avatar Written by Scott on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Well that was a close night but we finished going 2-1.

First we had the Stars to beat the Wild which they did 4-3 but they needed OT to get it done.

Next we had Islanders to win against the Blue Jackets but this game needed the shootout and the Isles came away with the 3-2 win.

The loss of the night was the tip of the Lightning to beat the Canadiens but the Habs won 4-2 to put together a rare 3 game win streak.

Lucic made his return to Boston when the Kings took on the Bruins and wow.  The Kings pounded the Bruins 9-2 and had 57 shots.  Lucic had a goal and an assist in the game.

A slow night with only 3 games. We will only have one tip for tonight’s games. But let’s start another winning streak.

Senators vs Red Wings Betting Tips:

With the huge trade yesterday of Dion Phanuef going to the rival Ottawa Senators, you have to think that the Sens are going to have some sort of momentum coming into this game.  Phanuef had a hard time in Toronto where so much was expected of him being the captain.  I think a new start is going to be good for him. I still remeber how amazing he was when he was with the Flames.

I think the Sens have a shot to win this game and the odds for it make it a no brainer for us and easily worth the risk.

Senators win

Canada: 2.45 Odds
USA: +135 Odds
Everyone Else: 2.45 Odds


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I’m going to have to disagree with you on the sens… The team will need time to mesh and their heads will not be in it with the current move .. Human element will be a big factor …

1 – Detriot
2 – Pittsburg (current win streak)
3- Arizona

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Detroit should win as Mrzak has been terrific in goal. I think the price has no value and I do not trust Sens in this spot.
Pitt ML — Penguins offense is firing on all cylinders. The loss of McDonough will hurt Rangers in this spot.
AZ ML — Tough spot for Vancouver as the Nucks are in a back-to-back situation and having played in high altitude the night before (Colorado). I am hopeful the extra days off would benefit the Coyotes, getting more practice time in.

Arto Reinikainen

Damn, i’ve had 3 awful nights in a row, something that hasn’t happened since November. I’ve had it coming though, and it’s pretty much expected to lose your focus every once in a while. Also thanks to Viaplay + NHL TV combination for still not working, how long does it take to figure this shit out ?? I haven’t seen an NHL game in 5 days and it’s starting to piss me off.

3 losing nights is enough for my likings and im starting to think moneyline is something i need to take into consideration a lot more. I’ve always gone for the OT instead if i think there’s a chance for overtime, but in the long run i think i’d benefit a lot more from ML’s as i seem to have the winner right most of the time.

Anyway, let’s get down to it:

Senators-Red Wings: This will be a very very close game. Big one for both teams divisional-wise, and honestly i don’t see much separating these two teams right now. Sens got Phaneuf to give them a big boost and Wings are missing Kronwall+Green. All this considered it would be easy to go for Ottawa as their odds are great (and at the same time the Red Wings odds are horrendous, no value whatsoever). But i personally don’t think they’ll get it done in regulation, and if the game goes to OT it’s completely up in the air making me avoid ML. If Detroit didn’t have Mrazek and just a “good” #1 instead, i’d go for the Sens, but Petr is a beast. Honestly i think OT has the best value by far, as the Red Wings as a whole have a bit better overall package for this game, but at the same time Sens have lost 2 in a row against them, so i have a hard time seeing Ottawa giving up in regulation. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some late game heroics to tie it up in this one.I know i said i’ll start to avoid OT’s, but this is one i feel like i gotta go for. Also my “point-rating” system suggests overtime. 4.00 odds @ nordicbet are great.

Rangers-Penguins: This will be a bit different Pens Rangers game than what we’ve used to seeing i guess, without Geno, without McDonagh+Nash and a new coach in Sullivan, someone who Vigneault hasn’t faced yet, this game has an unknown flavor to it. Similar to the Detroit-Ottawa game, i think this will be a very close game, not much to separate these two teams at the moment. Games between divisional-rivals tend to end in regulation and have late GWG’s a lot more than other games. I know i went for OT in the Detroit-Ottawa game, but that game had the revenge factor to it by Ottawa’s side. Sullivan+Vigneault are facing for the first time and i feel like the revenge factor is usually more of a coach vs coach thing, they’re the ones to get your players fired up. Considering the Pens are unbeatable at home right now and getting it done in 60 mins game after game i think they’ll get it done one way or another. Not the best value, but my pick is Pens in regulation @ 2.20.

Canucks-Coyotes: Coyotes are on a 4 game losing streak meanwhile the Canucks have played well recently, just not have got the results for it until last game vs Avs. Edler+Sutter are out so it seems like the Nucks can’t catch a break, but they should be used to this already. And what i remember from the first 2 meetings this year i thought the Nucks were the better team in both meetings. I absolutely love Canucks in ML. 2.10 are very good odds.

I hope i got it right this time around, at least i put the effort into it.
Good luck !


You definitely do put the effort in. Always appreciate your well thought insights. I know how you feel about the OT bet too. My poison is the puckline and then to top it off I like to parlay games going for the big pay off. If I were to just play the moneyline I would often do better …. maybe

Tough night tonight with not many options for snipes.

The only thing that really jumps out to me is the UNDER in the Canucks/Coyotes game. Vancouver tends to play a tight game on the road and grind out wins, and add the fact that Miller is projected to start and has a sparkling 1.65 GAA all time against Arizona, I can see this being a boring game.

I wouldn’t tip the other games but for the sake of consensus I would lean towards:

Wings > Sens + Under
Pens > Rangers + Under

Arto Reinikainen

Thanks man ! Yeah haha, i guess we all have our bad habits.
Under makes sense i guess ^^

Arto Reinikainen

Gah, if the Ottawa game was played a week later that would’ve been OT for sure, but it seems like things never work out after a big trade like that, they just werent on the same page.

I mean this is not exactly news but good to know it does matter more than i anticipated. All 3 teams that have made big trades this year have lost their first games with their new player. Nashville lost to Avs 3-5, Columbus lost to Canes 1-4 and now Ottawa lost.

And of course the Pens home streak ended now. It was a good ride, but everything comes to an end, figures it happens now when things aren’t going well for me.


Stop playing it for a while. You have lost already many times and decision what you make ll not be that clear.


You’re going to lose more bets than you win with overtime – just the way it is. There’s always a lot of nasty variance with it.


Yes that is true and that is why we must low the risks. We can do it so that pick 1 or least 2 game. Which i prefer is 1 in 1 ticket. For ex. I picked 12 games and put each to different tickets and won with 9.
If you really want to win then do it that way otherwise you get more risk.

Btw i am here in that forum to collect the others ideas to compare them with my statistics. In the early times things werent that good for me but it gets better.


Dude, even though I’ve taken a beating based on some of your picks lately, I appreciate the thoughts and the analysis. So don’t stop, you’re doing well regardless and I appreciate your time.




Canucks win!

Good luck!


I’m following your picks, mate. Please post more often!