avatar Written by Graeme on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Hope everyone enjoyed the all star game! What a fun weekend that was – and the whole John Scott story couldn’t have went any better. And we won our bet on him scoring over 1.5 goals which was nice!

Was also cool to see such a difference in the games – with a medium scoring, high scoring and low scoring. All 3 games were good for different reasons – although it was a surprise seeing Central get blown out the way they did.

Let’s get to the betting tips for today – going to be quick today as unfortunately a few things got in the way so doing these late:

Capitals vs Panthers Betting Tips:

Capitals are without Ovechkin which is a big, big loss. Obviously they can play without him but that’s still going to hurt. Prior to the all star break the Panthers turned things around with 3 dominant home victories.

I do like the move that Trotz is making – not touching the other lines and throwing Galiev right into the top line. However I think the odds for this one are just too good to ignore, considering the way the Panthers have been playing this season.

The value is nice on this one. Montoya is in net for the Panthers and he’s been fantastic so far this season.

Panthers to win.

Jackets vs Oilers Betting Tips:

McDavid is back tonight, and the Oilers are fairly heavy favourites against the Jackets.

I’m going to take Over 5.5 goals. These two teams usually have very high scoring games – both have weak goaltending. Jackets are usually good for a few goals on the road.

I’m also going to take Oilers in regulation. I’d consider them favourites even if they didn’t have McDavid. With him back that’s a huge lift.

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12 games 2 picks, tommorow 1-1 – good for you, i dont know why i’m checkin your site.. u 2 r wankers, 10 years old kid will be better than u, bb now see you next life i’m wasting 2 min every night with your garbige

Matija Jokiฤ‡

Tell you somthing ๐Ÿ˜‰


Tell you something ๐Ÿ˜‰

Eduardo Caldeira

Humm for so many games I wasn’t really expecting that, like how can you be so sure Edmonton is so favourite ? Just a feeling I suppose and even if mcdavid is a gifted player not sure if he is going to shine that much yet

I think the over 5 for the ducks – sharks is also a great bet do to what they have been scoring .. Sharks are a offensive , while the ducks have been picking up there game lately… Looks like a game for goals for sure

Bruins – leafs -5.5 goals , even if this could be risky lately between the 2 there has been a lot of tight matches this year.. I’ve been liking how the leafs at least are solid at the back, but they have normally a big scoring problem, don’t expect much goals from them. I don’t like the regulation for the Bruins because it doesn’t pay that well and these game normally are tight.. So I think a low scoring game should be the more safest bet to recommend for a pre-live match


Bruins, Habs, Caps and Ducks.
Because i said so.


LOL maybe you should elaborate a bit more in the future. Shit picks


My tips for tonight
Pens, Stars and Kings in regulation. Big stake.
Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰


thx a lot, sid! nice work! ๐Ÿ™‚


Nice job Graeme! 2-0!!!!