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Well we can thank Anaheim and St Louis for the Grand Salami win yesterday as they had a barnburner of a game. We ended up with a 2-1 winning night, with the Flyers picking up the shootout win against the Hurricanes in our other winning pick. The one loss was Sabres vs Islanders as the goals tapped out at a disappointing 5. Really looked like it was going to go over but Ryan Miller had other ideas.

Lots of great hockey yesterday – even as a Habs fan, it went from “What the hell is this” to “Well at least I’ve got a reason to drink more beer”. We’ve got 6 games on the board for today. Although Habs are my team, Blackhawks are my 2nd favourite team – I’ve really grown to appreciate them over the years. So I’m especially enjoying this season – and looking forward to hopefully another Blackhawks win today.

Also if you’re wondering:

When Will The Tampa Bay Lightning vs Boston Bruins Match Take Place?

If you’re wondering why the Lightning vs Bruins game was postponed, it was due to the bad weather. As of right now there is no date set for a make-up date but I will post it here when they decide.

Looking at the schedule of both teams, I can’t see it taking place in February. They’ll need a couple of weeks to set everything up again. On Saturday March 2nd, the Lightning play the Bruins and neither team has a game on March 1st so I would guess that they may look at doing a double header there with back-to-back games.

That’s just a guess though. Alright onto tonights NHL Betting Tips:

LA Kings vs Detroit Red Wings Betting Tips: Red Wings To Win

The defending champions are having quite the season of struggles. The Red Wings know all about that. Overall though – LA are still a bit of a mess. Doughty is just dreadful at the moment, and although they picked up Ellerby it’s a bit risky to have a new defensive matchup – they will take a little while to gel. The Red Wings seemed to have LA’s number last season too when the Kings came to visit.

I just can’t ignore the betting odds on this one – -110 at Bodog. That’s a great deal on the Red Wings winning.

LA Kings vs Detroit Red Wings Betting Tips: Red Wings -1.5 Puck Line

I very rarely double-dip on a bet, but I’m going to here. I really do like Detroit against LA, and I think they will win this one by at least 2-3 goals. Detroit is always a tough matchup, and LA’s inconsistencies aren’t working in their favour.

We’re betting the puck line here – Red Wings -1.5. The odds on this are +258 and this means Detroit need to win by at least two. I’ve no problem handicapping the Red Wings here. I’m confident they win often enough by two to make this one a profit.

This bet is available at Bodog also.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Rangers: Over 5.5

The Lightning have had a nice rest due to no game against Boston on Saturday, and they’ll be raring to go. They already average over four goals per game, and they’re going up against the Rangers elite offense. Goborik, Nash and Richards have been killing it and I’m looking forward to a lot of goals. Plus Lundqvist is in goal and he seems to always struggle against the Lightning.

Let’s go for goals in this one – and again the best place currently to bet it is at [geocode id=5.

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