avatar Written by Graeme on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

There are no tips today.

I apologize – but despite 9 games, we’re just not feeling good about anything today. Either:

(a) There are injuries which are game time decisions which will affect the tips
(b) There are picks we just don’t feel extra confident on despite going over them numerous times
(b) There are picks that we really like but the odds just aren’t there.

Believe me I’ve had about 6 different write-ups for the 9 games going today. However then it was back to second guessing ourselves and just not feeling confident about them.

If you want to ask about any games in the comments feel free and I’ll give our input. There’ll also be people posting their tips/bets for the games there no doubt and we’ve got some real talented people posting picks with great write-ups lately.

It’s just one of those days where we could push through and write up tips even if we don’t feel strongly about them – but then we’d be absolutely sick if we lost them all.

Sorry about that guys.

Experimental Betting Systems:

(These systems are experimental computer systems with no human input at all)

1st Period System: The system likes Tampa Bay Lightning to win the 1st period (2.43) and Nashville Predators (2.75) to win the first period.

You can bet the 1st periods at 888 Sports and Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

Americans: Bet 1st Periods at BetOnline. or Bovada.

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I’m gonna take
Dallas -1
LA -1
TOR +1
CLB +1


Tampa Bay, Detroit, LA and over 5.5 at Jets-Stars.
Datsyuk, Zuccarello and Weber to score.


Good picks dude. Keep it up

Johnny Hockey

I think Wild could be an good pick – They’re on fire. I will try it!


Yeah our issue there was since the coaching change they got 3 wins over the Canucks/Flames/Oilers who aren’t the best opposition(although the West Canada trip can be very tough) and then it was a rather freak game against the Blackhawks.

Tonight’s a big test for them against the Islanders and we just felt the odds weren’t there.

Johnny Hockey

Yeah thats rigth. I will place a small stake on them ๐Ÿ™‚ Which games do you like to become “over”? Dallas? Leafs? Oilers? Canes?

Johnny Hockey

Yeah thats rigth. I will place a small stake on them ๐Ÿ™‚ Which games do you like to become “over”? Dallas? Leafs? Oilers? Canes?


I like the over here. under is 1-19 in past 10 combined for these two teams.

Michael Bishop

Detroit Regular Time – they ride a 4 game losing streak coming into this one and have gone to OT/SH in 2 games straight. Big game for Detroit, look for Datsyuk to light the lamp a couple of times.

Nashville Over 5.5 – Hutton is set to start so he will give up at least 2 and Reimer hasn’t been great this month so he will let in at least 4. The Leafs have called up their AHL team basically so I can’t see the W for them here. Johansen hasn’t played the Leafs as a member of the Preds so I expect a few points from him.

Islanders in OT – Both teams are pretty evenly matched and even with Minnesota’s success they have to lose soon enough. Tavares is the guy to watch tonight.

Devils ML – New Jersey needs the win at home and with the Rangers on the road, I can see Stempniak pushing his team to the W with the always solid Schneider between the pipes.

Dallas Over 5.5 – They need to win over a lowly Jets club and usually the over happens when these two meet. Not to mention Spezza is due for a big game and he has great career numbers vs the Jets.

Carolina ML – Actually one of the better teams to bet on especially with Giroux out and Neuvirth set the man the crease.

Good luck guys!

Stanko Rotim

Jersey over 4.5 minny over 5.0 Phily Over 5.0


Detroit ML – there on a L4 right now and have always been really strong at home. I like their matchup tonight and can see them getting back in the win column tonight.

Oilers ML- they are also riding a L4 meanwhile the Sens are on a W3. Usually when this is the case I love taking the team to bounce back. Oilers have been decent with McDavid back in the lineup and I feel like them too will get back in the win column.

Good luck!


Good luck. It’s easy to bet against the Sens this season but we just weren’t comfortable with the odds. You’d expect Oilers to perform at home but man they’ve been bad lately. Hopefully McDavid gets things going for them tonight.

Arto Reinikainen

Thanks for the cheers yesterday guys, always appreciated ^^
I’ve been going back and forth on every single game for the past 4 hours (no lie) and man, there just isn’t much i like tonight. Kinda funny that you guys here think the same.

I mean there’s already a lot of difficult games to predict on their own, then add the game-time decisions and some human elements like whether or not the injury to McDonagh fires up the Rangers or not. So many 50/50’s not possible for me to know.
Im also thinking there’s a couple of teams like the Jets and Oilers in the brink of giving up on the season completely, to the point they might actually win because of it. Stars have won all 3 meetings vs the Jets, and i’d imagine the Jets have accepted their faith in that series, but the Stars are in a slump and need to get out of it badly which could open a door for the Jets to be very opportunistic. But this is just pure speculation on my part and i’ll stay away from that game either way.

There’s still a couple games i do like though. Im going for the Flyers in regulation @ 3 odds and the Isles in regulation @ 2.90.
Now these probably aren’t the best possible picks in the world and i might be forcing it a bit to find me something to play, but at this point in time i feel like they’re worth it.

Im also going for Senators ML. 1.95 are good odds for a team that’s feeling good about themselves and looking to keep the streak going. If the Oilers come away with the upset then so be it.

All in all i think we could see a lot of surprising results tonight which can usually mean a lot of goals. So im thinking about going for my first ever Grand Salami, over at that ๐Ÿ˜€

Good luck people !


Good luck – really like the Isles pick. I mentioned elsewhere that I’m not sold on the Wild yet – this is a big test for them and if they fail it’s most likely in regulation.

Flyers was another pick we initially had but just decided against it with Giroux out. Couldn’t pull the trigger.


Good discipline in not tipping today guys. Can’t force the issue if theres nothing there! Here’s how I feel about today:

Rangers and Devils ALWAYS seem to play a low scoring tight game. This is often reflected in the lower total and is no different tonight set at 4-1/2. The odds are trying to push everyone to the under, however I think both starting goalies are going to feel slightly burnt out. Maybe not worth the piddly odds, but go with the OVER

Flyers/Canes is another tough one to call. Could go either way though I would lean to the Flyers (decent odds) who will try to win one for their missing captain. That being said, with Ward and Neuvirth in, I would go with the OVER. (Not great odds again)

Kronwall is back! Mrazek is playing and so is McElhinney for the Blue Jackets. At home and motivated, I expect DETROIT @ -1.5 to dominate this game!

Nashville is in Toronto to play the Marleafs. I don’t see anyway the Preds won’t win by 1.5 or the game doesn’t go OVER, unless every Leaf is trying to play their way onto the team for next year.

Arizona/Tampa, I like the OVER. Both teams have been putting up numbers lately.

Stars/Jets —> OVER

Sens/Oilers —> OVER

Isles/Wild and Flames/Kings, I don’t like those games so am avoiding

Weird Night …


2-5 … Gotta keep away from those pucklines!


Unlike our esteemed hosts I do have pretty strong feelings about some of the games tonight. But then again, their record is better than mine. So, what it’s worth here are today’s bets:

NYR ML at -125 – I think NYR are playing with confidence and will give NJD a hard time. NYR have been avg 3+ gf while NJD are avg 2 gf. NYR are 4-0-1. NJD have dropped 3 in a row and seem a little lost. I got good odds and I’m going with it.

Star ML at -130 – Although the Stars have hit a bump and dropped the last 3, they are by far the better team. They are rested and looking to get back on track after getting spanked by the Bruins. I see them coming out hard and not looking back. Dallas owns Jets this season and the odds don’t reflect it. I got -130 but anything higher is still worth putting in a parlay.

Stars-Jets over at -115 – two leaky goalies and a Stars team that has scored at will vs the Jets. I put it in a parlay.

Sens ML at +100 – Huh? Oilers are 1-7 including 1-3-1 at home. Anderson has been playing great with .951 in last 3 games and Talbot is 12-20 with a 2.72 gaa. Sens all the way.

Preds ML at -140 (in parlay) – Preds are playing great on the road and will carry that Mo into tonights game against a Leafs team that is officially in tank mode going 1-7 and 0-2 for this home stand. Hutton is much better than Reimer and the Leafs have been getting lit up. current odds are Preds ML -155, but still worth a parlay or single bet for Preds in reg.

Isles-Wild over 5 at -145 (in parlay) – I’ve seen this game at 5.5 elsewhere so I’m happy to get the O/U at 5. In the past 20 games combined for each team, the total has been less than once. ONCE. 18-19 over. I think those are pretty good odds.

There you have it boys. Good luck!


Good luck buddy – don’t hate any of those picks.


Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ means a lot coming from you guys, he said without irony.


Solid work tonight. Only 1 miss!


thanks! I also ended up playing BS over, lost that one too. But still a winning night.


Arto, where are you?

Arto Reinikainen

/waves hand


Tonight picks,

Devils win %100
Islanders win %75
Senators win %80

Risky picks,

Flyers OT
Predators win
Jets win

Good luck everyone


100% from lion is good enough for me.


You are like an oracle. How do you do it?


Thank you. I would like to be Oracle but unfortunately not ?. I just do analyze games and teams.
If you do analyze correctly then all comes how you see ?

I am happy that you picked my tips and won.


I predict the over prevails in the NYR-NJD game.


The 1st period system is 2-2 today. thank you!


It’s been doing great lately. I want to jump on board but I know as soon as I do the streak will end ๐Ÿ™


your 1st period system has my trust!


The system knows


Your 1st Period System rules.

Congrats to your computer!:)))

Eduardo Caldeira

I went Kings RT , Wings RT , Predators ML and Over 4.5 Devils – Rangers… just got the 2nd wrong since the wings won in a SO… still good tips from the 1st period system… havent tested that yet lol but I think it wasnt such a bad day for tips… but oh well you guys have been great this month. Hope tomorrow you guys are banging again with good tips.


1st Period System is brilliant – well done chaps!! Earnt me ยฃ137 overnight (based in the UK).