avatar Written by Scott on Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

5 games yesterday and we had one tip.

Had the Bruins to win against the Oilers which they did 3-2. McDavid scored twice in the loss giving him 50 on the year.

The Canucks beat the Stars 5-4 in OT, the Avalanche beat the Knights 3-0 and the Sens beat the Red Wings 6-2.

The Leafs traded for McCabe and Lafferty from the Hawks so they added more depth to an already deep team.

A busy night with 10 games.

Panthers vs Lightning

They have played 3 times this season with the Lightning winning the first 2 and the Panthers the last in a convincing 7-1 win.

The Panthers are in 6th in the Atlantic and 3 points behind the Penguins for the final wild card spot.

The Lightning are in 3rd in the Atlantic with 78 points which is only 4 behind the Leafs.

Both teams want points but the Panthers need them more. The Lightning are almost locked into a first round matchup with the Leafs like last year.

I would lean towards a Lightning win with them being at home but again the Panthers are basically in do or die mode.

Red Wings vs Senators

The played yesterday and the Sens won 6-2.

The Wings are 3 points out and the Sens 5.

It’s a back to back game here so I’m passing.

Blue Jackets vs Sabres

The Sabres have won 3 in a row and are 1 point behind the Penguins for the final wild card spot in the East.

The Jackets have gone 4-3-3 and are in last place in the league.

The played once this season and the Sabres won 9-4.

If the Sabres want to make a push to the postseason then they have to win this game at home against the last place team.

Sabres in regulation

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Kings vs Jets

The Kings are in 2nd in the Pacific with 74 points. They are two behind the Knights and 2 ahead of the Oilers.

The Jets currently are in the 1st wild card spot with 71 points and the 3rd place Wild have 72.

This should be a good game but I feel better skipping it as it could go either way.

Kraken vs Blues

Tough game to predict here.

The Kraken have lost their last 3 games and the Blues their last 5.

The Kraken are in the 8th and final wild card spot with with 70 points.

The Blues are 13 points out and seem to have accepted that this is a lost season for them.

I would think that the Kraken win this game but it’s hard to back them when they have gone 3-6-1 over last 10

Penguins vs Predators

Big game for these teams.

The Pens are in 8th in the East but have only 67 points. The 9th place Sabres have 66 points and have a game in hand.

The Preds are 6 points out and have a couple games in hand.

The Penguins have won 2 straight and the Preds 3. The Penguins need this game and they have been in this situation before.

Penguins win incl OT/SO

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Islanders vs Wild

The Islanders are in the 1st wild card. They have 69 points in 63 games and are 8 behind the 3rd in the Metro Rangers.

The Wild have 72 points and are in 3rd in the Central.

I expect this game to be a good one and also a low scoring game. I’m not sure who wins it though.

Bruins vs Flames

The Bruins have won 7 in a row and are 11 points ahead of the 2nd place team the Canes.

The Flames find themselves in a tough spot. They are in 9th in the West and are 4 points back and their schedule is rough. They start tonight with the Bruins then it’s the Leafs, the Wild, the Stars and then the Wild again.

I took the Bruins last night and that was a win. But they have had no rest so I’m skipping this game.

Blackhawks vs Coyotes

Another game where with both teams having bad seasons I can’t find anything I like enough to make a tip.

I’m skipping.

Canadiens vs Sharks

Much like the game listed above, it’s too hard to try and predict an outcome when both teams have had such bad seasons.

Both are near the bottom of the league so I’m skipping

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Do you think McDavid will move? He doesn’t have his place in the Oilers. It’s so sad to see his figures and then watch the Oilers defending like blind cats.


To WIN moneyline: Buffalo
2nd Period OVER 1.5: Buffalo game
To WIN moneyline: Ottawa
Full game a hopeless snoozefest: Montreal/San Jose
Lean: full game UNDER 6.0: Wild/Islanders
Lean: to WIN puckline: Buffalo
Lean: to WIN puckline: Tampa

Ottawa may find a little more challenge tonight, but I think Ottawa is for real. Not impressed so much with Detroit this season so far.

Buffalo really needs points, so that pick, with a little review done, is simple. The puckline win is likely.

Oilers just traded Puljujarvi to Carolina. Nothing against Puljujarvi, but I never thought he fit what the Oilers were doing. The Oilers may be setting up for much more important trade action, so that trade really caught my eye.

Winnipeg: their scoring is so sporadic! Just two goals in their last three games combined. Florida has a problem similar to Calgary; both teams take a lot of shots but few go into a net. Tampa will likely clean their clock tonight, something like 6-2.


Haven’t had a lot of time today, but I’m gonna take a chance on Florida Ekblad to score +425. Hopefully it’s not Montour. Couldn’t take both of em especially going against Tampa here. Low expectations on this one.

Florida Ekblad to score +425