avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, February 12th, 2017

A nice busy day full of action yesterday and we had 5 tips.  We went 3-2 so a winning night!

We had the Canucks vs Bruins game to go over 5 goals and it did when Boston won 4-3.  The Bruins have won the first 2 games under new head coach Bruce Cassidy.

We had the Capitals to win in regulation against the Ducks and they did winning 6-4.  The Caps were up 3-0 after the 1st and the Ducks managed to tie it just after halfway through the 3rd but the Caps came away with the win.

Our last win of the night was the Blues to beat the Canadiens.  This was a good back and forth game but the Blues came out winners 4-2.

We had the Pens in regulation but they lost 4-3  in OT to the Coyotes.  The Pens were down 3-1 late in the 3rd but managed to force OT.

We also has the Predators to win in regulation against the Panthers but Florida showed up for this one and won 7-4.

There’s 6 games for us today.

Sharks vs Devils Betting Tips:

The Sharks have lost 4 games in a row so when they get to play the Devils they must be excited as they have had luck against them going 7-3 over the last 10 meetings.

The Devils have won 2 in a row but dont have the strongest home record.

The Sharks are a strong team and have a good shot at ending the losing skid in this one.

Sharks Win incl OT/SO

Canada: 1.80 Odds at BetOnline.
USA: -124 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.80 Odds at BetOnline.

Canadiens vs Bruins Betting Tips:

A great rivalry game here.

The Habs are struggling right now.  Their last 2 games have been high scoring.

The Bruins have won 2 in a row under their new coach.  Their last 8 games have been high scoring.

These orignal 6 teams are the greatest rivalry in all the NHL.  With both teams playijg last night fatigue could play a roll in this game but I still like their to be goals

Over 5

Canada: 1.72 Odds at BetOnline.
USA: -138 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.72 Odds at BetOnline.

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Henry Del Valle Sr.

Great night yesterday…let’s do it again!

SJ TT O 2.5
Nash ML
Nash TT O 2.5
Mont ML — very scary but taking chance
Bos/MTL O 5
Mont TT O 2.5
Buffalo TT O 2.5
Buff/Van O 5
NYIslanders TT O 2.5
Good luck!


Agree with everything except putting money on Montreal, that comes to me too risky. Im going to avoid it or maybe even put money on Bruins…


Hello Henry how are you ? For SJ it’s their 4 games in 5 days ??? NJ are more fresh

Norbert Buzási

The Sharks looked off yesterday. Had momentums, but they wasn’t quite there. I don’t know what to expect from them in b2b early games, but I would not play them, that is for sure. They are the better team, but they were the better team yesterday too and didn’t show it off.

Norbert Buzási

Couldnt even score on a 2min 5on3. Cmon man. Im on the over.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Hello Manolo! The team that is coming off the mandatory five-day rest period is now 3-11. Edmonton was in the same spot and Blackhawks killed them. Sharks did the same today to Devils.


I’ve not seen your reply…. Yes it’s incredible ! thanks and take care

NìdHal Saìdi

What’s the mean TT ?

Norbert Buzási

Total or Team Total. So the total amount by that team.

NHL Daily Tips

Again many good picks! I will keep it much more simple than that today 😉


What is your thought behind putting money on Habs?

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I’m buying on bad news. Habs haven’t played well-fact. Bruins rejuvenated under new coach-fact. Habs have dominated Bruins-fact. I’m gambling that Bruins come down to earth a bit and Habs step it up. I ❤️ the Over the best.

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Watching the Bruins game yesterday I got the impression they were tired. Like during the first period especially some of the players looked exhausted after each shift. I’m wondering if they’re doing some pretty intensive training and that coupled with the high pace will catch up with them. Couldn’t really tip it but I’ve got a bet on the Habs.


vancouver/buffalo over 5 is what I have today guys. Good luck

Petri Kontiola

Great value for Devils in regulation, 2.75. Also like Islanders@1.71 and Sabres @ 2.15.


Canadiens ML
Islanders in reg
Canucks ML


Why does my post keep getting deleted?

Petri Kontiola

Some disqus shit. My friend Henry Del Valle Sr. is in the same situation.


Thanks. It’s not like I write my predictions in a different way than any others on this site, so it seems a bit weird. I try writing them as a response then

Devils ML
Preds-Stars O5.5
Bruins reg
Sabres reg


Maybe accuracy is 100% and Bookies doing this ? 😀


Like the conspiracy. Though the Devils bet doesn’t seem bright at the moment.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Yes sir! I think it has something to do with using a computer at the office. Something to do with IP addresses from certain numbers. Too technical to explain. Use your mobile phone or home computer and it won’t be deleted. Also, it doesn’t like long explanations. Just write out your plays and if someone asks for thoughts, you can write them as replies.

NHL Daily Tips

Tonights picks from me will be

Wild in reg
WILD/DET over 5.5
Isles TT over 2.5



Henry Del Valle Sr.

I’ll hand you the broom because I see a sweep!

NHL Daily Tips

Haha thanks man!
In a last minute call I added Wild TT over 3.5 and Preds/Stars over 5

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I wish I did as well but was busy doing something and couldn’t get to it. Well done!


I took sharks/devils ovr5.0 @ -110. That was all for now.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Minn in reg


Habs-Bruins 1st period no goal


Wings to score 3+ goals live @ 1.8


Cash in XD

Jeremy Patoine

Dallas……………………. please

sigh……up 3-0 to finish 3-5.. ive seen tons of games but this is something..