avatar Written by Scott on Monday, February 29th, 2016

Sorry for the delay with the tips but with all the moves that were made on trade deadline day we felt it best to wait to see what happens as it will affect the picks.

Last night was a bad night for us.

We went 0-1 with a push.

The Hawks game started off great with 2 early goals but the pace slowed down and the Hawks won 3-2.

We had the Isles in regulation but the Oilers won 3-1.

A nice day of hockey with 6 games.  Let’s have a winning night with the NHL Betting Tips for Monday, February 29th.

Blue Jackets vs Rangers Betting Tips:

The Rangers traded for Eric Stall who left one brother in Carolina, Jordan, and will be playing with another in New York who have Marc.  The Rangers were in need of some offense and they got that with Stall.  Once Nash comes back then this team could be deadly.

I Like their chances to come away with a win in this game.

Rangers in Regulation 

Lightning vs Maple Leafs Betting Tips:

With all the moves made by the Leafs they will look like a completely different team in this game.

The Lightning are on fire winning their last 6 games.  The Leafs are playing like crap which is expected. They’re 2-7-1 over their last 10 games.

Lightning in regulation

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Canadiens vs Sharks Betting Tips:

The Sharks picked up James Reimer from the Leafs and it looks like he will make his San Jose debut in this game.

The Habs won their last 2 games but they’re still 5 points away from the playoffs.

The Sharks are in the playoffs but there are some teams who are close to them so they need to pick up points to distance themselves from those teams.  When the Habs are in town you have to like the Sharks to win this game.

Sharks in regulation 


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Tobias Pettersson

Raanta in net for Rangers, i’m playing Over 5.5 goals instead of Rangers in regulation.

I’m also playing Lightning -1.5, -2.5 and Over 5.5, 6.5 in that game.


so bad

Tobias Pettersson

I know, go fuck yourself or make your own predictions.

Michael Bishop

just btw guys, love the picks but jones starts tonight against the Habs….doesn’t change much but still just fyi!


What do you guys think for Flames to beat Flyers? Im thinking going big on Gaudreau score anytime and Flames to win at 15/2. Positive there are goals in that game and Johnny Hockey will score but not as confident on the Flames win. Any educated views out there??

Michael Bishop

I can’t see the Flames winning this one, they gave up hudler and russell leading up to this one so it’ll be tough to stop the flyers offence. Philly wants the W way more, Gaudreau doesn’t play too well on the road and with Giroux back and scoring….very hard to say Calgary win


I can see the Gaudreau goal, too unsure on the Flames win so have talked myself out of it.
I’ve gone for NYR, Lightning, Sharks wins, Flames / Flyers over 5.5 goals, Detroit over 2.5 goals and Anthony Duclair to score anytime

Eduardo Caldeira

it wasnt a bad bet… Johnny hockey is always a good bet… but maybe going for a point or 2 would have been safer… but I went flyers… with hiller calgary has almost no chance…

Michael Bishop

yep that’s why I said what I did, unfortunate but I tried my best to warn everyone!


Only 3 for tonight: Leafs, Red Wings and Habs.
Every team has the price over 3.5 in regulation. So i put one unit on each and one unit on one combo with all.
Also i put one unit on Magic Man to score.





Michael Bishop

– Red Wings Over 5.5
– Toronto OT
– San Jose ML
– Philly ML
– Pittsburgh Over 5.5
– Rangers -1.5





San Jose in regulation : Habs are 0-8 in their last 8 meeting in SJ
Flyers in regulation : Flames last game was pathetic (giving 4 goal in 3rd period at home) + traded top defenseman (Kriss Russell)


Tonight picks,

Flames win %80
Jackets win %100
Stars win %100
Canadiens win %90

It is time to win for Flames and stop their loosing streak and that game they are very capable to that. I believe in them.

Jackets are in very good form at the moment and they have hope for first 8. I gave %100 chance for their win all because I do believe in them that they are capable to do that.

I know stars game against wings seems difficult but believe me it ll be easy win for them tonight. I know that I don’t recommend so easily such like -3,5 but I should say you even could try that. Of course better to play for their win. I do recommend play just for win but you can also try for regulation. Stars ll be back tonight.

Canadiens… I know it is very hard to trust them but I think they ll keep winning with @ least 8 streaks. Their fans wants to go playoffs and they ll try their best to get their chance for that again. They are very capable to beat sharks and Canadiens won’t make me fail tonight. I believe in them.

Normally I don’t write so long letter but today wanted to make smt different.

Good luck everyone!


Never boring with lion onboard! Hope you’re spot with some of these ballsy predictions, mate!


Bit _too_ ballsy, it turned out :/


“to make smt different.”
Same thing i tried me too tonight. Big fail.:)))


It’s Nhl! You make analyses and then see who messing it up ?


It’s all good lion. Keep it up!


Dear Lion,
Pls do us a favor, stop this random predictions.
People are losing money.


He didn’t tie you down and force you to make the bets. Hell he even did writeups explaining the reasoning for his picks. That’s the best anyone can do and it’s your call whether you follow them or not.


Thank you! You should leave smt to me as well ?. People are getting to much emotion somehow and there is always someone to blame.

Arto Reinikainen

Columbus ML (risky but want to try it out)
Flyers-Flames Over 5.5
Penguins-Coyotes OT
Tampa in reg.
Red Wings in reg. / Over 5
Sharks-Canadiens OT


Are you bother with Lion ?

Arto Reinikainen

What do you mean ?

Eduardo Caldeira

Not to sure with that sharks in regulation.. I prefer going with the flyers instead of that.. This is a must win game for the Canadiens so that game for me can go anyways.. And I think it doesn’t pay that well for regulation.. There are too favourites in my opinion. I agree with the others and reimer is not gonna be the goalie it’s Jones.. Only risk I see on the Rangers is raanta starting . The reason I pick the flyers is because of the playoff spot and Jonas hiller is back which is leaking badly goals..


Hi guys, hope every one is excited to launch this final quarter of the season. The Trade deadline is always exciting to watch and to discuss. Simply look at Ladd moving back to Chicago, Staal packing for the Big Apple and…Drouin NOT being traded. Wow, I was shocked when I heard it. Anyway, there’s action tonight and let’s get to it with my picks:

NYR3p @2.10 on 888sports (win in regulation): I completely agree with Scott. I think I would’ve made the same pick even without Eric Staal in the line-up. Despite their significant win over the last two games over NJD and FLO, Jackets are 13-17-2 on the road and they remain out of a playoff spot. Korpisalo starting between the pipes -so does Raanta, I expect NYR to roll over CLB.

Because of a lack of time, I couldn’t motivate my other bets to you guys, but here they are:

AMAZING parlay
TB3p@1.92 ,PIT-1.5@2.32,PHI/CGY +2.5 goals in 2nd period @3.3 for 14.7 total.

Players to score: Datsyuk, Gaudreau and Jenner.

Good luck everyone


Nailed that parlay! Nice one!


Late to the party again! This whole work thing is really getting in the way!

I caught the Rangers/BJ’s game after it already started and so since the Rangers were already winning 1-0, I took them at -1.5

I like the Bolts in regulation as suggested and took that.

I would have leaned towards the Pens, and they are taking that one 3-0 as we speak … might have to look at some in-game action.

Flames are up 1-0 on the Flyers, and this is one I probably would have stayed away from as I just didn’t have a feeling about this one.

I think the Wings are going to surprise the Stars at home. If it stays a tight checking, low scoring game they have this one in the bag, but if it opens up … I would be liking the Stars. If there is a lot of action in the first, it might be another in-gamer.

I actually really like the Habs to beat the Sharks. Sharks have just played last night away, and now have to come home where they haven’t played all that well. The Habs are playing a little more loose now, and should show fairly well.

Good luck today everyone (though I’m sure you’re all already settled up!)


Bah! What did I tell you guys about letting me go with puck lines!!!


@arto, why the comment delete?