avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, February 26th, 2016

We went 2-2 last night.

We had the Islanders to beat the Flames and they did just that in a tight one. It was a great game to watch and very intense and an awesome winning goal from Bailey after some great play by Tavares.

The other New York team also came through for us as the underdog Rangers defeated the St. Louis Blues. Props to the Blues who despite a lot of injuries really fought well and came together. Lundqvist came up big in that game as well.

We lost with the Blackhawks against the Predators. Rinne had a tremendous game and even though Chicago beat him once to go up 1-0, they couldn’t do it again and the Predators bounced back strong. The Blackhawks picked up Andrew Ladd yesterday and he’ll be a huge signing for them – good to see him back in Chicago and that’s really going to strengthen their cup hopes.

We also had the Dallas Stars to beat the Winnipeg Jets but the Jets came out just on FIRE and were up 3-0 at the end of the first. The Stars clawed a couple back but when Enstrom made it 4-2 you could really see the wind come out of the Stars. Interesting that they do something like that AFTER trading Andrew Ladd.

Andrew Ladd clearly cursed us yesterday.

A quieter Friday night in the NHL with 5 games. Let’s get to it:

Ducks vs Oilers Betting Tips:

The Oilers are a team I’m always wary of picking against. I mean who can blame me – it’s hard to bet against a team that has 25 #1 draft picks in their line up. But their performances lately have been nothing sort of embarassing. Yeah there’s a bit of fight to them but a “bit of fight” isn’t what Edmonton fans need – especially when you have someone like McDavid in the team. If Edmonton aren’t careful he’s going to end up like Yak – completely ruined.

Coming off their loss last night, the Oilers visit Anaheim for a tough game. The Ducks beat Edmonton 10 days ago while on the road and have had very solid performances since coming home from that trip. They dominated the Flames and and then had a solid defensive performance against the Sabres.

Ducks have a solid record of covering the spread at home and we’ll be taking Ducks -1.5 tonight.

Canada: 2.18 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: +115 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 2.18 Odds at 888 Sports.

Wild vs Capitals Betting Tips:

It’s an interesting time for the Wild. They changed coaches and suddenly everything was good again. They beat 4 teams, just firing in the goals and everyone was singing their praises.

However I said prior to the Islanders game that you can’t count on them. While the Western Canada trip is a tough one, you’re still talking about 3 of the worst teams in the NHL, and then a freak game against the Blackhawks.

They lost to the Islanders and they then lost to a Giroux-less Flyers. Now they’re going up against the best team in the NHL.

A few days ago I would have stayed away from this game. However after the Montreal loss I expect the Capitals to bounce back strong here.

Capitals in Regulation.

Canada: 1.85 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: -135 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.85 Odds at 888 Sports.

Sharks vs Sabres Betting Tips:

This is an interesting one.

A lot of people like to bet based on trends. However the sportsbooks don’t seem to factor that in at all when it comes to the NHL, especially for this game. The Sabres are a huge price going up against the Sharks – a team they beat 8 times in a row prior to November, when the Sharks won a tight 2-1 game.

The odds are too good here not to take the Sabres tonight. On the road, the Sabres have one of the best SOG and should be able to make a game of it. I’d take them all the way down to(and including) 2.90.

It’s not a pick that’s going to win over 50% of the time but it’s a pick that will win enough to make it a nice play for value.

Sabres to win.

Canada: 3.20 Odds at Bet365.
USA: +196 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 3.20 Odds at Bet365.

And on a much quieter night for the NHL games, be sure to check out our comment section which is full of great comments, opinions, tips and banter. It’s been a blast to read this season.

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