avatar Written by Scott on Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Huge winter storm covering us today and there’s no end in sight.

Schools are closed and most businesses are too.  Seems like a great day to stay in  and watch hockey. 

Last night the Hawks pounded the Leafs 7-2 which was great for me as I have a bunch of Leaf fan friends including my daughter.  It’s funny how I’m a Hawks fan and my wife is a Flyers fan but she choose Toronto.  At least she will have better chance of seeing them win a cup then I do. Just kidding Leafs fans.

The Stars beat the Preds 3-2 in OT for their 4th straight win. The Coyotes scored early and often in their 6-2 victory over the Habs and the Ducks continued their strong play when they beat the Flames 6-4.

8 games for us tonight.  I need to keep these short as I somehow have to get to work today and have seen a plow go through once but 5 minutes later you wouldn’t know it.

Bruins vs Blue Jackets Betting Tips:

Both teams have been decent over their last 10 games.

The Bruins have been scoring and sit 3rd overall in goals per game. They’re also a team thats play much better when on the road.

The Jackets are 15th in the East ahead of only the Leafs.

Bruins win

Ducks vs Oilers Betting Tips:

Ducks had a battle last night against the Flames and came away with the 6-4 win.  They have managed to save their season when not so long ago it looked all but lost.  They’re on a 2 game win streak and are 8-1-1 over their last 10.

The Oilers have shown signs of life but are still at the bottom of the league standings.  They’re 3-6-1 over their last 10 and their last 10 games against the Ducks they’re 3-7.

Ducks win


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Arto Reinikainen

I really want to go with the Kings tonight. They will see the Caps as one of the biggest challenges of the season so far, and we all know how good the Kings are when the stakes are high. They need/want the W more than the Caps and Quick vs Grubauer i think boosts their chances. All in all i like their underdog position here, Caps at the moment aren’t unbeatable. Kings in regulation @ 3.10 odds

Flyers is another pick im very tempted to go for. Pressure is on the Devils, as they are the favorites. But they are not the type of team to go on 4 game winning streaks easily. Because of Schneider though, im not too confident in a regulation win. Flyers ML @ 2.05 odds.

Im banking on a great game from the Oilers tonight. This is the typical letdown game from the Ducks point of view, they’re on a roll, should be a bit tired and face an uninspiring team in the Oilers. I could easily see Edmonton getting a 2-0 lead. But once the Ducks wake up i think they’re too good to lose in regulation, so my pick is OT @ 4 odds

So my picks tonight:
Flyers ML
Kings in regulation
Jets ML
Bruins – Jackets OT (have to see if Bergeron plays or not though)
Ducks – Oilers OT

I also think the Bolts will probably win, but OT scares me and ML odds are quite bad.

Blues at first glance seem like the obvious pick, but the Stars are a tough nut to crack right now. I could see them getting the surprise win tonight (considering they’re supposed to be tired), but i can’t pull the trigger either way.

Also don’t trust the Sens at all and will stay away from them until they get a win.

Good luck.


Not good picks for me last night, but still make good money ( see the photo).
For tonight my picks are: Huricanes, Senators, Blues and Ducks.


Are those players to score or get points? Either way some good calls!


To score anytime in regulation.


I’m taking a diiferent approach than my friend Arto.

LAK-Caps – I like Caps ML. Kings are in middle of grueling road trip which takes a lot out of any team. Yes they will be up for the game, but their legs and heads are tired. Quick’s timing will be off after missing 3 games and he has been bad in last 4 games. Grubauer is no slouch. Caps have Orpik back and that will help defense and lift the entire team.

Jets-Canes over 5 – Jets have consistently put up 2 and Canes have ability to put up big numbers. Ward is out for Canes.

Canes ML – Canes bring high compete level and will have confidence off the drubbing they gave Isles. They will give the home town fans a good game and show the road weary Jets the door.

Bruins ML – Cuz they are my team!

Bs-CBJ over – you’re going to see a wide open game with 6+ scored tonight.

Devils ML – Flyers have been horrendous of late and Devils have been playing well. 5-0-1 in past six. Their GA is lowest in league with 2.18 and they are shooting against Flyers back-up goalie. Tight game but Devils win under 4.5.

Sabres-Sens over – both teams have been in high scoring games recently and I hope that continues.

Sharks ML – but I am not betting it.

Ducks ML – just look at the record. they are playing great and scoring goals. Lots of confidence on this team right now and Oilers have been sinking. I know it’s b2b for Ducks but Oilers have been hit with colds, injuries and scoring slump. Ducks all the way.

Big Salami Over – I’ve been watching big salami and since AS break and there’s a lot of scoring going on with the playoff push. I see a lot of goals being scored tonight and not too many tight games. famous last words.

good luck boys. And remember, do the opposite of whatever I say.

Arto Reinikainen

Definitely like your over picks here, might even throw a 3 game parlay on those.


Tonight Picks,

All the home teams wins!!!!

Good luck!


Some good discussion and much love in the comments!

I like the BRUINS to win (as much as it pains me to say it) and many reason have been brought up as to why, however the reason for me is CBJ has been playing unreal as of late and they are due for a let down game. Bruins play big and mean and are going to make things nasty in front of the Jackets’ net.

I am unsure about the Caps/Kings game. I think Arto makes some really good points, but the Caps have just been so good at home (as SanDiego mentioned). Gaborik is out for LA, but Grubauer is in for Washington, who hasn’t been stellar. Too much of a weirdness factor in this one … but I like the odds given on the OVER, so I’m going with that.

Philly and Jersey should be another good game. Devils have been decent as of late, but it seems like the Flyers always play well against teams on the East coast. I have never done this before but I like the OT/DRAW bet between these two.

I like the JETS on the road in their game against the Canes, based mostly on the odds given to Winnipeg.

The Sharks are showing as a little bit of an underdog against the Bolts, but they are have of the best road records in the league and it seems like everytime I’ve expected the Bolts win at home, they struggle. So … SHARKS.

I think Buffalo is going into a bit of a spiral and Kane sure isn’t helping things. Dion finally puts a smile on the home crowd’s faces. SENATORS @ 1.5

Blues are going to try to take advantage of a tired Stars team, while the Stars are going to end their back-to-back by starting fast and hard. Go with the OVER in this one.

Oilers are going to try to take advantage of a tired Ducks team, while the Ducks are going to end their back-to-back by starting fast and hard. Go with the OVER in this one. Whoa … Deja-vu!


3-5 … a lot of low scoring games today!