avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

A 2-0 day yesterday for Scott.

He had the Sabres to beat the Habs, and they delivered.

He also had Leafs in regulation and they got the win. Morgan Reilly returns from suspension tonight, and my god with everything that was made about the Leafs record without him – I really, really want the Knights to beat them.

Busy day today and I’m getting to these a tad late and have plans so going to be a lot of no-writeups especially with a few B2Bs.

Aaannd…no plays today. There’ll likely be some bets posted in the comments or hell post your own!

Red Wings vs Avalanche:

Nothing here hard to trust the Avs on the road atm.

Senators vs Stars:

Nothing with both teams current form. Metrics do lean Stars due to their offense overall but odds about right.

Hurricanes vs Panthers

Nothing here gonna be an interesting one.

Penguins vs Canadiens:

Neither teams current form makes them worth backing. Metrics make it closer than you’d expect so the Habs odds at 3.20 are bloody silly. I don’t expect they’ll win, but value is there.

Devils vs Rangers:

Nothing here. Too many little things on either side.

Lightning vs Capitals:

I mean by the metrics the slightest of leans on Tampa but going up against a ticking offense with their GA/60? Ouch.

Blues vs Islanders:


Flames vs Bruins:

Nothing with how both teams have been playing.

Knights vs Leafs:

Reilly factor makes this a no play.

Kraken vs Canucks:

Canucks are very weird at the moment puts me off betting anything involving them.

Kings vs Preds:

Preds coming in on nice run. Are the Kings offense gonna start showing up? Kings slight edge but with inconsistent office I don’t feel good backing them in regulation.

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Hey guys,

I want to test something funny.
Let’s see what will happen.
No units, just on watch:

Florida ML
Penguins ML
Rangers ML
Washington ML
Islanders ML
Calgary ML
Toronto ML
Vancouver ML

Later I will post 1-2 bets with units, they may contradict with this post.


Carolina ML @ 1.83 with 2 units

LA ML @ 1.63 with x unit(s)

if carolina wins: x = 1
if carolina doesn’t win: x = 6

It’s all a bit relative, maybe I even place 7 units on LA in the end.

Have fun


Good luck on Kings tonight. I leaned that way but because of work had no time to look at any of the games or dive into the metrics. I didn’t have any plays but will still be interested in the outcome and hope it goes their way today.

Asle MartinsenD

The Bruins went to OT in their last 3 games. Having travelled and being on a B2B on the road, coming off an OT game last night, I think there’s good value in the Flames here. The Flames won 4-1 in Boston 2 weeks ago as well.
Bruins only won 1 game in regulation since the break. Won 3, lost 5 in February. Flames had a rest coming into this game too.
Flames in regulation

The odds on the Avs are too good to pass for me. I love the Avs, and I bet on them every time the odds are this high.
Avs in regulation

Canes – Panthers will be a good game. While I can’t possibly predict a winner here, I think there’s value in the over.
Canes – Panthers over 6.5 incl OT/SO

Canucks are too impressive this season to pass. The Kraken racked up a good run earlier, but even then their opponents weren’t the best. They did beat the Bruins recently, but the Bruins haven’t been great since the break. Canucks on a 3 game skid. I think they’ll be too strong for the Kraken. Kraken struggle against high scoring teams and rarely go toe to toe. Whenever the Kraken win they do so cus their opponents dont find the net, and the Canucks tend to find it a lot.
Canucks in Regulation

While I don’t know if the Stars will bounce back against the Sens, the Sens defense shouldn’t be able to stop the Stars from scoring. I’m gonna say
Stars over 4 goals incl OT/SO

The odds on Tampa are too good to pass. I even think they’ll cover the handicap. Caps are pretty bad on the road too.
Tampa -1.5


Hey what’s up. I believe I read one time you said you were an Avalanche fan. I was just curious to get your take on goaltender Justus Annunen. Do you think he can be relied upon or would you prefer Colorado attempted to trade for a backup? He’s only played in I think three games so far so I was just trying to gauge your level of confidence in him as a fan when he starts. Great write ups.


I’m taking Dallas ML vs sens
And Vancouver ML vs Seattle.

Dallas and Vancouver are on 3 game losing streaks and i have a hard time thinking they will let 4 losses in a row happen