avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, February 1st, 2018

3 games of hockey, 2 tight games and one blowout.

The Leafs blew the Islanders out 5-0 and man did the Leafs come to play in that one. They looked great and it’s a strong sign of the play we’re hopefully going to see from them for the 2nd half of the season. I love seeing a team like that – even when victory is practically assured, they’re still out there hungry and wanting more goals.

Our tip of the Sharks ending their losing streak didn’t pan out as the Wings also came to play and deserved the victory in that one in my opinion. It was an exciting shootout but Jones had to pull the Sharks out of the fire a fair bit during that game and it was a disappointing performance overall from San Jose.

We had a 0.5u play on the Flyers to beat the Caps and it went as expected in the 1st period with the Flyers up 2-0. Unfortunately the Caps woke up with Stephenson stepping up big and a couple of PPGs as the Caps came back to win 5-3.

It’s Thursday, February 1st and after a great January we’re hoping for more this month. A big slate tonight with 12 games on the board. Always an exciting time for tipping and analyzing hockey as you’re looking at those teams who you think are going to make the most of it in the 2nd half of the season.

Always makes it that much more risky too as we have to be careful not to hang our hats on a team too early on. Leafs would be a good example – after last nights performance I’d like to back them but can’t do so blindly and the odds just aren’t there.

Lines took awhile to come out so just quick write-ups here.

Knights vs Jets Betting Tips:

Jets without a key D man, and although Tampa struggled to get by them Tampa can be weird at times. These two teams had a great game together last time out. Knights offense has been absolutely beastly on the road lately other than that Preds game on the 16th.

Jets can play to their opponents and with the way the Knights play, we like this one to be high scoring.

Over 5.5 Goals

Unit/Confidence Betting Tips:

Jets/Knights Over 5.5: 1u

Lightning to win incl OT/SO: 0.5u: Tampa aren’t great on the bounce back but the Flames are piss poor at home. They were unlucky against the Knights but that’s gotta hurt their confidence. We feel the price is good enough to back Tampa here.

(We are experimenting with adding unit/confidence to our betting tips. For more details see this post.)

OHL / WHL / AHL / KHL Betting Tips:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. )

OHL Betting Tips (21-10, +10.68u): Hamilton Bulldogs in reg, Sarnia Sting in reg. Both 1.80, both 0.5u bets.

AHL Betting Tips (17-15, +2.04u): Grand Rapids Griffins incl OT/SO 1.66.

OHL, WHL & AHL & KHL Betting:

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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Thanks G.
Can see why you like the Over looking at the stats: Veg GF 3.39/ GA 2.61; Win GF 3.23/2.65

Like the Ducks chances tonight based on Sens record:
Last 10 gms 3-7-0; On a 6gm losing streak with 6GF/19GA; Condon is 1-7-1 with a 4.09 GA;
Ducks have won last 4/5. Miller is 2.20GA, has only played 15gms but lots of experience playing the East (former Sabres goalie)
Ducks GF 2.77 is ranked (15th) not bad but the Sens GA 3.40 is ranked (30th) Yikes!
Good luck tonight!

Johnny Hockey

FIRST thoughts:

> Ducks
> Sabres/Panthers over 5.5
> Devils/Flyers over 5.5
> Jets/Knights over 5.5

Steve Dimase

buff plays tight games at home gl there

Johnny Hockey

Just my first thoughts yet. Waiting for some guys here…

Steve Dimase

u might be right gl..


Panthers, Ducks, Stars and Avalanche with 1u;
Barkov, Henrique, Tarasenko and Radulov with 0.5u.

Tony Le

Missed the reg parlays by 5 mins yesterday

Tony Le

I followed u today too

Edis Hadzic

bruins over 5,5 colorado over 5,5 preds ML dalas ML ducks ML


I like Ducks, Preds, Canes, Bolts and can’t resist Knights even though it is highly risky against Jets at home.


Obviously I’m a Bruins fan but without Marchand, Backes, McAvoy and Bjork they are a weaker team. Blues are riding some momentum and could see this as an opportunity to beat one of the leagues best teams. I might see how the first period goes and then make a live bet before there is a score. If Blues come out hard I’m taking them.

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

We had Blues 0.5u penciled in but it was odds dependent and the 2.10 line was just not enough. Bruins are weaker for sure AND the Blues have the dads there but Rask is a beast these last couple months and regardless of who is missing for the Bruins they’re still a damn good team. Really surprised by how low the line was actually. One I’ll be really watching for live betting.


hey Graeme! If you see ice tilted towards Bs net you’ll jump on Blues?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Nothing real specific will just be going by how I feel while watching and will be paying attention the odds. Blues are a big 3rd period team but the Bruins have I believe the 2nd tightest D in the 3rd so I’m going to be watching the game and hoping to see Bruins take a lead but have confidence in the Blues pulling it back – plus get good odds for it. Altho will be paying more attention the Pistons game ha – looking forward to seeing Griffin out there.

Arto Reinikainen

Do you know how to track when teams have their dad trips ? I know you can find out by watching interviews etc. but to go through those from every team takes quite a bit time.

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

I’ve never seen a schedule or anything like that. The odd time I won’t even know about it until a games started and they mention it. Can be frustrating. I find it’s even hard to dig up the historical data for it as I’d love to run the stats on it.


Yea, I decided to add Blues ML as a small bet and on the top of that, I also took Leafs ML and Cats ML, I am still hovering about the Oilers, I think that MacKinnon’s loss for Avs is very significant, because he used to have 1-3 point per night when Avs were on winning streak. However, we all know how inconsistent team Oilers are, so I will probably see how the evening goes and possibly add that later.

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Yeah I know what you mean about the Oilers. This is one where they SHOULD win if they’re a team that want to make the playoffs – but then if they’re a team that want to make the playoffs they shouldn’t be getting crushed 5-0 at home to the Sabres. I’d probably back them if they were closer to something like 1.90.

Western RattlersD

Win in reg: Dallas
Leans to Win: Anaheim, Tampa, Colorado and Philly.
When we get to Saturday, I’ll be more confident that the All-Star break doldrums are in the past, and the Over/Under and sides can be more reliably picked. Arizona’s first game in a week tonight. Will the NHL adjust the mandatory breaks in the future, because apparently they don’t do the teams any good. Players don’t need a solid week off, they need a less manic travel schedule in general?


I think the Stars win but those pesky Yotes have kept it close or beaten good teams. I can’t take regulation because of that and because stars don’t seem to have the personality to put their foot on the neck of a much weaker opponent.


Hi folks, I’ve been scarce this week due to a nasty cold but feeling much better today. I’ve had a sense that the ASG was a major disruptor of momentum for some teams and perhaps a little too much time off for others. Some of those teams who started early will have an edge versus those who haven’t played yet.

Ducks have to be the POTD. They are healthy, playing well and coming off a confidence-building W over the Bruins. The Sens are in disarray and know they have no chance of making the playoffs while the Ducks are in the middle of the hunt. I expect the Ducks to show up and make this game a laugher. Best value is regulation and I think that’s very likely.

I’m taking the Bolts tonight over the Flames. I think the Flames are getting exposed for the being a one-line team who won’t be able to hang with the class of the NHL, including the Bolts who I expect to win tonight. They will be motivated to get 2 pts after their loss to the Jets two night ago. A -120 line is a gift from the oddsmakers in my opinion against a team that is not doing well.

The Knights will be challenged tonight against a very good Jets team. The Jets have to be playing with a lot of confidence because they’ve been a winning streak against some good teams. The Knights have been a bit spotty lately maybe because of injuries or just the ebb and flow of the season. However, they will show up tonight against their Western Conf competition. I hope the bounces go their way and make the road dogs winners.

In other game tonight I like the Cats to beat the Sabres and the Leafs to beat the Rangers. Both fairly risky plays but if you’ve got enough bank to take a flyer those would be my plays.


Pedro Carvalho

Devils what you you think ?


Hi NHL:ers !

Bruins under 5.5
Chicago win
Tampa bay win

And i like the over that This page is playing feels like a sure win!

Good luck to all!


watch out, Nucks are better than their record shows. I like Blues-Bs under.

Oliver Trigg

Due to uni commitments, I simply forgot to post yesterday. I’ve spoken to SDB and have the same picks as him. For me today its short and sweet.

POTD- Ducks Reg(85%)
Bolts ML
Knights ML
and leaning Cats ML.

Sorry its short but I’ve been swamped, and I’m off to the gym now!


Hurricanes and Under 5.5. I’m a Habs fan and this team is a mess. Price is awful


“Price is awful.” Wow, things have changed.


I’ve said that for quite awhile. He is the single most overrated athlete in pro sports. Through no fault of his own (by all accounts he’s a down to earth guy) the Canadian media and the average fan have blown him up to a ridiculous level. He’s had a couple of quality seasons but overall he hasn’t been that great of a goalie. The narrative he is the best goalie in the world kills me everytime I hear it. You can’t be the best goalie in the world when you are often the 2nd best goalie on the ice at any given time.


What a huge pick up for the Pistons. Do you expect that he makes an immediate impact?

Oliver Trigg

Think you forgot about overrated McDavid lol.

Oliver Trigg

Tbh I wouldn’t blame Price as much as the defense. That’s got to be the worst defense price has had in years.


Both are to be blamed honestly

Geir Aage R Jensen

Got a good last night with ➕ ➕
For tonight :
Sabres vs panthers over 5.5
Devils Reg
Rangers ML and over 5.5
Jets Reg
Coyotes vs Dallas over 5.5

Stomach feeling:
Flames win Reg
Blues win ML
Canadiens win ML
Canucks win Reg

Juri Safoshin

Bruins, Hurricanes, Stars.

N.B. Battalion, Bulldogs, Sting.

Juri Safoshin

Will also try Ahl, like to risk with Griffins at regulation, they have been great recently.


what about LA?

Steve Dimase

hard to win in nash.


Night picks,

Blues win
Panthers win
Montreal win
Flyers win
Rangers win
Jets win
Nashville win
Stars win
Blackhawks win

Good luck


Why you always bet against the Knights?


Not always but sometimes yes. Specially when they play against strong teams.

Geir Aage R Jensen

I like all of your tips, but not Flyers 🙂 why u not bet Flames win, i think 3-1


Why not flyers?:)
Curse at home. Flames cannot win game in Calgary

Geir Aage R Jensen

Devils are a good team and i think it will turn around for them. And i think Flyers are tired after Capitals match.
Coyotes can suprise 🙂

Steve Dimase

kinkad could be leaky for nj



Keep an eye on teams that have their pops, tagging along for the “dads team”trip!

This is the time of year they happen and anyone that doubts the motivation and success the team with their fathers present, didn’t do their home work!

St looooo is an under dog in Boston with their Dads present expect a very strong effort !

Same with Leaferzzz in the big apple.

Keep an eye boyzzz no need to thank me.



O those darn Maple Leafs lol I guess their a hockey team again.


Now I am regretting that I didn’t bet more money on them. But yea, who would ever guess that they will smash Rangers home like that.


Not me. I did love the fact their Dads are with them for a few games in a row.

St looo will win tonight as well. I got the Leaferzzz good so I live wagered St.looo at ML +225