avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

It was a good night with the NHL last night as we went 2-0 with the betting tips and we also won our AHL Tip.

That Devils bet yesterday is basically my favourite bet to make – because I feel it takes the pressure/potential blame off me and more onto the Devils. They can make the playoffs, they’re talking about making the playoffs – if you’re a playoff team you’ll prove that by going out and beating the Avs. If they win great if they don’t – welp, not a playoff team. As it is while they won I’m not sure I have much confidence on them in the future.

The Leafs picked up a massive win last night. I’ve seen some people expecting them to regress in this part of the season. I don’t know if I see it though. There’s been little spurts of games where they’ve played poorly but they know how to pick themselves up and I’d say they’re pretty damn good for a playoff spot at this point.

It’s been a tough season betting wise but it’s been good for us – we’re a lot more strict now about every tip and each time we come up with one we throw it in for some extra analysis. We’re about 2-3 good nights away from being in the black for the season with the NHL which is nice – and the AHL/OHL/WHL have made it a profitable betting season for us.

We move onto February 15th, 2017 however we have no betting tips today.

We were very tempted by the Blues to win but I just couldn’t pull the trigger on that. Best odds I could see were 1.85 and I’d like a little bit higher. It’s been a long road trip for the Blues and I’m not sure how much fire they have left in them. The Wings are back home and although their confidence may be depleted from their last few results it’s not like they were playing easy teams.

From what I read coming out of the Wings camp they’re about to accept that they’re not going to make the playoffs. Their schedule isn’t the prettiest either. However they match up well against the Blues and St. Louis aren’t exactly a beast on the road.

I do think the Blues can probably win but I just can’t pull the trigger on the bet.

The other game we were looking at was the Sharks/Panthers. I was highly conflicted on this one. First I liked the Sharks to win but it’d have to be in regulation. Panthers have had some solid performances lately and are 10-10-7 on the road. That stat is too scary for me as they just keep games super tight and I don’t have faith in regulation.

So then I looked at Over 5 goals. However only about 32% of Sharks games at home when the line is set at 5 have went Over 5 this season(that’s discounting pushes). That’s a scary stat and the more I think about that one the more I think we’d be hoping for a push.

So no bets today in the NHL but be sure to read the comments as I’m sure there’ll be a lot of people with bets on the various games and I can weigh in with my opinion on anything.

OHL / WHL / AHL Betting Tips::

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. Previous Records: OHL 15/16 28-15 (+17.15u)

WHL Betting Tips(25-24, -2.81u): Medicine Hat Tigers in regulation at 1.60 odds.

AHL Betting Tips(26-16, +10.60u): Toronto Marlies 1.77 incl OT/SO.

OHL, WHL & AHL Betting:

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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I asked the same question when Flyers were up against the Sharks. Isn’t it about time Flyers get their offense going? Against the sharks they took the W in OT but it wasn’t as if they got the answers they needed in regards of their offense. Maybe I hold the Flyers, and especially their attack in higher regards than I should, but I just believe there is a lot of great talent there. So I find it tempting to bet on the Flyers, or at least them to score a fair amount of goals, against a poor Flames team. Flames haven’t really accomplished much defensively lately other than keeping Wild at only 1. Flyers road record isn’t the best though, which is what holds me back.


Flyes road form is the part of their depression they’ve got not so far away. I think we can miss this in our calculation, while the team getting outta blackhole is not looking back.

Norbert Buzási

The Flyers should have scored like four on the Sharks that night. Their offense wasn’t an issue, their luck and Dell was.
Of course you have to consider that the Sharks didn’t really show up that night.


Hey, we got a win here yesterday thanks to the Leafs scoring 2 in the first period. Still having a great Feb. (+19.5u) with + units 8 of the last 9 nights. Here’s what I have for you tonight.

Philadelphia Flyers @ Calgary Flames UNDER 5 (2.30)
Yes the Flames home games tend to be higher scoring (3 GF/g, 3 GA/g) and the Flyers tend to be a little more leaky on the road (2.31 GF/g, 3.31 GA/g), but if you look at the recent play of these two teams there is no way this total should be 5.5. Over their last 8 games, the Flyers are scoring just 1.38 G/g, which is terrible! But they are also allowing just 1.75 G/g, which is really good. The Flames are coming off of a terrible performance against the Coyotes, so I expect them to be motivated, but the Flyers defense has not been easy to crack, and Michal Neuvirth is 3-1-1 in his last 5 starts with a 1.2 GAA. The Flyers have allowed 2 goals or less in 7 of their last 9 games. The Flames have not been playing great at home recently, losing 4 of their last 5 home games, but Brian Elliot (confirmed) has played well posting a 2.5 GAA in his last 4 starts (3-1). I don’t think we see a lot of scoring in Calgary tonight. 7 of the last 10 meetings have gone under the total. The adjusted line offers better value in my opinion.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I am 100% behind you! Don’t trust either side to win but the Under smells fantastic.


Yo guys. Your thoughts on Flyers to win or Flyers no draw?
Think that they made their defence a bit more confident and now is the time to start getting some points?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Initially I liked the Flames in that one. Can’t take the Coyotes game too seriously as it was post-bye week and this season that destroys the majority of teams. Prior to the bye week they had some good performances.

But I looked closer at it and didn’t like it as much as other than that pre bye week performance they’ve had a lot of bad games.

Flyers you can’t really bank on them at the moment and their offense is still struggling.

I don’t like either team. I leaned towards the Flames earlier but having spent a bit more looking at it I’d probably go with Flyers to win purely because they’re the underdog.


St.Louis – DET OT
Sharks – Panthers OT
Blue Jackets reg
Flyers ML

Petri Kontiola

Blue Jackets, Flyers and Sharks. All in regulation.

NHL Daily Tips

Good night last night.

My picks for tonight will be

Leafs TT over 2.5
STL/Red Wings under 5
Panthers/Sharks over 5

Maybe Flyers ML?! Watched the Flames against Yotes and the Flames were HORRIBLE.



Steve Dimase

like cbj as I dont think they will lose b2b games at home could be a shootout

Steve Dimase

phi is bad on the road why are all you guys on phil? I know cal aren’t great at home


Maple Leafs vs Blue Jackets Over 5.5
Blues vs Red Wings Over 5.5
Flyers ML
Sharks in reg


I got FLA/SJ over 5 -130 My numbers say it should be listed 5.5 so i’ll bite


BTW guys do you believe that the death and honouring of Mike Ilitch will be an ekstra motivational factor for Wings to pull the W?


I don’t think so personally. But hey it’s hockey, you never know.

Norbert Buzási

They want to win anyway, so this kind of situations don’t make much of a difference in my opinion. The motivation should be always there.


I woke up, took a look and said nope. Holding off today. Happy with my profit. Chased a loss starting last week and just won it all back with a little bit left to spare. Waiting for the next good chance.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Phi/Cal Under
SJ TT O2.5

Good luck boys!

Arto Reinikainen

3/4 last night, if Cammalleri just took a few strides to the open ice rather than firing it from his own zone for the empty net it would’ve been 4/4, but oh well.

Tonight i like:

Tor-Cbj OT
Flyers in reg
Panthers in reg

Not sure how i feel about the Blues-Wings game. Wings have been really good at home this year when they’ve been beaten to the ground and face a team that’s on a roll. In my notes they’re 4/4 in these games winning all of them in regulation. 6-4 win over the Ducks earlier in the season probably highlights that record.

But at the same time they haven’t beaten the Blues in regulation at home in ages.. And you never know if the Wings have just given up, i heard someone say they had some comments making him believe that.

If i had to make a pick with a gun on my head i’d go with OT in that game.

GL !

Arto Reinikainen

One of those nights.. Babcock doesn’t for some unknown reason challenge the CBJ 1st goal that was clearly goalie interference that led to a 4 goal outburst and Marner got injured so the Leafs were only able to close the gap by 2 goals, Flyers outshot the Flames by 11 shots on the road, got the 1st goal and still lost and at this point im like okay that’s fine i still have the best bet left which was the Panthers, they lead by 2 3,5 mins left in the clock and give it up, Luongo pops his knee before the tying goal, can’t get up and Pavelski puts it up over him. LOL


Here the tips for tonight,

Panthers win %90
Flames win %100

Good luck