa – Isles | Over 5?

Dennis De Hunter

Looking good!


I like the under for both games tonight. Preds/Sharks O/U series is U2-O1-P3 and this game is going to be very tight. Isles/Bolts O/U in previous series was U6-O3-P3.

Bolts ML – they are 7-0 with 3 days rest!

good luck boys

Arto Reinikainen

Bet for tonight is Isles-Bolts over 4.5 in RT and Ducks in regulation combo. Honestly im not even close to 100% confidence on either of them, and especially the Ducks odds are (as expected) a bit too low for my liking. But i put them together and hope for the best.
I’ve been going over the Isles-Bolts series in my head a few times now. At first my thought was those Isles odds to win the series (and tonight’s game) are juicy, and without possibly Stralman and most definitely Stamkos, the Bolts aren’t better.
But.. in the end i just think the Bolts will win it. And the series won’t even be close (unless the Isles can steal this game 1 somehow). There’s one big reason and that’s Ben Bishop. He’s a freakin monster in the playoffs. Games are played tight and you have a 6’7″ goalie back there. He can and most likely will steal one game which can start a snowball effect on the Isles scorers confidence. Another reason is of course home advantage and man oh man the Bolts are good at home. And honestly i was comparing the Bolts & Isles rosters for a good 30 minutes today, and even without Stralman&Stamkos they are still a bit better than the Isles IMO (they’re without Lee and Grabovski). Not to mention Stralman is close to returning and with him the Isles are better on paper no doubt about it.


*you mean with Stralman, BOLTS are better…

Arto Reinikainen

Yeh, brainfart ^^


Ducks in regulation
Tampa win
1st period


Away wins tonight?