avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, February 23rd, 2024

No tips yesterday, and looking at the results I am happy with that.

Nothing really stood out for me yesterday, and there were a few red flags such as that Kings offense that came to fruition.

Looking around the bets made yesterday across the internet and yeah looks like quite a few people had losing days. My personal favourite was seeing someone stunned that the Knights lost because “they’re ranked #2”. This ain’t college football pal.

Just the three games today. Let’s see what we got:

Blue Jackets vs Sabres:

Jackets quite the interesting, inconsistent team at the moment. Sabres as well. Corsi and Fenwick are close. xG close. really the biggest difference and factor here is the Jackets goaltending. Other than that these teams are mostly 50/50.

Really see nothing here. Even looking at home/road metrics – no play.

Blackhawks vs Jets:

Would have to be Jets -1.5 on the road. I’m not against that as I once was – for the first time in forever, I took OIlers -1.5 on the road on Patreon this week and it came in. Just one of those where despite my personal feelings, the metrics were overwhelming enough.

Will that be the case here? Obviously much better Corsi & Fenwick. Alas, the offensive metrics for the Jets don’t line up with it. Plus their xGA is concerning. Yeah based on the last 3 games, Jets offense is ticking again but I do have concerns.

I think they’ll likely cover but it doesn’t check enough boxes to make it a play.

Oilers vs Wild:

Edmonton coming in off that fun Bruins game. Wild just lost to the Jets after bizarro land Canucks game.

Not seeing enough in the data to suggest Oilers in regulation. The big issue is their defensive and goaltending metrics at the moment when you look at the hot Wild offense.

This game has the potential to go over but not enough from Minnesotas end SCGF wise to back it up. It’s quite close though.

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Yeah yeah red flags. THEN BET ON NASHVILLE. xD


No offense.


I was just a little hyped to see you mention the King game and wanted to give my opinion on it. 😀 Go with Nashville then, man.


He was going to…but Nashville didn’t fit his super secret 66%- 33.3% formula…so he wisely just passed on it.

Keep up the good work Graeme.


Go for McDavid again, haha.

Last edited 4 months ago by NiceDude

Thanks for the advice on Draisaitl BTW.


Yeah, don’t forget him. 😏


Also when I lose I turn the page and move on. You might wanna try it.


Go bet on Oilers. 🤨


McDavid to score is +110. Just saying.




Looking at some sort of full game OVER for the Oilers game, as it appears they’ve resumed their older style of offense first, which results in many more goals against. Possibly some offensive numbers props.

My only worry about Winnipeg winning or not, is that they now have two poor teams to play in a row, and may drop their level of motivation in the interests of preserving energy and dealing with any play-through injuries. They will probably get a lead and protect it, so not concerning myself with the O/U options. Chicago has many injuries right now.

Columbus is playing their third game in four days and is major trade chatter these days, and they recently jettisoned their coach. Happy times! Buffalo looks like some kind of bet.


Without units, just on watch:
Buffalo ML
Winnipeg ML

With units:
Minnesota ML @ 2.55 with 1 unit


Okay, with 3 units, lol.