avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, February 13th, 2015

A disappointing 1-2 last night.

We won with the New York Islanders beating the Toronto Maple Leafs. We lost with the Over 5.5 goals on Ducks vs Hurricanes as they managed to have two goalless periods. That was just lovely. The Ducks were a lot more conservative, with just 17 shots on goal. The Hurricanes had 36 shots and pounded the net but it just couldn’t work out.

We had the Lightning over the Blues but the Blues came into this one just on fire, while the Lightning looked like they were already looking ahead to their long road trip.

A crazy night of hockey with the Edmonton Oilers coming from behind twice, to beat the Montreal Canadiens. And what about Ottawa? 3-0 down, they managed to come back and force a shootout with the Penguins in an amazing game which the Penguins won.

Before I go any further – I quickly wanted to mention my Golf Betting Tips website. I’ve had a lot of success in the past few months there, and 2 weeks ago I managed to nail 3 Top 5 places out of 3. Golf can be fun as hell to bet on because most of the time, it’s going to be a high odds pick. So while they won’t come in as often as other sports, when they do it is always awesome.

I still remember betting/tipping LPGA for the first time after 6 months of research and playing with the numbers, and nailing a 40/1 pick. $100 to win $4100 – really makes you become a fan of the LPGA! And if you’re someone who often bets on the Leafs to win – well, you’ll be used to odds like that.

So yeah – GolfBettingTips.org – check it out, and be sure to subscribe via e-mail.

Blackhawks vs Devils Betting Tips:

Based on recent form, it’s really hard to tip the Chicago Blackhawks at the moment. But we have to. 2 home losses in a row, and going up against the Devils. You’d have to hope that the Blackhawks get their shit together. More often than not, this game should be a blowout by the Blackhawks, and we have to bet that it will be here. Bet the Blackhawks -1.5.

Grand Salami: Under 27.5 Goals

This is a very tough night to tip games. It was very hard to pull the trigger on that Blackhawks game. There are so many of these games where a team needs a win more than anything else, to the point where you think they will play conservative.

We’re going to bank on quite a few tight games tonight, and take the Under on the Salami at 27.5 goals.

With just 5 games, this is the perfect night to try some daily fantasy hockey at DraftKings.

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