avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, February 10th, 2018

That was a hell of a night of hockey wth some great action.

The Rangers managed to get a big win over the surging Flames. That was one we wanted to tip yesterday but couldn’t – the odds just didn’t justify it based on both teams form. Rangers still have a lot of issues though and that was a lucky one for them – will be interesting to see if they can build from that.

The Jets didn’t show up for the Blues game which was disappointing. And the Capitals did what the Capitals do – shoot less than half as much as the opposition, and come out winners.

That Red Wings/Islanders game went over as expected and holy crap what a 3rd period that was. That was just an absolutely insane game and the Islanders make it two big comebacks in a row and this time they actually win it! That’s going to give them some crazy confidence going forward.

They’ll be a good team to live bet if they’re getting thumped for the next little while.

It was a great night for hockey and I enjoyed my roast! The finished product:

So bloody tender. Had some people asking. It’s:

– 4lbs of chuck roast (beef blade roast in Canada)
– packet of ranch dressing mix
– packet of au jus gravy
– 5-6 pepperoncini peppers
– 1 butter stick

Roast in slow cooker, cover it in ranch, cover it in gravy, put the butter stick on top then throw on the peppers. Then just cook it on low for 8 hrs. Then use the gravy that it makes to cover the meat for the uber sick taste.

Right. Tips.

Leafs vs Senators Betting Tips:

Battle of Ontario blah blah blah, current form doesn’t matter – if you’ve been following us you know the drill by now. We’ve bet the over 3 times this season already in this game and it’s came in every time.

That’s not to say we should do it blindly. These are always our favourite bets to assess – basically it’s one that sticks out right away and so we have to look at things and pile up the negatives on it to see if we can argue ourselves out of it.

Can’t really do that though. Leafs at home are scoring a lot. Sens on the road have been poor but their offense has been ticking last couple of games and they’re motivated. I mean the best goalie here is Andersen and he let in 3, 4 and 5 against the Sens so far this season. If it goes under it goes under but we’ll back the over yet again this season.

Over 6 goals incl OT/SO

Unit/Confidence Betting Tips:

(We are experimenting with adding unit/confidence to our betting tips. For more details see this post.)

Leafs/Sens Over 6 – 1u. Probs gonna regret not doing 2u but my betting system doesn’t agree with the over (hard to program it for these type of games) based on current form/stats so just the 1.

Lighting in reg – 0.5u. They should win but I’m still wary of how they perform after that big road trip and Kings are starting to get confidence. I see a lot of people backing the Kings here and honestly at those odds it’s probably an +EV bet. However Tampa had no problem getting by the Kings D last time.

OHL / WHL / AHL / KHL Betting Tips:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. )

OHL Betting Tips (25-11, +12.25u): Sarna Sting in reg 1.80. North Bay Battalion incl OT/SO 1.86. 0.5u on Kitchener Rangers incl OT/SO 1.98. 0.5u double on Knights/Greyhounds Knights in reg Greyhounds inco OT/SO at 1.95.

WHL Betting Tips (22-18, +1.83u): Swift Current Broncos in reg 2.00.

AHL Betting Tips (24-19, +3.94u): 0.5u on San Diego Gulls incl OT/SO at 2.63. Iowa Wild in reg 2.15.

OHL, WHL & AHL & KHL Betting:

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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Eivind Kjartansson

I like the Over tip and going for it. Any thoughts about the Blue Jackets game? They are hard to bet on these days..
That’s the games I watch though, so I like to place a small bet anyway.



Here’s a bigger picture:) Jackets have lost 5 with 10GF/17GA last 5gms; 16-10-1@home; 2-7-1 last 10gms. Korpisalo (If he starts) 2.97GA. Jersey have lost 2 and 15GF/13GA last 5gms; 12-9-5 on the road and 4-6-0 last 10gms. Kinkaid 3.12GA (confirmed dailyfaceoff) Jersey beat them 4-1 & Jackets beat them 5-3. Jackets played last night and Jersey had a day off. Good luck!

Edis Hadzic

flayers ML wild ML leafs ML bolts MLpreds ML

Mar Mar

i like the over on the leafs just not very confident on tampa to stop the hot kings at the moment. Great value on kings ML and probably worth .5u. Hockey is always fluky as we saw in the wings isles game

I do have a quick question. When you guys are analyzing match ups and have your picks is usually always before noon. Most websites confirm starting goalies by 4pm. Does that not play into your equation like it does mine?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

We have them up before noon EST to accomodate our European audience. We’ve got a ton of European visitors and when we used to do tips later we’d get lots of complaints.

Goalies are a factor but the probable/expected goalie is usually the one that’s in 90% of the time. If the pick itself is largely dependent on the goalie, we’ll mention that only bet it IF it’s that goalie in net

Mar Mar

Thank you for the reply. I do remember a tip a couple weeks back where you stated it was dependent on the goalie.


Everyone on here is amazing at posting right up to the min info.

With starting goalies unless it’s a back to back or injury, 80% of the time #1 is playing.

The odd time if the starter has terrible #z against the team their facing the coach will go with the back up. Very rare but it does happen.


The Over is possible considering Anderson is 3.14 and Andersen 4.08 GA vs Sens (both confirmed daily face off) previous gms: Sens 6-3, Sens 4-3 & Leafs 4-3. Kings won last night with Quick but gave up 36SOG. If they tighten up defensively and Kuemper starts, an upset is possible. Kuemper last 5gms: 4-1-0 *he relieved Quick in that loss; 4GA & 2SO. Good luck!

Juri Safoshin

Took 1 unit bets on:

Leafs -1.5
Coyotes vs Flyers, draw
Wild at regulation
Sharks win (no draw)




Hope that you did bet lot of money on this one ?

مدريدي اصيل


Johnny Hockey

– First thoughts –

AHL: Marlies -1.0 AH, Griffins incl. OT, Comets -1.0 AH, Wolf Pack incl. OT
OHL: Greyhounds -1.0 AH, Battalion incl. OT, Sting in reg, Colts -1.0 AH
WHL: Broncos incl. OT


Devils, Flyers, Wild and Avalanche with 1u;
Spooner, Fiala, Granlund and Konecny with 0.5u.

Calle Medin

Sharks and Wild will be my tips tonight – 2u.


Rask & Johnson (confirmed dailyfaceoff) Odds are lousy but PL is possible when you consider: Johnson (3.67GA) last 5gms 15GA and 1-4-0; *1 loss to relieve Lehner
Sabres last 5gms: 10GF/15GA
Rask (2.09GA) Bruins last 5gms:
17GF/8GA; (stats oddsmaker)
*Don’t think the Bruins will take this gm lightly (34 pts ahead of the Sabres) and starting their #1 goalie is a good indication they’re not. Of course, we know anything can happen:) Sabres did beat Bruins 5-4OT way back in Oct & Bruins beat Sabres 3-0 in Dec. Good luck all!

John UduakD

sabres win

Arto Reinikainen

Blue Jackets O3.5 (incl. OT) @ 2.55

I think the floodgates open tonight.


I do not really like betting on any of today’s game, the odds for favorites are unbelievable small (1.55 for Bruins reg, 1.71 for Leafs reg), and the other matches could go actually either way. I will probably end up with couple of PLs, Parlays, and maybe I will go with Wilds or Sharks reg, dont know yet.

Geir Aage R Jensen

Over 5.5 in maple Leafs vs Senators
And Devils win Reg

Johnny Hockey

Johnson vs the Bruins – Sabres will get hammered!


Bruins -3.5?

Johnny Hockey

Bruins -1.5 HC & Bruins over 3.5 goals (excl. OT)


That should work

Johnny Hockey

I played to “safe” bets: Bruins -1.0 AH & Bruins over 3.0 goals (excl. OT)

Juri Safoshin

))) rather then Sabres +3.5

Ok, i just took Bruins -1.5, fun bet


I will put Bruins -3,5 as a fun bet, I think at @5.35 it is fairly interesting bet, because Bruins have definitely the delivery potential…


I don’t think Bruins blow em out. I’m tempted to play Buff PL but I’m running 50/50 on week. What I believe means nothing tho it’s only my gut feeling.


Buff-Bz 1p over 1.5 -115
Chico-Minni 1p over 1.5 – 110

add 2 more


over: Leafs Sens, Sharks Oilers
to win: Preds
both to score in 1p: Lightning Kings
will see GL all 🙂


I don’t like any bets tonight.

It’s been a terrible week losing quite a few units, so tonight being sensible and not laying anything.

Good luck to anyone who has placed!

Geir Aage R Jensen

Sabres win Reg


Very nice ??


Awesome call, congrats!


Live wager San if no score late in 1st

Want over 2.5g but need odds under -140


Oil 6 2 2 last 10 against San 0 2 on trip
San have pops in the stands watching

3 3 game who do ya go with ?