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There was 10 games yesterday.  Had 2 tips and went 1-1.

The win was the Leafs to beat the Blues in regulation and they did 4-2.  Matthews didn’t score a hat trick but he did get his 49th of the season.

The loss was my tip of the Canucks to beat the Wild and this game was insane.  There was a combined 17 goals scored when the Wild won 10-7.  The Wild set a franchise record for most goals in a game, in a period (7) and Eriksson-Ek and Kaprizov both had 3 goals and 3 assists matching Gretzky and Sandstrom who did so back in 1993.

The Bruins ended their losing skid at 4 games when they beat the Stars 4-3 in a shootout, as anticipated the Wings vs Kraken game was a close one that saw the Wings win 4-3 in OT and the Flames snapped their losing skid at 3 games when they beat the Jets 6-3.

8 for us tonight.

Islanders vs Penguins Betting Tips:

Both teams have been bad over their last 10 games.  The Isles are 3-3-4 and on a 3 game skid, the Pens are 3-6-1 and lost their last game.

For GPG the Isles are 20th and the Pens 25th and for GAPG the Isles are 24th and the Pens are 4th.  On the road the Isles are 9-11-5 and at home the Pens are 13-10-3.

As we can see the Pens are better defensively but looking at both teams recent results I have to pass.

Senators vs Panthers Betting Tips:

The Sens played yesterday and beat the Lightning 4-2.  They have been a much better team since they had a come from behind win against the Preds at the end of January.  Two hiccups recently losing to the Hawks and Ducks but still better.

The Panthers are on a 5 game win streak and are 9-1-0 in last 10.  At home they have gone 16-8-2 and rank 9th in GPG, 1st in shots and 2nd in both GAPG and SOGA.

With the Sens playing yesterday I’m off of them and if taking the Panthers it has to be -1.5.

Stars vs Rangers Betting Tips:

The Stars played yesterday and lost 4-3 to the Bruins in a shootout.  On the road they are 17-6-5 and rank 1st in goals and 13th in goals allowed.

The Rangers are 8-1-1 in last 10 and have won their last 7 games in a row.  At home they have gone 19-7-0 and rank 19th in goals, 13th in shots, 8th in goals allowed and 6th in shots allowed.  They also have the 4th best powerplay and 6th best penalty kill.

The Rangers shot less and allow less.  This game could go either way.

Devils vs Capitals Betting Tips:

Devils are 5-4-1 in last 10.  They are 15-9-2 on the road and rank 8th in GPG and 26th in GAPG.

The Caps are 2-6-2 in last 10 and are basically a team I’m avoiding at this point.  They are 30th in GPG and 15th in GAPG.   Tough to back a team that allows more than they score.

Would have to take the Devils in regulation and not a fan of the odds for that.

Wild vs Jets Betting Tips:

The Wild played yesterday and put up historic numbers winning 10-7 against the league leading Canucks.

The Jets had their 3 game win streak snapped yesterday but the 3 wins came through thanks to their defensive play allowing only 3 goals over those games.  At home they have gone 18-7-2 and rank 17th in GPG with 3.0 and 1st in GAPG with 2.27.

Both played yesterday so I’m passing.

Canucks vs Avalanche Betting Tips:

The Canucks played yesterday  and I’m not sure how much they will have left in the tank after that barnburner.

The Avalanche are 5-4-1 in last 10.  At home they have gone a great 21-5-0.  They rank 2nd in GPG, 9th in shots, 20th in GAPG and 9th in shots allowed.

After the Canucks game yesterday and the Avalanche play of late I feel better just skipping this game.

Predators vs Knights Betting Tips:

Preds are 3-6-1 in last 10 and are 14-10-2 on the road.   They rank middle of the league in most stats, 17th for GPG, 15th for shots and 22nd in both GAPG and SOGA.

The Knights won their game yesterday and are 6-3-1 in last 10.   They’re 19-7-2 at home and rank 14th in both GPG and shots, 7th in GAPG and 20th in shots allowed.

Statically they match up fairly well which has me put off.

Jackets vs Kings Betting Tips:

The Jackets continue to hang out in the basement of the standings.  They have gone 4-5-1 last 10 and are 8-12-6 on the road.   They’re 23rd in GPG, 21st in shots, 31st in GAPG and 29th in shots allowed per game.

The Kings have won 3 in a row but and are 5-3-2 in last 10.  At home they haven’t been great going 9-9-6 and they rank 15th in GPG, 4th in shots and 5th in both GAPG and SOGA.

I can’t take the Jackets and the Kings home record has me put off of taking them.   The 3 wins they have on this streak were won on the road.  If this was the Kings on the road then I would take them no question.

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In which game do you expect the most goals?


Well Vancouver with 17 goals in one game yesterday, today vs Colorado. There is quite potential. But who knows.


Colorado ML @ 1.63 with 4 units