avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, February 19th, 2016

Another winning night as we went 2-1.

The Boston Bruins let us down with a rather lacklustre performance against the Predators. Their PP unit couldn’t get going in the 3rd period eithe ras the Predators gave them multiple power plays and tried to hand them the game. Rinne had a solid performance to get a well deserved shutout.

We won with the Penguins defeating the Red Wings in a fun game. Phil Kessel grabbed two goals and Crosby also got on the scoresheet as the Penguins looked great. We also won with the Ducks in regulation over the Canucks at a nice price.

Game of the night however was the Jets vs Lightning with goals, fights, penalties and oh so much more. And then of course the icing on the cake – Steven freaking Stamkos with the shootout winner.

It was a great night of hockey.

Today is February 19th, 2016 and we’ve got just 5 games on the cards tonight. Let’s see what we can rustle up:

Devils vs Islanders Betting Tips:

Bad experience for the Devils the other night. After looking so great defensively and in goaltending the last few games, Philly blew them out.

We like a bounce back game for the Devils tonight. They’ve been very solid at home with excellent performances against the Kings, Rangers and of course the biggest powerhouse of them all – the Edmonton Oilers.

The Islanders have had some sloppy road form and are coming off that tough loss last night. This game is ripe for an upset.

Devils win.

Canada: 2.00 Odds at Pinnacle Sports or BetOnline..
USA: +100 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 2.00 Odds at Pinnacle Sports or BetOnline...

Flames vs Canucks Betting Tips:

I just said last night that the Canucks are a tricky team to go with when it comes to betting – then we bet on their game(against them, and won). Well call me crazy but tonight I’m going with Canucks in regulation.

The Canucks are an odd team at the moment. Absolutely brutal at home yet looking feisty on the road. We’ve seen that a lot of times in hockey – some teams just fail to perform at home. It’s a whole different dynamic and the Canucks seem to be doing better when away from the Rogers Arena.

They’re going up against the Flames who have lost their last two at home despite some battling performances. Canucks are heavy underdogs as it is – at 2.30 odds.

However I’m going with Canucks in regulation for the uber, uber value and because I don’t see any value in including them in overtime/shootout. They have a horrible record in OT with 12 overtime losses. They’ve had 3 OT wins and 4 shootout wins. Flames meanwhile have just 3 OT losses, with 8 OT wins and 2 shootout wins, a much better record.

Maybe Murphy’s Law will come back and bite me on the ass with this one by having the Canucks win in OT – but I look back at the solid performance of the Canucks against the Coyotes and the Avalanche on the road and I feel good with the odds on this one.

Canada: 3.05 Odds at Sports Interaction.
USA: +195 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 3.05 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

Experimental Betting Systems:

1st Period System: Likes the Hurricanes tonight at 3.35 odds. 888 Sports

Americans: Bet 1st Periods at BetOnline. or Bovada. Everyone else you can bet at 888 Sports.

We were also very close to adding Sabres/Jackets Over 5.5 but with some solid performances from Korpisalo lately and the fact that you can’t count on these offenses we’ve decided to skip it. If Korpisalo is out however it’d be worth a play.

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Hurricanes, Blue Jackets and Habs ( i still believe in them).
To score in regulation: Skinner, Hartnell and Gallagher.


Feels good to have two winning nights in a row. That’s rare for me. Wings-Pens crushed the over. Caps came through, barely. NYR made it interesting. As predicted, Wild crushed Oilers and got first goal. And Yotes-Stars blew away over though it took a while for them to get started. I didn’t pull the trigger on the BS over, but it’s looking like an every day play with all the goals being scored lately.

On to today:
Sharks-Canes – interesting game from a betting perspective. Both teams played close games last night and Sharks are better. BUT, Sharks will go with Stalock tonight (my guess) and he’s a friggin sieve. Ward will strap them on after Lack played last night and he’s no slouch. Both teams have the ability to score goals, especially Sharks who haven’t had less than two in forever. Sharks are 6-2 O-U on b2b and have been beast on the road. I’m going with Sharks ML and Over both in parlays to get some more value.

Isles-Devils – Devils are rested, avery good defensive team and going with Schneids but they have trouble scoring more than 2. Isles are a good team and despite being tired from last night should be good for 2+ goals. I’ll take over here and maybe OT

Sabres-CBJ – this is a weird game. Both teams are feisty but CBJ has edge at home. Korpisalo is confirmed and he’s a wall. CBJ plays well in front of him. Probably a 3-2 game going into last minutes with possible ENG. Maybe a small Over bet here?

Flyers-Habs – both teams rested. Flyers coming off dominating win in NJ and Habs back to losing ways but they always compete at home. I see both teams pressing and goals being scored. Over here.

Nucks-Flames – Both teams have been giving up lots of goals lately and they both have the ability to score. I’ll take over.

BS over is 25.5. that’s a big nut to cover but there’s potential for some high scoring games tonight so I’ll put a small bet on it.

good luck boys


i’m new to betting so how do i play b.s, im with 888 sport so is there something i should be looking for?


It should be listed under NHL bets. but I don’t use 888


thanks ill check


unfortunately you can’t bet big salami at 888sport.


oh ok thats sux!

Chris Shaw

Can you do it with bovada?


Nice job last night SDB. I like where your heads at tonight as well but I do have some different opinions.

I like the OVER in the Sharks/Canes too as both are coming off of games last night and the potential for goals is there as both teams suffer mistakes due to fatigue. I would lean to the Sharks winning, but don’t feel comfortable betting on it.

I like the rested DEVILS at home, but I think Schneider is going to be a wall tonight so think its going to be a low scoring match.

I think the BLUE JACKETS will take this one in another tight game. I think you’re bang on with a 3-2 scoreline and an EN would be the deciding factor in the over/under.

I love the OVER in the Habs/Flyers game. These two teams are going to beat up on each other and I can see it being wide open 7+

Canucks are always tough to bet on as they tend to show up at weird times. That being said, I think they are officially in tank mode and the Flames are looking to win back the fan-base after a couple home losses. Going with the FLAMES

Good luck all!

Arto Reinikainen

Not a good last night but can’t expect much from rushed picks. Looked at the highlights and some interesting outcomes indeed.
Tonight is a hockey night, going to watch all the games too.
I like your picks Graeme, especially the Canucks pick. Always refreshing to see ballsy picks, and you know what ? I agree with you. I was going to come out here and tip the Canucks myself, although i have to go with ML. Even though the Nucks have been bad in OT the Flames are in a state where they can’t deliver the killing blow to anyone right now. But at the same time i can’t make myself to trust the Nucks in regulation. But if they get it done then great.

Anyway, my picks tonight are:

Islanders ML
Sharks-Canes OT
Sabres-Jackets OT
Flyers in regulation
Canucks ML

So i guess tough night for home teams incoming if my predictions are correct.

Good luck.


I do not agree about canucks. Flames are my favourite tonight and i think they ll win.
Islanders may win as well. Devils are not playing very well. I cant trust that game.

My picks for tonight,

Hurricanes win
Jackets win
Islanders win
Canadiens win
Flames win %100
Lightning win

Good luck

Michael Bishop

lightning don’t play tonight just fyi


Yes I know ?.


4/5 niceeee.


Highest scoring game? Give me some opinions please!


Flyers/Habs … IMO *shrug*


Thanks for your opinion.

I’ve started playing higher overs for the past few days. Last night my first came right with the Pens-Red Wings +8 over in regulation for 15x. I mean, I play so called “regular” picks too, but I’ve started to go with my feelings more, than before and when I feel it, now I’m pushing up the over a bit. I don’t know if it’s going to be profitable, or not though. I felt like either the Flyers-Habs or the Blue Jackets-Sabres can be the highest scoring. I think all of them will be over 5.5, but the Canucks. Now I am trying to finalize my tips for tonight.


I would let others weigh before going with my humble opinion …


I will post my picks after I made them. ๐Ÿ™‚


I am going with 3 overs tonight. All of them is +8 over in regulation.

CBJ-Sabres – x8.50
Habs-Flyers – x9.5
Canes-SJS – x9.5

We’ll see! I wish you all a great and cheerful night!

johnny hockey

Winning night yesterday going 4 out of 5
Tonights games are tough but
ill take

Eduardo Caldeira

As a Flames fan I do see value ON Vancouver but I think the over is much much better because they have been both struggling so much lately and leaking goals that it’s the best option… This game is a rival Match so even if they are done this one they are gonna give it all .. If hiller is in the net it’s dripping with value he has zero confidence even Ortio would do much much better
The odd is like that because they played and got spanked
Anyways the Penguins beat the red wings not the flames (just a little not)
Today it’s so tuff that I don’t really feel that confidant in better but i like the Devils ML , for sure lots of value there

Keep it up guys